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1. Fojji | Wago.io


69 results Discord for questions/requests/help here: Snapshot WA for Affliction Warlocks (Corruption) How does this WeakAura work? read more

2. What weak aura do you recommend the most for ulduar and why? : r …

What weak aura do you recommend the most for ulduar and why?
by u/Pursueth in classicwow

Jan 16, 2023 I know Joardee uses Foji and he's said multiple times Foji's WA is sub only. I'm sure anyone that has it can share it with you for free … read more

3. Fojji – Paladin UI [WotLK] – Holy, Protection, Retribution | Wago.io


Fojji – Paladin UI [WotLK] – Holy, Protection, Retribution. v1.0.56 WOTLK-WEAKAURA · Mar 25th 2023 [WoW WotLK Classic 3.4.0] · 8134 views · 3549 installs. read more

4. fojjiwow – Twitch


GM of Numen on Gehennas EU. Mage is my main but I raid most other classes too. WoW Classic Raiding Content, RtWF/Speedrunning raiding & occasionally some … read more

5. T8 Raiding Pack | Wago.io


Dec 13, 2022 v1.0.1 WOTLK-WEAKAURA … (H1MU(an7kyfs3nkPR3DuzZTrGJMWBH7)gF8ECLXzZTFurjDBBPrI2QWuXfef3Xt6(8BdKUiU9we62TLb09w6msH22zK(x(zWX1c3YlKUQou( … read more

6. fojjiwow | “the WA guy” | Patreon


The same benefits as Tier 1, along with: Extra Advance WeakAuras which are usually Guild-only. Numen CD Tracker & CD Tracker Rotations! read more

7. Luxthos – Gamer, Twitch Streamer and WeakAuras Designer


Gamer, Twitch streamer and WeakAuras designer, Luxthos play World of Warcraft and create WeakAuras for the community while streaming live on Twitch. read more

8. Weak Auras is making me lag….. BAD


I have been getting very bad lag lately and I have narrowed it down to WA. I deleted/changed all my full CPU scan auras and just a general … read more

9. Cast Bar Missing? – UI and Macro – World of Warcraft Forums


Hi! So logged on this morning to fix all my bars/raid frames, and I realized my cast bar that is just above the abilities bar is gone for all my characters … read more

10. WotLK Classic Fire Mage Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities …


Jan 5, 2023 This WeakAura by Hildigunnur shows you a list of targets you have threat … the spell's name and the (Rank x) or the macro will not work. read more

11. Star Killing Guide to Algalon – YouTube

Mar 23, 2023 Weakauras Fojji Star WA – https://wago.io/469IQ-Ue3 Welcome Algalon Timers – https://wago.io/JPZI2AW1- (WA Pack had incorrect version of the … read more

12. WOTLK Classic WoW UI 30 SPECS CLEAN WeakAuras & ElvUI …

Jul 30, 2022 Quazii Wrath of the Lich King Classic WoW User Interface for ALL classes and specs. The WeakAuras and UIs cover 10 classes – Death Knights, … read more

13. RaidBuffStatus – World of Warcraft Addons – CurseForge


FAQ. Passive auras vs static buffs: Why does it prompt players to buff X when I already have aura Y? By default RBS prompts players to … read more

14. Untitled


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