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1. Biomutant: Who should you take on the Ark Seats?


Jun 2, 2021 The first three seats on the Ark belong to Out-of-Date, the player, and the player's chosen Sifu. The other four seats are left for the player … read more

2. Biomutant Ark Seats Explained: Who You Should Pick & Why It Matters


May 27, 2021 Maximum Light · Chu-Chu · Gill · Gizmo · Goop · Juju Mojomecker · Jumble · Mito · Noko … read more

3. So who got a seat in your ark and why? : r/biomutant

So who got a seat in your ark and why?
by u/EricAntiHero1 in biomutant

Jun 11, 2021 Now I have to be super careful about which dialogue options I use when talking to quest givers lest I accidentally offer them an Ark seat … read more

4. Biomutant: Ark Seats Guide


Dec 28, 2022 Biomutant is all about playing as a mutated creature in a doomed world. … Once you offer someone a seat on the Ark, and they say no, … read more

5. Ark Seats? Does your selection matter? : r/biomutant

Ark Seats? Does your selection matter?
by u/xbox-fan in biomutant

Jun 24, 2021 I select the 4 main worldeater NPCs. Goop, Gizmo, Noko, and Whiz. However, as max light Gizmo declines, which was perfect bc it allowed me to … read more

6. Biomutant: Ark Seats Guide (Who To Take With You) – Gamer Tweak


Jul 9, 2021 This is a plan that is pitched by the Out-of-Date character These seats are limited to 7 seats so the player will have to choose any 4. The … read more

7. Biomutant Guide: Here’s Every Character You Can Recruit for the Ark


May 25, 2021 There are seven seats on the Ark. One is for you, one is for Out-of-Date, and one is for your clan leader. The other four can be filled by … read more

8. Biomutant Ark Seats Guide: Which Should You Choose? | PrimeWikis


Jun 4, 2021 Biomutant has multiple endings depending on which Aura you align yourself with. One involves you destroying the Tree of Life accompanied by … read more

9. Biomutant Ark Seats Whom Should You Select To Accompany At …


May 30, 2021 Biomutant Characters You Can Invite Into Ark · Klick · Lobo · Lump · Honki · Nova · Pebble · Trim · Moog Munsterhonter … read more

10. Question about Ark seats :: BIOMUTANT General Discussions


Jun 7, 2021 So i want to take Lobo with me and i offered her a seat but i didnt know that you need to have dark aura for her to join you. read more

11. Ark seat question. – Biomutant


For Biomutant on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ark … I didn't know I'd be forced to offer the seat to one npc with no choice … read more

12. The Ark – Biomutant Walkthrough – Neoseeker


May 29, 2021 We will be able to offer seats to any of the named NPC characters that appear on the world map, but we will need to complete any side-quests … read more

13. Anyone want to share who they invited to the ark? – Biomutant


I invited Goop and Sol with 2 seats still open. I'm considering Nova, Noko, Mito, Boom, or Moog. Currently playing: Super Robot Wars GC & Dark Souls 1 read more

14. Biomutant: 10 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found


Jun 9, 2021 Biomutant's strange, beautiful open world hides plenty of secrets. … However, Boom will give a task to those who notice him. read more

15. Who To Choose To Take On Ark In Biomutant – GamersHeroes

https://www.gamersheroes.com/…/who-to-choose-to-take-on-ark-in- biomutant/

May 24, 2021 Deciding who to bring with you in the Ark will influence the ending of Biomutant. This guide on Who To Choose To Take On Ark In Biomutant … read more

16. The Masterplan – BioMutant Wiki Guide – IGN


May 27, 2021 You'll also learn about the Ark – the spaceship he's inside that has only four seats available. You can choose who to bring along, … read more

17. The Ark | Biomutant Wiki


May 25, 2021 Offer empty seats to people you've met or save them for someone you've yet to meet. The Ark Objectives. Decide who'll go with the Ark. How to … read more

18. Biomutant Is an Ambitious Mess – The Escapist


May 24, 2021 Biomutant from Experiment 101 is an ambitious mess, … And there was even a spaceship-cum-ark with limited seats that I could fill by … read more

19. Who Can You Take On The Ark In Biomutant – GamersHeroes

https://www.gamersheroes.com/…/who-can-you-take-on-the-ark-in- biomutant/

May 24, 2021 You need to complete his monster hunting quests. I was full light alignment and he refused to join, even when offered a seat. Boom. read more

20. Biomutant: The Ark – walkthrough | gamepressure.com


Jun 2, 2021 It is up to you to decide who gets one of these seats. … You can offer a place on the Ark to people you've already met or save it for … read more

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