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1. Longevity expert: 3 reasons the world’s oldest person lived to 122


Feb 21, 2023 Jeanne Calment, a French woman, achieved an incredible feat of living to age 122, thus earning the honor of being the world's oldest person … read more

2. World’s oldest person, France’s Sister André, dies at age 118 : NPR


Jan 18, 2023 According to the Gerontology Research Group, the oldest living person is now Maria Branyas Morera of Spain at 115 years and 320 days, as of … read more

3. List of the verified oldest people – Wikipedia


^ "Yone Minagawa, 114; world's oldest living person". Los Angeles Times. 14 August 2007. Retrieved 5 January 2015. ^ "International … read more

4. World’s oldest person on the keys to longevity: ‘stay away from toxic …


Jan 26, 2023 Now the California-born woman is the world's oldest living person. Branyas, 115, became the eldest known person alive after the death of … read more

5. Oldest Person in the World – Guinness World Records – YouTube

Apr 25, 2022 Subscribe || https://gwr.co/YT-SubFavourites || http://gwr.co/YT-FavsSister André (France) has lived through two world wars and two global … read more

6. Maria Branyas Morera, 115, is the world’s oldest person | CNN


Jan 26, 2023 Now US-born Maria Branyas Morera has been named the world's oldest person by Guinness World Records (GWR), following the death of French nun … read more

7. Oldest person living | Guinness World Records


Jan 17, 2023 The oldest living woman – and person – whose date of birth can be authenticated is María Branyas Morera (USA/Spain, b. read more

8. Who are the oldest people in the world and where are they from …


Apr 29, 2022 The oldest person in the world is French born Lucile Randon, who is 118. · She took the title after Japan's Kane Tanaka recently died at the age … read more

9. Why The Oldest Person In The World Keeps Dying | FiveThirtyEight


May 26, 2015 As the oldest person in the world, Gertrude Weaver was making the best of her time in the limelight. When I called the 116-year-old Arkansas … read more

10. Infographic: Who are the oldest people in the world? | Infographic …


Jan 18, 2023 The world's oldest person, French nun Lucile Randon, has died at the age of 118. France Oldest Person. Sister Andre poses for a portrait at the … read more

11. Kane Tanaka, World’s Oldest Person, Dies at 119 | Smart News …

https://www.smithsonianmag.com/…/kane-tanaka-dies-119-oldest-person- 180973930/

Jan 9, 2020 Editor's Note, April 25, 2022: Kane Tanaka, the world's oldest person, died on April 18 at age 119. According to a statement from Guinness … read more

12. World’s oldest person, U.S.-born Spanish woman, turns 116 – CBS …

https://www.cbsnews.com/…/maria-branyas-morera-worlds-oldest-person-u-s- born-spanish-woman-age-116/

Mar 5, 2023 María Branyas Morera turned 116 years old Saturday. The U.S.-born Spanish woman is the world's oldest person, a mantle Morera assumed in … read more

13. Lucile Randon, the oldest person in the world, dies at 118 …

https://www.aljazeera.com/…/lucile-randon-the-oldest-person-in-the-world- dies-at-118

Jan 18, 2023 The oldest person in the world, French nun Lucile Randon, has died at the age of 118. Randon, who took the name of Sister Andre when she … read more

14. World’s oldest known person, a French nun, dies at 118 – ABC News

https://abcnews.go.com/…/worlds-oldest-person-french-nun-dies-118- 96499649

Jan 18, 2023 The oldest living known person in the world listed by the Gerontology Research Group is now American-born Maria Branyas Morera, who is living in … read more

15. Was Jeanne Calment the Oldest Person Who Ever Lived—or a …

https://www.newyorker.com/…/was-jeanne-calment-the-oldest-person-who- ever-lived-or-a-fraud

Feb 10, 2020 Plastic, tea bags, public trash cans, and the zipper had yet to come into the world. The life expectancy for a French woman was forty-five. read more

16. Europe’s oldest person survives Covid just before 117th birthday …


Feb 9, 2021 Sister Andre was born on 11 February 1904. As well as being Europe's oldest person, she is also the second-oldest living person in the world, … read more

17. World’s oldest known person, a French nun, dies at 118 | AP News

https://apnews.com/…/health-france-nursing-homes- 795c8273f66b61669e93103cc9c25cd0

Jan 18, 2023 The oldest living known person in the world listed by the Gerontology Research Group is now American-born Maria Branyas Morera, who is living in … read more

18. World’s Oldest Known Person, a French Nun, Dies at 118 | Smart …

https://www.smithsonianmag.com/…/worlds-oldest-known-person-a-french- nun-dies-at-118-180976985/

Jan 19, 2023 French nun Sister André, the world's oldest known person, died Tuesday at less than a month away from her 119th birthday. In her long life, … read more

19. World’s oldest person confirmed as French nun, 118, who loves …


Apr 27, 2022 The oldest living person on Earth is now a 118-year-old French nun who enjoys chocolate and wine, according to Guinness World Records. read more

20. Oldest person in the world, French Catholic nun Sister Andre, dies at …

https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/…/oldest-person-in-the-world-french- catholic-nun-sister-andre-dies-at-118

Jan 17, 2023 Randon became the world's oldest person on April 19, 2022, when Kane Tanaka of Japan died at the age of 119, according to the Gerontology … read more

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