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1. வக்கீல்களுக்கு கருப்பு நிற சீருடை ஏன் தெரியுமா? | Why …


Feb 19, 2018 Did You Know Why Lawyers Wear Black color Coat as their Uniform./வக்கீல்கள் ஏன் கருப்பு நிற கோட்டையும் … read more

2. Summer respite: Madras High Court dispenses with requirement for …


Apr 26, 2023 … to be maintained by lawyers and said that wearing of black robes … that the advocates must necessarily wear their black coats and … read more

3. Why Lawyers Wear Black Coat – You Will Never Get To Know …


May 5, 2017 Why do Lawyers Wear Black and white Uniform? Every profession has a certain dress code, and the people who belong to a particular profession are … read more

4. Know why lawyers wear black coat white shirt and tie …


ZEE TAMIL NEWS|Updated: Nov 10, 2020, 11:24 PM IST. வழக்கறிஞர்கள் ஏன் கருப்பு கோட் மற்றும் வெள்ளை சட்டை … read more

5. Why Do Advocates Wear Black and White Clothes? – Law Trend


Jun 2, 2021 An advocate is to mandatorily wear Advocates' Gowns, Blcak Open Breast Coat, and White neck bands; regardless of their gender. It further makes … read more

6. Historical background in wearing Black Robes by Advocates


However, the main reason behind wearing a 'Black Coat' is because black is … This was based on representation based on a group of lawyers from Tamil Nadu. read more

7. Lower court lawyers need not wear gowns | Chennai News – Times …


Jul 26, 2014 The Bar Council of India has said that lawyers practising in subordinate courts need not wear the long black gown or coat while arguing … read more

8. வக்கீல்கள் ஏன் Black Coat அணிகிறார்கள் காரணம் …


May 17, 2023 Why Lawyers Wear Black Coat in Tamil. இன்றைய பதிவின் மூலம் அனைவரும் தெரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டிய … read more

9. Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat and Doctors White Coat?


Sep 24, 2020 Before the 19th century, both doctors and lawyers wore black coats. As time passed, the doctors changed the color of the coat to white to … read more

10. Why is it not preferable to wear black clothes during festivals or …


In Tamil Nadu, it is not considered appropriate to wear black clothing during festivals or other … Why do doctors wear white coat and lawyers black? read more

11. Court dress – Wikipedia


Except in the Supreme Court or High Courts, wearing of a black coat is not mandatory during summer. Other featuresEdit. Neither the judges nor the lawyers wear … read more

12. Black gown for lawyers optional in summer: Madras HC


Apr 26, 2023 All advocates appearing in court must wear a black-white suit, a black coat, a white collar band and a black gown. read more

13. madras high court warns advocates not to wear black gown …


Dec 23, 2020 The Court has, therefore, directed the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to direct advocates not to wear the Advocate's black gown and … read more

14. Why Doctors wear white Coat?


Jul 30, 2018 Isn't it! In the various professions colour of the uniform also varies like doctors mostly wear white coat and lawyers black coat. But have you … read more

15. Madras Lower court lawyers need not wear gowns – DRT – India


Jul 26, 2014 The Bar Council of India has said that lawyers practising in subordinate courts need not wear the long black gown or coat while arguing … read more

16. Why lawyers wear black coat in courts? Zafar Iqbal Kalanaurii


Yet, this practice of wearing black coat during summers continues by the lawyers almost all over. Pakistan. I enquired from a lawyer, an acquaintance of mine, “ … read more

17. ÿþ2 0 2 3 – 0 4 – 2 7 ( 2 )

https://www.hcmadras.tn.nic.in/Notification%20No%2060%20of%202023. pdf

Apr 25, 2023 1st of April and 30th of June of every year. However, all advocates shall compulsorily wear collar band and black coat. HIGH COURT, MADRAS. read more

18. Relaxation of dress code; Advocates in subordinate courts can …

https://www.livelaw.in/relaxation-dress-code-advocates-subordinate-courts- can-choose-wear-coats-gowns-summers-says-bci/

Jul 26, 2014 Bar Council Of India had happy news for the lawyers practicing in … lower courts need not wear the black gown/coat while arguing in court. read more

19. Documents Required for Fresh Enrolment at Bar Council of Tamil …


Welcome to Bar Council of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry … Female candidates must wear White Saree/ Chudidhar with black WaistCoat. read more

20. Gown not mandatory for advocates in district & lower courts: BCI …

https://www.legallyindia.com/…/gown-not-mandatory-for-advocates-in- district-lower-courts-bci-20140726-4920

Jul 26, 2014 … "wearing of black coat is not mandatory" during summer. … to a letter sent on 2 June by the Tamil Nadu Federation of Women's Lawyers, … read more

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