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1. Duffer Brothers originally planned to kill [SPOILER] in Stranger …


Jul 6, 2022 The fourth season of Stranger Things featured the deaths of beloved (and not so beloved) characters, including Hellfire Club president and … read more

2. Who Died on Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’?


Jul 1, 2022 Max is the trickiest one to grade of the entire list. The Stranger Things doctors confirmed that Max died. Her heart stopped for a full minute. read more

3. Who Died in the ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Finale? – ‘Stranger …


Jul 7, 2022 The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. · Dr. Brenner, aka Papa · Eddie … read more

4. Stranger Things Season 4: Most Likely Character Deaths, Ranked


Jun 30, 2022 1. Steve … Out of all the characters in the series, Steve is the most likely to sacrifice himself and not make it out alive of the Upside Down. read more

5. ‘Stranger Things’ 4’s Most and Least Devastating Deaths


Jul 1, 2022 Stranger Things 4's Most and Least Devastating Deaths · 1. Eddie Munson · 2. Max Mayfield (maybe!) · 3. Dr. Sam Owens (also a maybe!) · 4. Chrissy … read more

6. Stranger Things Season 4: Who will die in Volume 2 finale? – Dexerto


Jun 27, 2022 Steve Harrington. Netflix Steve is the most likely to bite the dust in the Season 4 finale. It … read more

7. Who dies in Stranger Things 4? – Polygon


Jul 1, 2022 Much like Barb Holland and Bob Newby before him, Eddie follows the trend of being introduced this season just to die. And much like Billy last … read more

8. Who Will Die in Stranger Things Season 5, According to Data …


Jul 7, 2022 Our method: an algorithm of doom. To create this Stranger Things infographic, I scrutinized every death in the last four seasons of the show and … read more

9. Who’s Most Likely to Die in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 …


Jun 28, 2022 A character whose death would likely be easy for fans to stomach is Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), the man who gave Eleven her powers as a child … read more

10. Who dies in Stranger Things 4 part 2? All character deaths | Radio …


Jul 3, 2022 The final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 are here, but which characters met their end this season? Here's all you need to know, … read more

11. Chrissy star says “someone important” dies in Stranger Things …

https://netflixlife.com/…/chrissy-actress-grace-van-dien-warns-someone- important-will-die-stranger-things-season-5/

May 2, 2023 Grace Van Dien says someone important will die in Stranger Things season 5 … Max already came close to death at the end of season 4, … read more

12. Who will die in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?


Jun 25, 2022 Who's going to die in the final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4? Stranger Things has been more gruesome than ever in season 4. read more

13. Who dies in Stranger Things 4? – Heart


Jun 27, 2022 Who has died in Stranger Things 4? In the first part of Stranger Things 4, the unworldly villain Vecna claimed three lives in Hawkins. First was … read more

14. ‘Stranger Things’ Deaths, Ranked by How Sad They Are


Jul 9, 2022 Throughout season four of "Stranger Things," Hawkins High basketball star Jason was on a crusade to avenge his girlfriend Chrissy, who was the … read more

15. Everyone Who Dies In Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 (Including The …


Jul 1, 2022 Max Mayfield was in the most danger of dying in Stranger Things season 4 as any of the show's main characters. The first volume of episodes … read more

16. ‘Stranger Things 4’: Will These Characters Die? | The Mary Sue

https://www.themarysue.com/dont-let-these-characters-die-stranger-things- season-4/

Jun 28, 2022 Here's Who Had Better NOT DIE in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Volume 2 · Eddie Munson · Lucas Sinclair · Steve Harrington · Eleven · Robin Buckley · Jim … read more

17. Stranger Things Season 4: Who Dies in Volume 2? | Den of Geek

https://www.denofgeek.com/…/stranger-things-season-4-who-dies-in-volume- 2/

Jul 1, 2022 Jason Carver. The appropriately-named Jason Carver (Mason Dye) has the quickest and most darkly funny death in Stranger Things season 4. This … read more

18. Who dies in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2? All the deaths revealed …


Jul 1, 2022 All the characters that die in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. [Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 4 episodes 8 and 9] read more

19. Who Died in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 Finale? | Time


Jul 1, 2022 Some of our heroes are hopeful that he died of his wounds after all and really is gone for good. But Will (Noah Schnapp), who was possessed by … read more

20. 5 characters we think will die in Stranger Things season 5 | Digital …

https://www.digitaltrends.com/…/stranger-things-5-characters-we-think-will- die/

May 13, 2023 That does not mean Stranger Things has shied away from death. In season 4, fan-favorite Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) was killed despite his … read more

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