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1. The curious case of why lawyers are not called ‘doctor’


May 8, 2023 The unofficial prohibition and academic resentment toward the use of the term “Dr.” for holders of the JD is outdated and unnecessary, and it … read more

2. Why Those With Juris Doctor Degrees Are Not Called “Doctor”


Feb 27, 2020 And if others mistakenly call a JD in a university setting “Doctor” there is no reason to embarrass them by correcting them, as a JD is in fact … read more

3. legal education – Why are lawyers not called “doctor”? – Law Stack …


Jul 12, 2015 It was, and still is, considered disrespectful, awkward, and arguably unethical to call some practicing attorneys and judges "Doctor", where … read more

4. Why don’t we call lawyers doctors? They have JD (Juris Doctor …


We don't address lawyer as a doctors because we don't want to misunderstand people between a lawyer and a real doctor who own a real medical degree. read more

5. Who Should Be Called Dr.? Probably Not Jill Biden, Just as Lawyers …


Dec 14, 2020 And lawyers in America definitely don't get called "Dr." Then there is the "Ed.D." To my knowledge, there isn't a fixed custom among the general … read more

6. Any Lawyer Who Calls Himself ‘Doctor’ Like a Ph.D. Should Get …


Nov 11, 2011 Rubinstein asks if lawyers are considered doctors. It's an easy question to me. I don't even think Ph.D. holders should call themselves “doctors … read more

7. ELI5: Why Aren’t Lawyers Considered Doctors or Professors? : r …

ELI5: Why Aren’t Lawyers Considered Doctors or Professors?
by u/schweinechop in explainlikeimfive

Jul 30, 2014 We call lawyers "mister." This is because until recently, lawyers used to earn a degree called an LL.B which stands for Bachelor of Laws. As … read more

8. Ethics: Informal Opinion 1151 – Lawyers and the Title “Doctor”


T HE FIRST AWARDING of a "Doctor's" degree was in the twelfth century … continent, South and Central America, lawyers are uniformly called. "Doctor" and … read more

9. Lawyers should get to call ourselves doctors : r/unpopularopinion

Lawyers should get to call ourselves doctors
by in unpopularopinion

Dec 28, 2021 This is currently discouraged because it may cause confusion with medical doctors, giving clients a false perception they're hiring someone with … read more

10. Should lawyers call themselves doctors of law? – The Florida Bar


May 15, 2006 “I don't think it's that much of a big deal,” Rothman said. “We're splitting a hair that probably doesn't exist.” Board member Ervin Gonzalez … read more

11. Juris Doctor – Wikipedia


JD programs in the US are typically three years full time, although some law schools offer longer part-time as well as accelerated programs. read more

12. What is a JD degree? What Can You Do with a JD Degree?


A Juris Doctor degree is technically a professional doctorate. But unlike other Ph.D. holders, lawyers don't hold the title of “Doctor.” Instead, they can … read more

13. Doctor (title) – Wikipedia


Lawyers, despite their J.D. degrees, aren't called doctor. In general references to M.D.s, it is more precise to use physicians rather than doctors. read more

14. Now hovering in the background during a risky pregnancy: The …

https://www.nbcnews.com/…/risky-pregnancy-abortion-doctors-consult- lawyers-rcna37651

Jul 13, 2022 Physicians in states with new abortion bans are leaning heavily on lawyers to … "The first person I called is my lawyer to be like . read more

15. Can You Sue a Doctor for the Wrong Diagnosis? – FindLaw

https://www.findlaw.com/…/can-you-sue-a-doctor-for-the-wrong-diagnosis-. html

Not wait around until things are worse on purpose; Not wait around because your doctor told you to. This is called "mitigating damages." In medical malpractice … read more

16. DWC FAQs for employees


Q. I know that independent contractors aren't covered under workers' … You, your treating doctor, your employer and your attorney (if you have one) should … read more

17. Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate Orders


Sep 21, 2020 Advance directives usually tell your doctor that you don't want … decisions (and may be called Medical Power of Attorney, or MPOA). read more

18. DWC Answers to frequently asked questions about qualified medical …


The doctor your attorney and the claims administrator agree on is called an agreed … An AME can only be used if you are represented by an attorney. read more

19. Soundings: Young doctors, old lawyers – PMC


An old saying on this subject, “old lawyers and young doctors,” would suggest that … “since you aren't the millionth patient in his [or her] career. read more

20. Nurse practitioners sue California over restricted use of ‘doctor’

https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/…/nurse-practitioners-sue-california- over-restricted-use-of-doctor.html

Jul 18, 2023 "The word 'doctor' doesn't belong to physicians. … but California's laws are the strictest in the country, Donna Matias, the attorney … read more

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