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1. Energy Saver 101 History Timeline: Refrigeration and Refrigerators …


Wolf invented the first home electric refrigerator, which featured a refrigeration unit on top of an icebox. Mass production of domestic refrigerators began in … read more

2. The History of the Refrigerator: Ancient Origins to Today | Whirlpool


In 1913, American Fred W. Wolf invented the first home electric refrigerator, which featured a refrigeration unit on top of an icebox. Mass production of … read more

3. Refrigerator – Wikipedia


In 1913, the first electric refrigerators for home and domestic use were invented and produced by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with models consisting of … read more

4. Who Invented the Refrigerator? | Live Science


Feb 8, 2017 Jacob Perkins, who worked with Evans, received a patent for a vapor-compression cycle using liquid ammonia in 1835, according to History of … read more

5. The History of the Refrigerator


Oct 31, 2019 The first known artificial form of refrigeration was demonstrated by William Cullen at the University of Glasgow in 1748. Cullen's invention, … read more

6. A Brief History of the Refrigerator


Mar 21, 2019 If you're wondering who invented the concept of refrigeration, it's hard to say-people first began freezing water in China in 1,000 B.C., and … read more

7. Who invented the refrigerator? | HowStuffWorks


While Jefferson was busy keeping his ice house stocked, fellow founding father Benjamin Franklin was inching us toward the invention of the refrigerator. read more

8. Who Invented Refrigerator – Javatpoint


Fred W. Wolf invented the first domestic refrigerator in 1913. He was an architect and refrigeration engineer. His invention, the domestic refrigerator,was … read more

9. History of Refrigerators – Evolution of the Refrigerator


This ideas and prototypes were not practical until Jacob Perkins built the first working vapor-compression refrigeration system in the world in 1834. His system … read more

10. DOMELRE First Electric Refrigerator | ashrae.org


The DOMELRE was the first successful, mass marketed package automatic electric refrigeration unit. Invented in 1913 by Fred W. Wolf Jr., charter member of … read more

11. History of the Refrigerator | Apartment Therapy


May 19, 2018 Although commercial refrigerators have existed since the 1850s, the first refrigerator for home use wasn't introduced until 1911. Early home … read more

12. Who invented the refrigerator? – Quora


The first practical vapor compression refrigeration system was built by James Harrison, a Scottish Australian. He has a patent in 1856 for a vapor compression … read more

13. Who Invented the Refrigerator? (with pictures)


May 21, 2023 It was not until 1834 that scientist Jacob Perkins built and patented the first functioning refrigerator. Perkins, a major figure in … read more

14. Refrigerators Through the Decades


Aug 17, 2016 1920's – The invention of the electric refrigerator. The first ever electric refrigerator was invented by General Electric in 1927, costing each … read more

15. The History of the Refrigerator – and Freezer


In 1805, an American inventor, Oliver Evans, designed the first refrigeration machine. The first practical refrigerating machine was built by Jacob Perkins in … read more

16. Who Invented Refrigerator? – GeeksforGeeks


Feb 16, 2023 History of Refrigerator: The first refrigeration machine was invented in the early 19th century by American inventor Oliver Evans. However, the … read more

17. 8 Black Inventors Who Made Daily Life Easier | HISTORY


Feb 20, 2019 If your refrigerator has any produce from your local grocery store, then you can credit African American inventor Frederick McKinley Jones. read more

18. Keeping your (food) cool: From ice harvesting to electric refrigeration …


Apr 29, 2015 And the history of storing food by keeping it chilled goes hand in … The first refrigerator to become widely popular in American homes, … read more

19. Brand History | Amana


80+ YEARS OF INNOVATION. Amana brand has a rich history of creating appliances that changed the American household. From the first side-by-side refrigerator to … read more

20. The Art of the Post: The Art of…the Refrigerator? | The Saturday …

https://www.saturdayeveningpost.com/…/the-art-of-the-post-the-art-ofthe- refrigerator/

Jun 16, 2020 Inventor Fred Wolf of Ft. Wayne, Indiana started the rush in 1913, with the announcement of the first refrigerator for home and domestic use. A … read more

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