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1. Will Lawyers be replaced by AI & Robots?


There is little chance of courtroom lawyers being replaced by robots. For this profession you need the ability to read people, to be able to sense emotion and … read more

2. How Much of a Lawyer’s Job Can (Will) Be Automated?


The former suggests that as much as 69% of a paralegals' time could be automated, and 23% of a lawyers' time. The same study has made similar estimates for … read more

3. Robots are coming for the lawyers – which may be bad for …


Aug 9, 2021 If partial automation means an overwhelmed legal aid lawyer now has time to take more clients' cases or clients can now afford to hire a lawyer, … read more

4. Will lawyers become fully automated by 2045? – Quora


Lawyers will not be replaced though information, forms, some court services will become automated. In order to be fully automated the Constitution (USA) and the … read more

5. One of the easiest jobs to automate will be lawyers : r/Futurology

One of the easiest jobs to automate will be lawyers
by u/IntelligenceIsReal in Futurology

Jun 2, 2015 Lawyers will probably get help on some aspects of their job that are particularly tedious like searching through case law. But it is unlikely to … read more

6. Will ChatGPT make lawyers obsolete? (Hint: be afraid) | Reuters


Dec 9, 2022 Suffolk University Law School Dean Andrew Perlman set what could be a speed record for writing a 14-page law article: One hour. read more

7. Will lawyers become extinct in the age of automation? | World …


Mar 29, 2018 AI offers young lawyers the chance to do more than spend their first two years in a data room. Image: REUTERS/Brian Snyder … read more

8. New Report Predicts Over 100,000 Legal Jobs Will Be Lost To …


To paraphrase the Bard's famous quote: "The first thing we do, let's replace all the lawyers with automated algorithms." Doesn't have quite the same sting … read more

9. A.I. Is Coming for Lawyers, Again – The New York Times


Apr 10, 2023 New A.I. technology will change the practice of law, and some jobs will be … estimated that 44 percent of legal work could be automated. read more

10. Lawyers Think Robots Will Never Replace Them. Here’s Why They …


Feb 8, 2022 Between 1990 and 2007, approximately 400,000 US factory jobs were lost to automation. If you're a lawyer you might be thinking, “A machine … read more

11. Is The Future Of The Law Automation?


Sep 22, 2021 In fairness, both LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer allow users to bundle attorney services into their products. But let there be no mistake, both … read more

12. Robot doctors, online lawyers and automated architects: the future of …

https://www.theguardian.com/…/robot-doctors-online-lawyers-automated- architects-future-professions-jobs-technology

Jun 15, 2014 "Many traditional lawyers will look at that and think: 'Yes, they might be jobs, but that's not what I went to law school for. read more

13. Will A.I. Put Lawyers Out Of Business?


Feb 9, 2019 Yes, AI-wielding lawyers wouldn't be able to technically bill as many hours since the AI would work much faster than they ever could; however, … read more

14. Can Artificial Intelligence Automate Contract Specialists and Lawyers?

https://www.contractexec.com/can-contract-specialists-and-lawyers-be- automated/

Apr 9, 2021 Will we have fully automated lawyers and contract managers? We also shouldn't forget that AI is still human-made and programmed by humans … read more

15. Are Robots Replacing Lawyers? Not Like You Think | ABA Law …


Dec 13, 2019 Instead, automation will continue to help make human lawyers better at their jobs, not replace them. Today's lawyers must learn to embrace … read more

16. ChatGPT and AI automation: 300 million jobs could be affected …


Mar 29, 2023 Administrative workers and lawyers are expected to be most … exposed to AI automation and, following AI adoption, will likely apply at … read more

17. Technology Will Replace Many Doctors, Lawyers, and Other …


Oct 11, 2016 Highly educated workers aren't safe from automation. … lawyers, accountants, and so on — believe they will emerge largely unscathed. read more

18. Will AI Replace Lawyers & Other Myths: Legal AI Mythbusters | Onit …


Mar 5, 2021 Rather than replacing lawyers, AI will automate certain aspects of lawyers' jobs, typically the most routine ones. As a result, lawyers will … read more

19. Auto industry lawyers warn automated driving hype will be a legal …

https://sports.yahoo.com/auto-industry-lawyers-warn-automated-203703672. html

Apr 12, 2018 Deadly crashes involving Tesla Inc and Uber Technologies vehicles operating entirely or in part under automated systems have made a … read more

20. Experts say 23% of lawyers’ work can be automated—law schools …

https://www.cnbc.com/…/technology-is-changing-the-legal-profession-and- law-schools.html

Feb 7, 2020 “Technology is already disrupting the legal profession, and there will likely be continued changes,” Mnookin explains. “A great deal of the work … read more

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