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1. Johnny Depp’s Return as Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean …


Jul 21, 2023 Johnny Depp's return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could stop The Walt Disney Company's current box … read more

2. Disney Producer Addresses Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Plans …


Jun 4, 2023 Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Plans, Will Johnny Depp Return? … the relationship between Disney and Johnny Depp was soured after he … read more

3. Disney Exec Gives Blunt Response About Johnny Depp’s Potential …


Jun 4, 2023 Disney executive Sean Bailey's reassuring comment about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 suggests that the movie is happening. However, Bailey's blunt … read more

4. Johnny Depp Open to Working With Disney Again, Could This Mean …


Jul 7, 2023 Does Disney Want Johnny Depp Back for Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in Pirates of the … read more

5. Will Johnny Depp Return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6?


Apr 17, 2023 Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Betting Predictions … Ultimately, it seems unlikely that Johnny Depp will return as Jack Sparrow. Disney has not … read more

6. Johnny Depp Goes Public With His Decision About Disney and …


Jun 9, 2023 Depp made it unmistakably clear that he had no intentions of returning to Disney to film the sixth swashbuckling addition to the Pirates … read more

7. Disney doesn’t close the door on Johnny Depp’s return in ‘Pirates of …


Jul 4, 2023 Disney doesn't close the door on Johnny Depp's return in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6': He has something new to say · SMM · TBS. read more

8. Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Production Status, Johnny Depp’s …


Jun 10, 2023 There's no Pirates of the Caribbean 6 release date yet, but the new Pirates movie isn't dead in the water. After Deadpool co-writers Rhett Reese … read more

9. Johnny Depp return in Pirates 6 hopes soar after latest news | Films …


Mar 15, 2023 However, after Disney dropped him from Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Depp said he wouldn't work with the studio again, even for hundreds of … read more

10. Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Update Is Bad For Johnny Depp


Jun 7, 2023 While Disney is not necessarily against including Depp in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the lack of sincere enthusiasm for Depp to … read more

11. Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is still in works, despite Depp and …

https://www.devdiscourse.com/…/2391610-pirates-of-the-caribbean-6-is-still- in-works-despite-depp-and-knightleys-exit-confirms-producer

Mar 24, 2023 However, these rumors were proven to be false when Johnny Depp, during his defamation trial against Amber Heard, stated that he would never work … read more

12. Disney breaks silence on Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow future in …

https://www.express.co.uk/…/Disney-Johnny-Depp-Jack-Sparrow-Pirates-of- the-Caribbean-6

Jun 5, 2023 It's been six years since Johnny Depp starred in his fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie as Captain Jack Sparrow. read more

13. “We have a really good, exciting story”: Johnny Depp Is Finally …

https://fandomwire.com/we-have-a-really-good-exciting-story-johnny-depp- is-finally-returning-as-jack-sparrow-disney-exec-gives-an-exciting-update-…

Jun 5, 2023 So, according to past and present interviews, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean 6 seems highly unlikely. You can … read more

14. Johnny Depp Is Open to Working with Disney Again (Exclusive …

https://people.com/johnny-depp-open-to-working-with-disney-after-betrayal- exclusive-rollout-7556907

Jul 6, 2023 "If it's the right project, he'll do it," a source close to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, … read more

15. ‘Pirates of Caribbean 6’: Will Johnny Depp return? – Deseret News

https://www.deseret.com/…/pirates-of-caribbean-6-potc-johnny-depp-jack- sparrow

May 14, 2020 “Pirates of Caribbean 6” producer Jerry Bruckheimer says a draft of the new film is in the works. But the movie's future remains unclear. read more

16. “He’ll do it”: Johnny Depp Reportedly Waiting For the Right Project to …

https://fandomwire.com/hell-do-it-johnny-depp-reportedly-waiting-for-the- right-project-to-revive-jack-sparrow-with-pirates-of-the-caribbean-6/

Jul 7, 2023 “He'll do it”: Johnny Depp Reportedly Waiting For the Right Project to Revive Jack Sparrow With Pirates of the Caribbean 6 · Disney Prioritizes … read more

17. Will Johnny Depp Return As Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The …

https://www.news18.com/…/will-johnny-depp-return-as-jack-sparrow-in- pirates-of-the-caribbean-6-find-out-8038387.html

Jun 9, 2023 While testifying Johnny Depp has also confirmed he will never play the role of Jack Sparrow even if Disney were to offer him millions of money … read more

18. Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on if Johnny …


Dec 16, 2022 When asked if Depp could return as the bumbling Jack Sparrow, Bruckheimer said, “We're still working on it. Nothing's definitive yet, but we … read more

19. Johnny Depp Will Never Return To Pirates of the Caribbean – IGN

https://www.ign.com/…/johnny-depp-will-never-return-to-pirates-of-the- caribbean

Apr 21, 2022 While under questioning from his own lawyer, Depp admitted that Disney had dropped him from Pirates of the Caribbean 6 just days after the piece … read more

20. Will Johnny Depp Be in Pirates of the Caribbean 6? | POPSUGAR …

https://www.popsugar.com/…/will-johnny-depp-be-in-pirates-of-the- caribbean-6-48838714

Jun 1, 2022 As of May, Depp's still not involved in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but the filmmakers behind the movie are seemingly leaving the … read more

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