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1. Will Valorant come to console? Here’s what we know about …


May 29, 2023 While there's been no formal announcement of a console version of Valorant, it has been confirmed to be in the works by Riot Games. Our first … read more

2. Valorant on Console: Release Date, Leaks, More | GINX Esports TV


Jun 6, 2023 Riot Games has revealed in the latest dev diary that they are working on bringing Valorant to other platforms, but it is going slower than … read more

3. Is VALORANT on Xbox or PlayStation?


Jun 21, 2023 At this time there is no indication VALORANT will be available for console players in 2023. For now, we'll keep you updated when any new … read more

4. Can you play Valorant on console? – Dexerto


Aug 15, 2022 The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 shocked everyone by announcing that Riot Games titles were coming to Xbox Game Pass, meaning, Valorant … read more

5. Valorant is Coming to Consoles


Nov 30, 2022 With the success of Valorant, Riot Games is looking to expand and bring Valorant to the gaming console platform. read more

6. Job Listing Suggests ‘Valorant’ Is Coming To Xbox And PS5 Soon


Jun 29, 2023 Valorant could end up on Xbox and PS5 very soon. Credit: Riot Games. A new job listing at Riot Games that is looking for a former console FPS … read more

7. Valorant Xbox and PS5 console port release date rumors | The …


May 30, 2023 Riot Games hasn't officially confirmed if Valorant is coming to consoles, so there's no Valorant PS5, PS4, Xbox, or Switch release date just yet … read more

8. Is VALORANT Getting A Console Release? Leak Hints It’s Coming!


Oct 3, 2022 When will VALORANT get a console release? … In June 2020, Riot revealed that they're “prototyping” a console version of VALORANT, but didn't … read more

9. When Will Valorant Come To Consoles? » TalkEsport


Mar 30, 2023 In conclusion, while there is no confirmed release date for Valorant on consoles, Riot Games has confirmed the development of a console version … read more

10. When Is VALORANT Coming to Console? – Esports Illustrated


5 days ago There has been no official release date for VALORANT's arrival on console. At this time, it does not seem likely that it's coming in 2023. read more

11. Will VALORANT Be Available On Console?


Apr 8, 2020 As of right now, there is no definitive answer if VALORANT will be coming to consoles in the future, but the possibility is certainly there. read more

12. Riot Games Comments on Porting Valorant to Other Platforms


Jan 25, 2023 While Riot has a lot of work to do before players see Valorant come to console, it seems determined to make it happen … read more

13. VALORANT console leak — When is VALORANT coming to console …

https://upcomer.com/valorant-console-leak-when-is-valorant-coming-to- console

Jul 8, 2023 The beta has not been officially announced so it's safe to assume that VALORANT won't be coming to console in 2023. For now, the FPS community … read more

14. Is VALORANT still coming to console and mobile? Riot Games says …

https://news.yahoo.com/valorant-other-platforms-riot-games-151140484. html

Jan 25, 2023 Is VALORANT still coming to console and mobile? Riot Games says it will take time · Unlike LoL, VALORANT runs on Unreal Engine, but challenges … read more

15. Valorant – when is Valorant coming to console?

https://realsport101.com/valorant/valorant-when-is-valorant-coming-to- console/

Jul 10, 2023 Only Wild Rift has been confirmed to release on multiple consoles, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Since Valorant is such a … read more

16. Is Valorant coming to consoles? – Xfire


Jul 2, 2023 So far, Riot hasn't officially announced a console version of Valorant. As a … read more

17. Is VALORANT on Xbox? ▷ Not yet, but soon! [Updated 2023]


Jul 16, 2023 Highly unlikely. Currently, there is not enough information to say if and when VALORANT is coming to Xbox. The game is available on Game Pass … read more

18. Riot Games shows intentions to bring Valorant to consoles : r …

https://www.reddit.com/…/riot_games_shows_intentions_to_bring_valorant_ to/

Nov 23, 2022 Riot Games multiplayer shooter Valorant released on PC in 2020, would be preparing its … Wild rift is still planned to come to console. read more

19. When Is VALORANT Coming To Xbox?


Dec 1, 2022 There are certainly several signs that a VALORANT release on Xbox is imminent. Back in 2020, developers at Riot Games discussed how a console … read more

20. Valorant coming to console as Riot hires to expand team : r …


Nov 25, 2022 CSGO started out as a port of CSS to consoles. It was originally never meant to be a PC game. This is why the buy menu is a circle, to match … read more

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