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1. Hades: Who to Give Nectar To


Sep 21, 2020 After a player has unlocked all of the Keepsakes in Hades, additional Nectars can be used to earn Companions that can be summoned during runs. read more

2. Who to give Nectar to in Hades | AllGamers


Sep 24, 2020 If you're just starting out in Hades, we recommend giving Nectar to Skelly and Cerberus early in the game. Their item rewards will give you … read more

3. Who Should I Give Nectar To? : r/HadesTheGame

Who Should I Give Nectar To?
by u/JakeColdiron in HadesTheGame

Jan 17, 2020 You must give one nectar to each character to receive keepsakes, then Sisyphus, Skelly, Megaera, Thanatos. Other nectars can be exchanged for … read more

4. Hades Keepsakes: Who to give Nectar to | VG247


Sep 21, 2020 As for who to give your Nectar to early on in the game: Cerberus is a brilliant first choice. His Keepsake increases your starting health and is … read more

5. Who should I give my nectar to? : r/HadesTheGame

Who should I give my nectar to?
by u/DH3Games in HadesTheGame

Jan 3, 2022 After that's done, you should focus on giving nectars to either Maegara or Sisyphus. After you give enough nectar to them, they will give you a … read more

6. Hades gifts: how to use Nectar and Ambrosia | Rock Paper Shotgun


Aug 17, 2021 The initial and most powerful use for Nectar is to gift it to a character. The first time you gift a character Nectar, they will give you a … read more

7. Hades – Who to Give Nectar To, How to Advance Relationships


Aug 8, 2021 Who to Give Nectar to in Hades. Cerberus, Skelly, and Nyx are the best choices to give Nectar to early in the game. Their Keepsakes are … read more

8. Who to Give Nectar to in Hades


Sep 25, 2020 In Hades, protagonist Zagreus will encounter a slew of Greek Mythological characters in his quest out of the underworld. Zagreus can improve his … read more

9. Hades Nectar, Keepsakes, and Ambrosia guide – Polygon


Sep 7, 2021 Approach your ally, and press the button indicated to offer them a Nectar. If you wish to offer Nectar to a god, press the button indicated … read more

10. Nectar – Hades Wiki


Most characters are able to be gifted Nectar, except for Alecto, Tisiphone, Theseus, and Asterius. Characters receiving their first Nectar from Zagreus will … read more

11. How to Use Nectar and Ambrosia – Hades Guide – IGN


Oct 4, 2020 You just have to choose that path, take all Shades down, and grab it as a reward. At times, some Boons will give them as reward, as well as … read more

12. Hades Nectar – what is it and what it does | GamesRadar+


Aug 20, 2021 By gifting Nectar to people they in turn gift you with Keepsakes, which bestow Zagreus with unique abilities. You only need to give Nectar to an … read more

13. Keepsakes – Hades Wiki


They are acquired by giving Nectar to various characters for the first time. Hades is unique as his keepsake is obtained on the second gift, which is only … read more

14. What’s the point in giving characters multiple nectars? – Hades


For Hades on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's the point in giving characters multiple nectars?". read more

15. Hades How To Unlock Aspect Of Gilgamesh & Who To Give Nectar …

https://prodigygamers.com/…/hades-how-to-unlock-aspect-of-gilgamesh-who -to-give-nectar-guide/

Sep 20, 2020 Check out this post of Hades to find out how to unlock the final aspect of Twin fist of Malphon called aspect of Gilgamesh and nectar guide. read more

16. Hades Nectar guide: who to gift Nectar to for Keepsakes | RPG Site

https://www.rpgsite.net/…/10266-hades-nectar-guide-who-to-gift-nectar-to- for-keepsakes

Sep 24, 2020 It can be received as a reward for clearing a room, through Fishing in Elysium, or in trades with the Wretched Broker NPC in the House of Hades. read more

17. Am I wasting Nectar? :: Hades General Discussions


Sep 19, 2020 As a general rule of thumb, you should give everyone one nectar before you start doubling up. But there are a few companions where giving them … read more

18. Hades: Who to give Nectar to? How to get the best Keepsakes in the …


Sep 21, 2020 For brand new Hades players, it might be useful to give Nectar to Cerberus and Skelly early on to receive the Spiked Collar (+25/38/50 health) … read more

19. Hades Keepsakes Guide: Who to give Nectar to in Hades


Mar 14, 2023 Some of the best choices to give Nectar to in Hades are Cerberus, Skelly, and Nyx. Upon receiving their first Nectar, they will provide … read more

20. Hades: Best Keepsakes


Aug 31, 2021 Offer some Nectar to Poseidon, and he'll return your kindness with his Keepsake, the Conch Shell. Each of the Olympian Gods have their own … read more

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