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1. Vampyr: Most Interesting Characters To Embrace


Jan 5, 2022 Vampyr: Most Interesting Characters To Embrace · 9 Avery Cork · 8 Joe Peterson · 7 Venus and Clarence Crossley · 6 The Fishburn's and Rufus … read more

2. Ideal NPCs to embrace – Vampyr


Cadogan; Fr. Whitaker (you also get 5 white phosphorous, which is great for you); Carina Billow. Positive effect: Albert – his dad straightens up & begins … read more

3. Who should I embrace? : r/Vampyr


Jun 2, 2022 I have been doing side quests and finding hints for exp but it's not enough. I need to embrace someone who has high exp but low consequences. I … read more

4. Liara Gaming — Vampyr Citizen Feeding Guide


Sep 9, 2018 Vampyr Citizen Feeding Guide Citizen lists to help decide who to “embrace,” focusing on maximizing your XP options and story elements, … read more

5. Vampyr Choices And Consequences Guide


May 14, 2023 You must embrace and kill most of the characters in the main questline and turn McCullum into a vampire. After Elisabeth dies, Jonathan becomes … read more

6. Vampyr tips – 6 things to know before you sink your teeth in | VG247


Jun 5, 2018 Early on in Vampyr, you'll be presented with a dilemma: go against your hippocratic oath and “embrace” (read “kill”) a mortal victim, … read more

7. Embrace of the Vampyr – Spell – WotLK Classic


Consumes the life force of the target, stunning it and inflicting 2500 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 20 sec or until Prince Taldaram sustains 40000 damage. read more

8. Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Clay Cox?


Jun 5, 2018 Vampyr will leave you with some tough decisions to face. Should you spare or embrace (kill) specific NPCs. When it comes to Clay Cox, … read more

9. Who did you embrace? And why? :: Vampyr General Discussions


Nov 28, 2018 Specifically with the NPCs in the game's districts. I ended up embracing Clay on my kill playthrough, because I thought he was an evil … read more

10. How to Suck Blood in Vampyr | Shacknews


Jun 4, 2018 Each citizen of London has the potential to be “embraced”, Vampyr's way of saying “suck their blood and kill them”. By embracing a citizen … read more

11. The term “Embrace” is used to refer to making a new vampire, right …


Jun 28, 2019 In VAMPYR, the term just means to feed, so technically when you're running around grabbing skal and sucking on their neck, the phrase "I … read more

12. Thelma Howcroft – Vampyr Wiki


Embrace. Why kill me, brother? We could have ruled this land together and forever… If Thomas Elwood was embraced earlier: Beware, child of the night, … read more

13. What NPC’s are “safe” to feed/kill? :: Vampyr General Discussions


Jun 5, 2018 Anyone know of NPC's that are irrelevant to the story or provide no services, trade, quests or otherwise? Ive been conflicted on who to feed … read more

14. How to Level Up the Mesmerize Skill in Vampyr | Shacknews

https://www.shacknews.com/…/how-to-level-up-the-mesmerize-skill-in- vampyr

Jun 4, 2018 Embrace the more blood-rich citizens by increasing Dr Reid's mesmerize skill. read more

15. Impossible not to embrace :: Vampyr General Discussions


Sep 13, 2018 It seem that proceeding without embracing a few citizens is nearly impossible. The McCallum fight shows that clearly. read more

16. Guide for Vampyr – Pembroke


Page 17 of the full game walkthrough for Vampyr. … Embracing her actually causes Mortimer to make a significant recovery if he's still alive. read more

17. Vampyr: How to Unlock All Endings | Push Square


Oct 5, 2020 In order to get the best ending in Vampyr, you must not kill or embrace a single citizen throughout the entire game. Doing so will unlock … read more

18. The Docks Citizens – Vampyr Guide – IGN


Jun 26, 2018 Spoiler alert: Should Sean Hampton be Embraced or Spared during Chapter 3, Lottie will go missing the following night and can be found at … read more

19. Feeling the Full Force of Player Action in Vampyr is What RPGs …


Jul 10, 2018 It can be a difficult game to fall into, but once fully embraced in Vampyr's deep drink, an epiphany of sorts will happen and the full … read more

20. Dr Thoreau Strickland – Vampyr Walkthrough – Neoseeker


Jul 31, 2018 If you embrace Strickland, Dr. Ackroyd gets his way and performs Harvey Fiddick's surgery. The surgery is a success and Harvey makes a … read more

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