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1. General Knowledge: ವಕೀಲರು ಕಪ್ಪು ಕೋಟ್ ಧರಿಸೋದು ಏಕೆ?


Dec 5, 2022 Black Coat Dress Is Considered A Symbol Of Discipline And Self Confidence Among The Lawyers. There will be a reason behind each uniform. read more

2. Historical background in wearing Black Robes by Advocates


The history of the 'Black Coat' dates back to 1327 when Edward III formulated the costumes for Judges based on the "Dress Code" for attending the "Royal Court". read more

3. Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat and Doctors White Coat?


Sep 24, 2020 Before the 19th century, both doctors and lawyers wore black coats. As time passed, the doctors changed the color of the coat to white to … read more

4. Why Lawyers Wear Black Coat – You Will Never Get To Know …


May 5, 2017 Why do Lawyers Wear Black and white Uniform? Every profession has a certain dress code, and the people who belong to a particular profession are … read more

5. Why Lawyers In India Wear A Black And White Dress!


May 16, 2017 It was then that the uniform for a lawyer was designated as a black gown. It was believed that wearing a gown awarded a degree of anonymity to … read more

6. Did you know Dev Anand was banned from wearing black coat in …


Apr 17, 2021 Bollywood's evergreen hero Dev Anand, who worked in more than 100 films and has entertained us with films like Guide, Hare Krishna Hare Ram, … read more

7. Facts in Kannada


Welcome to "Cinemy toons" Kannada YouTube Channel If you like our Video Comparison, Please Subscribe to … Why do lawyers wear a black coat and white band? read more

8. Why do Indian lawyers have to wear a white band instead of a tie …


In the old English Courts, the barristers-at-law used to wear white bands as part of their uniform. … Why do Indian lawyers wear black coats? 15,229 Views. read more

9. Women advocates not happy with dress code decree issued by …


Sep 15, 2015 The Bar Council, in a circular last month, decreed that advocates … that the advocate's band and black coat were essential dress code. read more

10. Declining Grammar–and Other Essays on the English Vocabulary.


wear; She is the better for it; and The more fools they. Here we have not a definite article but a remnant of an Old English instrumental py. read more

11. Mangalorean Catholics – Wikipedia


Mangalorean Catholic men traditionally wore long, loose-frilled, white or black coats known as Kutanv (similar to the Moghul era Sherwanis, loose coats with … read more

12. Why it is Mandatory for Lawyers to Wear a Black Coat? –

https://alameenlaw.com/why-it-is-mandatory-for-lawyers-to-wear-a-black- coat/

Aug 8, 2020 A white shirt and black trousers and a coat with a white neck band are common attire for lawyers. Lawyers' dress code in India for both men and … read more

13. Bucephalus – Wikipedia


Bucephalus or Bucephalas was the horse of Alexander the Great, and one of the most famous … Bucephalus is described as having a black coat with a large white star on … read more

14. Sewn to those black coats and robes- The New Indian Express

https://www.newindianexpress.com/…/sewn-to-those-black-coats-and-robes- 269370.html

Jul 7, 2011 Have you ever wondered about the origins of court attire? The shapeless black and white garb worn by lawyers surely has historical relevance … read more

15. Deshastha Brahmin – Wikipedia


Deshastha Brahmin is a Hindu Brahmin subcaste mainly from the Indian state of Maharashtra … In early to mid 20th century, Deshastha men used to wear a black cap to … read more

16. Why do Lawyers Wear Black and White Uniform? | Legodesk …

Dec 5, 2019 Why do Lawyers Wear Black and white Uniform?Every profession has a certain dress code, and the people belong to a particular profession are … read more

17. Pandiraj – IMDb


In the first image, Suriya is seen dressed as a lawyer, wearing a black coat, and is surrounded by other lawyers all wearing black coats and white armbands. read more



When an image on the film is obliterated with a round black mark it is an … verb (at least originally) meaning "to fall asleep with one's clothes. read more

19. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer: rachita ram- The New Indian …

https://www.newindianexpress.com/…/kannada/…/my-parents-wanted-me-to- be-a-lawyer-rachita-ram-1553308.html

Dec 26, 2016 Adorning the advocate's black coat itself awoke the call for justice in her, she immediately felt ease in playing the role. Rachita Ram. read more



In it, he tells the story of a lawyer who spends his … that the marks on his clothes were stains from a pi- … A light coat of black fingerprint. read more

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