Why Lawyers Are Buried Face Down

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1. Lawyers Are Buried Six Feet And Not With Theirs Faces Turned …


Oct 22, 2016 There are even those that are deeper than 12 feet and the reason for this is so that there will be more space for other dead bodies to be placed … read more

2. Is it true that lawyers are not buried face-down?


She thus explained the legend that wishes lawyers to be buried on their back, not facedown as the common mortals. In fact, the legend is not practiced. read more

3. Why Are Lawyers Buried Face Down (photo) – Education – Nigeria


May 30, 2021 So, if they're buried face down, it should be seen as an act (in the profession) to acknowledge God's supremacy and righteousness. Lawyers play … read more

4. See The Reason Why Lawyers Are Buried 12feet And Face Down


No lawyer can make heaven. Some of the reasons are base on misconception of people, but mostly this are reasons why people believe lawyers are buried face down. read more

5. Here is why lawyers are buried facedown instead of face up …


Jan 16, 2022 If the deceased is a sturdy Christian or a committed Muslim, his own circle of relatives individuals and loved ones might without a doubt cross … read more

6. Mama_Onyeobodo – Why are Lawyers buried face down And also …


I'm a lawyer, and no lawyer is buried facedown. All these are old stories we heard before entering into legal profession. And read more

7. Are lawyers buried upside down upon death? – Opera News


It is claimed by many that the reason for burying lawyers upside down is founded on the belief that the life of a lawyer is basically full of lies and mischiefs … read more

8. Is true that lawyers are buried face down when they died? |


May 7, 2022 The answer is that lawyer are not burried face down, and they are not burried 7fts instead of 6fts. Lawyer are burried as a normal human being. read more

9. Opinion: See The Reasons Why Some Lawyers Wouldn’t Want To …


People believe that the sole reason why they are buried face down is because they don't know or fear God and so they can't see Him when they die. The … read more

10. Why Were Some People Buried Face-Down in Medieval Europe …


Sep 22, 2020 Between 950 and 1300, some high ranking nobles and priests were apparently buried prostrate as a sign of humility before God, their "pious" … read more

11. Reasons Why Lawyers Are Buried Face Down Instead Of Face Up …

https://ourdailygist.com/reasons-why-lawyers-are-buried-face-down-instead- of-face-up/

May 29, 2021 Lawyers Are buried face down instead of face up because they don't know God because they are corrupt and indulge in bribery and all manner of … read more

12. Lawyer dispels myths of them being buried face-down – A1 Radio …


Nov 25, 2021 There is a notion amongst a section of the public that lawyers defend 'the indefensible' as such, they are punished by getting buried facedown. read more

13. Why an Outlaw Was Stabbed to Death and Then Buried Face-Down …


Feb 18, 2019 This medieval man's skeleton, bearing marks of stab wounds, was found facedown in a shallow pit in Sicily. (Image credit: Photo courtesy of … read more

14. Why were some people in medieval England buried face-down in …

https://www.quora.com/Why-were-some-people-in-medieval-England-buried -face-down-in-cemeteries

Burying people facedown during the middle ages has been interpreted in different ways,but always related to some kind of punishment or caution observed to … read more

15. why are lawyers buried face down|TikTok Search


why are lawyers buried face down. 22.6M views. Discover videos related to why are lawyers buried face down on TikTok. read more

16. How one small-town lawyer faced down the plans of election skeptics


Oct 30, 2022 This was the job, burying himself in tiny text and footnotes. He had been the Pickens County attorney for 21 years, the second Landrum to hold … read more

17. Why are lawyers buried 12 feet deep when they die… – Unijokes.com


Because deep down they are really good people. Vote: share joke. Joke has 49.00 % from 35 … read more

18. Teenage ‘witch’ found buried FACE DOWN to prevent ‘impure soul …

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Teenage-witch-buried-FACE-DOWN-Ritual- carried-prevent-impure-soul-leaving-body-archaeologist-claims.html

Oct 9, 2014 13-year-old was buried face down in the Middle Ages, experts believe; This type of burial was considered a humiliating punishment for an … read more

19. Lawyers


Q: What do have when a lawyer is buried up to his neck in sand? … To his surprise, St. Peter left his desk at the gate and came down the long line to … read more

20. Inventor of USB Unintentionally Buried Upside Down


Jan 9, 2019 Inventor of USB Unintentionally Buried Upside Down … Nintendo Glues Seven Lawyers Together to Sue Tears of the Kingdom Leakers. read more

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