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1. Adam Sandler congratulates ‘Happy Gilmore’ caddie doppelganger …


Aug 15, 2022 Will Zalatoris is always available to caddie for Mr. Gilmore, except when he's winning on the PGA Tour. read more

2. Will Zalatoris embraces Happy Gilmore comparisons with custom …


Apr 10, 2021 He's young, confident, talented, and he kind of looks like Happy Gilmore's caddie at The Waterbury Open in the cult-classic 1996 movie starring … read more

3. Masters: Will Zalatoris’ Happy Gilmore comparison wins fans


Apr 11, 2021 Zalatoris' blond hair bears a resemblance to Happy Gilmore's caddy in the film, who was played by child actor Jared van Snellenberg, who notably … read more

4. Why Will Zalatoris has been compared to the caddy in ‘Happy …


May 22, 2022 The comedic actor and "Happy Gilmore" star made waves when he tweeted a split photo of Zalatoris and the caddy from the movie, who bore a … read more

5. ‘Happy Gilmore caddy’ Will Zalatoris wanted to be on Masters stage …


Apr 12, 2021 People likened the Masters rookie Will Zalatoris' appearance to the caddy that helped out Happy Gilmore at The Waterbury Open in Adam … read more

6. Will Zalatoris on Twitter: “If you’re ever in need of a caddie again let …

Apr 12, 2021 I'll be better this time. I'm always available for you, Mr. Gilmore. read more

7. Adam Sandler congratulates Will Zalatoris, a ‘Happy Gilmore’ caddie …


Aug 14, 2022 Zalatoris (and his uncanny resemblance to Happy Gilmore's caddie) got the attention of the golf-loving Sandler. The actor tweeted to Zalatoris … read more

8. 2021 Masters: Adam Sandler jokes about Will Zalatoris …


Apr 11, 2021 Gilmore, I'm your caddy" stamped onto a lob wedge. "Mr. Gilmore, I'm your caddy" Will Zalatoris has embraced the Happy Gilmore comparison. read more

9. Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore reference to Will Zalatoris | Miami …


Apr 12, 2021 Adam Sandler saw a Happy Gilmore resemblance with Will Zalatoris, who had a funny reply … Actor/comedian Adam Sandler … read more

10. Adam Sandler cheers ‘Happy Gilmore’ caddy lookalike Will Zalatoris …


Aug 16, 2022 Will Zalatoris (pictured), golfer and dead ringer for "Happy Gilmore" caddy … Golfer Will Zalatoris got a special shout-out from “Happy Gilmore” … read more

11. Adam Sandler congratulates Happy Gilmore caddie doppelgänger …

https://sports.yahoo.com/adam-sandler-congratulates-happy-gilmore- 052851372.html

Aug 16, 2022 Adam Sandler has congratulated Will Zalatoris, who is known as a doppelgänger for the actor's caddie in Happy Gilmore, on his first win at … read more

12. Will Zalatoris Hilariously Embraces His Resemblance To ‘Happy …

https://etcanada.com/…/will-zalatoris-hilariously-embraces-his-resemblance-to -happy-gilmore-caddie/

Apr 11, 2021 Will Zalatoris Hilariously Embraces His Resemblance To 'Happy Gilmore' Caddie … At the age of 24, golf phenom Will Zalatoris has been taking the … read more

13. Adam Sandler Congratulates Will Zalatoris, Who Looks Just Like His …

https://www.outkick.com/adam-sandler-congratulates-will-zalatoris-happy- gilmore-caddy-lookalike/

Aug 17, 2022 In the movie, the caddy was played by actor Jared Van Snellenberg. Snellenberg has since traded acting for psychiatry and received a Ph. D. from … read more

14. Will Zalatoris and the Happy Gilmore meme, explained


Jun 19, 2022 Will Zalatoris is the adult doppelgänger of Happy Gilmore's blonde caddie. Without debate, Happy Gilmore was the best thing to happen to golf … read more

15. Masters: Adam Sandler notes Will Zalatoris’ ‘Happy Gilmore’ tie

https://golfweek.usatoday.com/…/masters-will-zalatoris-happy-gilmore-caddie -adam-sandler-twitter/

Apr 11, 2021 Will Zalatoris resembles Happy Gilmore's caddie from the Waterbury Open, and Adam Sandler made sure to note it on Twitter. read more

16. Adam Sandler Praises Will Zalatoris: Happy Gilmore ‘Is Watching …

https://bleacherreport.com/…/10001230-adam-sandler-praises-will-zalatoris- happy-gilmore-is-watching-you-and-very-proud?…

If a Happy Gilmore sequel ever gets made, it seems as though Zalatoris would be willing to make an appearance. Zalatoris, 24, began the final round four strokes … read more

17. Adam Sandler Congratulates ‘Happy Gilmore’ Caddie Lookalike Will …


Aug 16, 2022 Jude Championship on Sunday, Zalatoris was perhaps best known for resembling Happy Gilmore's caddie. He also was known for being the best golfer … read more

18. Adam Sandler Made A Hilarious Happy Gilmore Reference For This …

https://www.cinemablend.com/…/adam-sandler-hilarious-happy-gilmore- reference-masters-will-zalatoris-approves-golf

Apr 13, 2021 The actor's hilarious advice on Will Zalatoris was like seeing a wiser Happy Gilmore encouraging his former caddy. read more

19. Happy Gilmore (AKA Adam Sandler) tweets congratulations to …

https://www.golfdigest.com/…/adam-sandler-happy-gilmore-will-zalatoris- fedex-st-jude-championship-twitter

Aug 15, 2022 As you may remember, this unlikely bromance began when golf fans discovered that Zalatoris looked eerily like Gilmore's caddie from the 1996 … read more

20. Adam Sandler congratulates ‘Happy Gilmore’ doppelganger Will …

https://www.foxnews.com/…/adam-sandler-congratulates-happy-gilmore- doppleganger-will-zalatoris

Aug 16, 2022 Adam Sandler congratulated Will Zalatoris for his PGA Tour win in a tweet referencing his comparison to the caddie from the 1996 film "Happy … read more

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