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1. Why No Time To Die Says “James Bond Will Return” (Despite Craig …


Mar 24, 2023 It won't take long, but James Bond will return, and when he does, he has a lot to live up to. George Lazenby couldn't live up to Sean Connery's … read more

2. James Bond Franchise Confirms Release Plans for Next 007 Movie …


Jun 30, 2022 But the end credits of No Time to Die confirmed “James Bond will return.” We're going to guess it'll be in the form of another reboot like … read more

3. Motifs in the James Bond film series – Wikipedia


Every Bond film from Thunderball through Octopussy concludes with text reading "James Bond will return…" or "James Bond will be back" followed by the … read more

4. James Bond: acclaimed writers explain how they would reinvent 007 …


Dec 8, 2021 Producer Barbara Broccoli has not yet decided how Bond will return in the next film – but here are some ideas. read more

5. Daniel Craig Explains James Bond’s Bold Send-Off In No Time To Die


Jan 26, 2022 How and when Bond will return are issues still being sorted, but rest assured, he will be back. This is what producer Barbara Broccoli said last … read more

6. Daniel Craig Confirms He Will Return as James Bond


Aug 15, 2017 Craig confirmed the news during an appearance on Tuesday night's "Late Show With Stephen Colbert." read more

7. James Bond Producer Gives an Update on Daniel Craig’s …


Apr 30, 2022 However, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has assured that James Bond will return. How? Nobody knows. And as for when we can expect the … read more

8. James Bond producers aren’t yet quite sure how 007 will return in a …


Dec 7, 2021 SIGN UP. James Bond fans have been left wondering in what form the spy will return following Daniel Craig's exit. read more

9. James Bond 26: release date speculation, cast and who will be the …


Oct 1, 2021 Happily, we can confirm James Bond will return in another movie following the events of No Time To Die. The film concluded with the simple … read more

10. ‘No Time to Die’ Ending Explained, All Your James Bond Questions …


Sep 30, 2021 You can stream Daniel Craig's last 007 adventure and all the others as … to the end you'll see the classic words "James Bond will return. read more

11. Who will be the next James Bond? | British GQ


Feb 16, 2023 … as 007, Daniel Craig's stint as James Bond is over. Having previously stated that he would rather harm himself than return to the tux, … read more

12. Looking Down The Barrel: What’s The Future For The James Bond …


Jan 5, 2022 Spoiler alert: James Bond Will Return. No Time To Die ends with the same promise that has appeared on every Bond film credit roll since … read more

13. James Bond on Twitter: “James Bond will return. #JamesBondDay …

Oct 5, 2022 James Bond will return. … yeah, but if he's 'in touch with his feeling' it will be nothing instead of everything and the Broccolis will go … read more

14. Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond in 25th Movie


Aug 15, 2017 After numerous rumors, Daniel Craig confirms on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" he will return to play James Bond in the next movie. read more

15. Why Daniel Craig Will Return as James Bond – IndieWire

https://www.indiewire.com/…/daniel-craig-return-james-bond-tom-hiddleston -jamie-bell-1201682322/

May 31, 2016 Why Daniel Craig Will Return as James Bond. There's still time to wear down the actor's resistance to make his fifth and final appearance in … read more

16. VIDEO: Daniel Craig confirms he will return as James Bond to ‘go …

https://www.jacksonville.com/…daniel-craig…will-return-james-bond…/ 15768883007/

LONDON — Daniel Craig has delayed the specter of retirement as 007. The British actor has confirmed, as widely expected, that he'll play James Bond in the … read more

17. Daniel Craig wanted James Bond to die so he could never return to …


Nov 17, 2022 'The fact is I need to move on,' says Daniel Craig, explaining why 007 had to perish in 'No Time to Die' read more

18. Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, says anonymous source.

https://slate.com/…/daniel-craig-will-return-as-james-bond-says-anonymous- source.html

Jul 9, 2017 Daniel Craig will play James Bond in at least one more film, the Mirror reports. The actor, who once told Time Out London he'd “rather break … read more

19. Next James Bond | Who Will Be 007 After Daniel Craig? | Esquire

https://www.esquire.com/…/who-will-be-the-next-james-bond-an-in-depth- analysis/

6 days ago Whoever it is will have to do the same scene for their audition: the one in From Russia With Love where Bond suspects an intruder has come for … read more

20. James Bond Producer Says 007 ‘Will Be Back’ After ‘No Time To Die …

https://www.maxim.com/…/james-bond-producer-says-007-will-be-back-after -no-time-to-die/

Dec 5, 2021 Despite 007's apparent demise in “No Time to Die,” fans can “rest assured” that the British super spy will return. read more

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