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1. Putin’s War Against Ukraine: The End of The Beginning – Carnegie …


Feb 17, 2023 Summary: The war can continue along three possible scenarios: a stalemate, Ukraine wins, or Russia wins. For now, a Ukrainian breakthrough … read more

2. Ukraine war: Five ways conflict could go in 2023 – BBC News


Dec 27, 2022 Ukraine will win by restoring completely its territorial integrity by spring 2023 at the latest. Two factors are shaping this conclusion. read more

3. What history shows: How will the war in Ukraine end? | Russia …


Mar 2, 2023 Meanwhile, Western powers have pledged coveted battle tanks to Ukraine, and there is much talk of a new Russian spring offensive. โ€œUkraine will … read more

4. When will the Russia-Ukraine war end? Experts offer their predictions.


Feb 13, 2023 The vehicles carry the hope of enabling battlefield wins for Ukrainian forces that will lead to some kind of war-ending scenario โ€” if the … read more

5. Russia must realise that it can never win in Ukraine. If it keeps …


May 10, 2023 We pay tribute to the sacrifice of those who fought for the Soviet Union in the Second World War. But this year, Moscow's celebration of Victory … read more

6. Ukraine: Trump won’t commit to backing ally in war with Russia …


May 11, 2023 Former President Donald Trump would not say Wednesday night who he thinks … Trump won't say whether he wants Russia or Ukraine to win war. read more

7. Can Ukraine Win a Protracted War? โ€“ Foreign Policy


… Allied NATO commander, says policymakers have fallen for Putin's rhetoric, deterring them from taking steps that would allow Ukraine to win the war. read more

8. How will the Russia-Ukraine war end? | Stanford News


Feb 17, 2023 The war in Ukraine could continue as a war of attrition for months … That said, it seems clear Russia cannot win this war in the sense of … read more

9. What the West Must Do Now to Help Ukraine Win the War | Time


Feb 24, 2023 Ukraine is fully capable of defeating Russia's unprovoked war of aggression and eliminating Russia's military ability to conquer Ukraine, … read more

10. What would a win in Ukraine really look like? | The Hill


Apr 10, 2023 Therein lies part of the problem for ending the war in Ukraine. What Russian President Vladimir Putin has managed to do over many decades is … read more

11. What would a win in Ukraine really look like? | The Hill


Apr 10, 2023 Therein lies part of the problem for ending the war in Ukraine. What Russian President Vladimir Putin has managed to do over many decades is … read more

12. Ukraine will struggle to win the war and Russia will struggle to lose …

https://news.sky.com/…/ukraine-will-struggle-to-win-the-war-and-russia-will- struggle-to-lose-increasing-pressure-for-a-negotiated-solution-12862683

Apr 22, 2023 The West has committed to support Ukraine's battle against the Russian invasion, but what can Ukraine realistically expect to achieve with … read more

13. How Does the War in Ukraine End? | Council on Foreign Relations


Mar 15, 2023 meets a Russian force, it wins every time. Two strategic defeats of Russia in the north of Ukraine, north and west of Kyiv and west, northwest, … read more

14. Marine Le Pen: ‘If Russia wins the war, it will be catastrophic… if …

https://english.elpais.com/…/marine-le-pen-if-russia-wins-the-war-it-will-be- catastrophic-if-ukraine-wins-it-will-mean-wwiii-has-been-unleashed.html

Apr 13, 2023 โ€œIf Ukraine wins, it will mean that NATO has entered the war, because I am convinced that Ukraine, without the power of NATO, cannot militarily … read more

15. Ukraine can’t win this war – Modern Diplomacy


Apr 22, 2023 Reality is that Ukraine has about as much chance of winning a war against Russia as Mexico would of winning a war with the United States, … read more

16. IRI Ukraine Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Zelensky …

https://www.iri.org/…/iri-ukraine-poll-shows-overwhelming-support-for- zelensky-confidence-in-winning-the-war-desire-for-eu-membership/

May 9, 2022 Ukrainians also expressed strong confidence that they will defeat Russia in the current conflict. When asked if they will win the war, … read more

17. Why Ukraine Will Win | Journal of Democracy


First is the question of why the war occurred in the first place. The argument was made, even before the Russian invasion, that Vladimir Putin was being driven … read more

18. How the War in Ukraine Could End Sooner Than Expected | RAND

https://www.rand.org/…/how-the-war-in-ukraine-could-end-sooner-than- expected.html

Jan 17, 2023 But it could also end soon. Kremlin regime change, a Russian army collapse, or a Ukrainian win are possible. None of these contingencies … read more

19. China doesn’t really care who wins the war in Ukraine โ€” it just …

https://www.cnbc.com/…/china-wants-to-be-a-peace-broker-in-the-war- between-ukraine-and-russia.html

May 14, 2023 โ€œChina is more focused on winning the peace than on who wins the war between Russia and Ukraine,โ€ Ryan Hass, a China expert at the Brookings … read more

20. Who is winning in Ukraine โ€“ and what will happen next? | Ukraine …

https://www.theguardian.com/…/who-is-winning-in-ukraine-and-what-will- happen-next

Feb 22, 2023 While Kyiv has made much of its need for 300 main battle tanks, it is worth noting that it conducted effective offensives during the summer that … read more

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