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1. #WednesdayWisdom: Why Don’t Barristers Ever Shake Hands …


Jun 26, 2017 The custom dates back to sword-bearing times, when a handshake was considered a way to demonstrate to a person that you were not armed. By … read more

2. Why don’t barristers shake hands!? – One Pump Court


Jun 28, 2017 Why barristers don't shake hands. The custom dates back to sword-bearing times, when a handshake was considered a way to demonstrate to a … read more

3. The barrister custom of refusing to shake hands is still a thing – Legal …


Nov 16, 2016 According to one widely accepted explanation, the custom dates back to sword-bearing times, when a handshake was a way for people to show each … read more

4. Why Barristers Don’t Shake hands


Jul 20, 2016 One is that, by not shaking hands it is being demonstrated that the prosecution and the defence are not colluding with one another. LOOK, NO … read more

5. Bizarre laws and strange cases: 10 unexpected facts about being a …


Sep 8, 2022 1 Lawyers can give legal counsel to fish. Defendants in a court of law don't always need to be human. · 2 Barristers rarely shake hands with each … read more

6. Why do barristers not shake hands? – Quora


Because there is a fiction that members of the Bar all know each other. · There is now a practice among younger barristers of shaking hands which will, not doubt … read more

7. Denmark, With an Eye on Muslims, Requires New Citizens to Shake …


Dec 20, 2018 The law has prompted strong reactions from some of the mayors who … where it's custom to shake hands when you greet, if you don't do it … read more

8. Is not shaking hands still a common custom among British barristers …


Most don't offer theirs. This is the state of affairs at the criminal bar. It may differ in civil or family law. read more

9. Denmark Passes Muslim-focused Law Requiring Handshakes in …


Dec 22, 2018 Denmark has passed a law stating individuals who take citizenship … where it's custom to shake hands when you greet, if you don't do it … read more

10. Negiah – Wikipedia


Negiah (Hebrew: נגיעה), literally "touch", is the concept in Jewish law (Halakha) that … Whether halacha permits a man to shake a woman's hand (or vice versa) is … read more

11. My Doctor Won’t Shake My Hand


You are prepared to greet your doctor with a handshake, but to your surprise, … a free consultation with our Cleveland medical negligence attorneys. read more

12. Articles – State Bar of Texas


Just don't shake hands.TBJ. Notes 1. T.C. Kelly, Bone-Crushing Handshakes Might Lead to Lawsuits, Free Advice (March 11, … read more

13. Suing for Breach of Verbal Contract or Handshake Deal | Seth Kretzer

https://kretzerfirm.com/suing-for-breach-of-verbal-contract-or-handshake- agreement/

Aug 1, 2019 For help from a trusted breach of contract attorney in Houston, … Often, the parties in a handshake deal don't plan to cover all the … read more

14. How to present yourself professionally — it’s more than shaking hands

https://www.bizjournals.com/…/how-to-present-yourself-professionally- itsmore.html

Apr 25, 2018 If our clients see this, we don't just look bad, we lose the client; billable hours literally walk out the door.” I asked Barry why the firm … read more

15. Is a Verbal Contract Binding in Florida? – Emmanuel Sheppard …


Oct 19, 2021 Most people shake hands—physically or metaphorically—and move forward. … Don't hesitate to reach out to a lawyer if you aren't sure … read more

16. Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels …

We know that the successful practice of law begins with good research. Knowing which countries are comfortable with direct, frank communication and which value … read more

17. Endorsements – KISS, BOW OR SHAKE HANDS


If you are an international lawyer, and you don't read and re-read Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands®: Courtrooms to Corporate Counsels, you are placing yourself and … read more

18. Why Handshake Cannabis Deals Are BAD – Canna Law Blog™

https://harrisbricken.com/cannalawblog/why-handshake-cannabis-deals-are- bad/

Feb 17, 2020 All in all, I would be suspect of anyone saying “you don't need a contract for this deal”. First, oral agreements are not enforceable in many … read more

19. Muslim Woman Who Refused Handshake And Then Suffered …

https://www.npr.org/…/muslim-woman-says-she-refused-handshake-received- discrimination-swedish-court-ag

Aug 16, 2018 A Muslim woman who refused to shake hands on a job interview won … "I don't have any physical contact with men or with women," she said. read more

20. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Don’t Shake Hands to Start Debate …


Oct 9, 2016 Instead of sticking with formality and shaking Trump's hand, Clinton merely nodded in his direction, saying, "Hello." The candidates eventually … read more

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