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1. “who with?” or “with who?” | WordReference Forums


"With" should take "whom", not "who", since it is the object of a preposition. In formal writing I would expect "With whom do I have to go? read more

2. Who or Whom? It’s Not As Hard As You Think | Grammarly


Mar 14, 2023 Whom is used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with he or she, … read more

3. prepositions – “With who” vs. “with whom” – English Language …


Jan 4, 2011 "Who am I doing the project with?" is good normal colloquial English. "With whom am I doing the project" sounds more formal, at least a bit … read more

4. How and When to Use Who and Whom


If it can be answered with an objective pronoun (him, her, or them), use whom or whomever. For example: Q: Who is at the door? A: They are. [The sentence can … read more

5. How To Use Who vs Whom Correctly | Grammar 101 | IELTS Australia


However, if you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Let's look at some examples and do a who vs whom quiz. read more

6. Who or Whom? Get It Right Every Time with These 3 Tricks


Sep 15, 2016 If you can replace it with him or her (or another object pronoun), use whom. One way to remember this trick is that both him and whom end with … read more

7. About WHO: Collaborating centres


In line with the WHO policy and strategy of technical cooperation, … of the head of the establishment to which the institution is attached or with that of … read more

8. How to Use Who vs. Whom | Merriam-Webster


It is simple in that it is simply the objective case of who, which means that it's the form of who that is in the object position in a sentence. What exactly … read more

9. IOC joins forces with WHO and the United Nations to fight COVID-19


Jun 23, 2020 Olympic athletes will help deliver important public health information, to inspire people to adopt or continue behaviours that will curtail the … read more

10. How To Use Who vs Whom Correctly | Grammar 101 | IDP IELTS


However, if you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom. Let's look at some examples and do a who vs whom quiz. read more

11. pronouns – Can I say, “with who”? – English Language Learners …


Dec 5, 2014 For example, "This is the guide who we went on a tour with." Whom is still correct in that sentence, but it would sound formal. In formal speech … read more

12. When to Use Who or That | Touro University


Do you know a teacher who can help me with my research paper? (In this sentence, who refers to the teacher.) This is the key that fits the front door lock. read more

13. Comma Before Which, Where, and Who: When to Use It (with …


Apr 28, 2022 The words which, where, and who are relative pronouns, which means they … You'll never have another missing or misplaced comma with its … read more

14. COVID-19 Vaccines with WHO Emergency Use Listing | WHO …


Vaccine, WHO EUL Holder, NRA of record, Date of EUL Recommendation. COMIRNATY® COVD-19 mRNA Vaccine (nucleoside modified), BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH. read more

15. Can you refer to animals as who? | Learn English


Oct 22, 2020 In English, when you talk about animals, can you say "The dog who I grew up with" or do you always say "that/it", even if you call the … read more

16. With Who? With Whom? Or Who (…) With?

https://www.englishforums.com/…/WithWhoWithWhomOrWhoWith/…/post. htm

In the most proper sense, it should be "whom" but few people use the "whom" without the "with" coming RIGHT before it, and will find it to sound … read more

17. Who vs. Whom: Choose the Correct Word to Use – INK Blog


Jan 4, 2023 The ideal answer is with whom I worked. Whom goes with the object of the verb or preposition in a sentence. Since this phrase contains the … read more

18. See who a file is shared with in OneDrive or SharePoint – Microsoft …

https://support.microsoft.com/…/see-who-a-file-is-shared-with-in-onedrive-or -sharepoint-51bb79a9-b696-410d-a7a7-c320e541272d

People with existing access can be used by people who already have access to the document or folder. It does not change the permissions on the item. read more

19. When To Use “Who” vs “Whom” | Thesaurus.com


Jul 29, 2020 Whom is often confused with who. Who is a subjective-case pronoun, meaning it functions as a subject in a sentence, and whom is an … read more

20. The U.S. Government and the World Health Organization | KFF

https://www.kff.org/…/the-u-s-government-and-the-world-health- organization/

May 19, 2022 This fact sheet provides information about the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. government funding and engagement with WHO. read more

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