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1. Virmire squad selection : r/masseffect

Virmire squad selection
by u/Darthgamer1998 in masseffect

May 27, 2021 So im about to land on virmire and im wondering who to take with me? I want to save wrex and leave Ashley there (first playthrough but I … read more

2. Mass Effect Virmire choices: who to send & take, dealing with Wrex …


May 15, 2021 The Big Virmire Choice: Ashley or Kaidan and the Bomb · Ashley is a romance interest for Male Shepard both in ME1 and in ME3. · Kaidan is a … read more

3. Virmire: Assault | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom


Tali and Wrex are good examples of squadmates to bring along. Tali in particular has both a shotgun and tech talents that can help stop incoming fire. Wrex on … read more

4. Mass Effect 1: Who to Send to Virmire


May 19, 2021 You can keep any of these squad members in your party up until they need to be assigned somewhere, and the game will allow you to bring in … read more

5. Virmire – Mass Effect Wiki Guide – IGN


In this Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom trailer breakdown, Logan Plant highlights Link's four new powers, along with bringing some speculation surrounding … read more

6. Mass Effect: Should You Save Ashley Or Kaidan On Virmire?


May 19, 2021 Both Ashley and Kaidan will volunteer. Don't panic โ€” this isn't the decision point of who lives or dies, so send whoever you like. Just remember … read more

7. Team for Virmire – Fextralife Forum


Jul 4, 2010 Apaprently this mission is very important story-wise, so who should I bring along for the best story? I'd like to use Wrex for a part of it, … read more

8. Virmire and team selection – Mass Effect


Once the bomb has been set and I have to leave Ashley behind to guard the bomb so I can head for the AA Towers, I take Wrex and Liara with me. When the Geth … read more

9. Keeping Captain Kirrahe Alive – Virmire – Choices | Mass Effect 1 …


This choice doesn't matter too much, but if one of them is a core member of your squad, gameplay-wise, do not send them, as you won't be able to bring them … read more

10. who should I take with me to Virmire? – Mass Effect


Wrex and Garrus. They work for everything. Except on harder difficulties in the EndGame level. Just remember to take Kaiden with you to Ilos, … read more

11. Team for Virmire – Mass Effect Forum – Neoseeker Forums


Jan 5, 2008 Infact, bring an Engineer (Tali) along when you land on the planet, as there's some Mako action. She'll be able to repair the shields of the … read more

12. Mass Effect: Why You Should Save Kaiden on Virmire


May 8, 2021 Commander Shepard knew by the time they reached Virmire that the … He's physically stronger, which means he can take a much harder beating … read more

13. CONFESSION: In ME3 I always bring my Virmire…

https://mass-effect-anonymous.tumblr.com/…/confession-in-me3-i-always- bring-my-virmire

Jul 9, 2021 CONFESSION: In ME3 I always bring my Virmire Survivor back to Eden Prime for the missing to get Javik. They were with Shepard the first time … read more

14. Virmire: Assault | Mass Effect 1 Wiki


Feb 11, 2021 Virmire: Assault is a Mission in Mass Effect. Missions walkthrough with objectives, … Tali and Wrex are perfect squadmates to bring along. read more

15. Mass Effect Legendary Edition mission order guide | PCGamesN


Dec 6, 2022 You can complete the Bring Down the Sky Mass Effect 1 DLC as soon as you leave the … The Virmire mission is the point of no return, … read more

16. Mass Effect Players Can Finally Save Both Ashley And Kaidan

https://www.gamingbible.com/…/mass-effect-players-can-finally-save-both- ashley-and-kaidan-20220503

May 3, 2022 The Virmire Savior Mod (thanks, TheGamer) is the creation of a modder … Heck, I wonder how long it'll take someone to come up with a mod … read more

17. GameBanshee


These stairs will bring you down to the storage room on the Virmire: Base Entry map. 3 – Arrival to Genophage Labs Having taken the elevator on the Virmire: … read more

18. How far am I into the game? :: Mass Effect (2007) General Discussions


Mar 24, 2014 Suggested order for story is Therum, Feros, Novaria (bring Liara), Virmire. However, if playing on Hardcore/Insanity, I might suggest otherwise … read more

19. Guide for Mass Effect – Story Walkthrough – Virmire


VIRMIRE. This is the fourth plot planet mission since becoming Spectre. … Take care of the Krogan warrior and Geth enemies up the ramp and destroy the … read more

20. ME1 question: BDTS before or after the “end”? | BioWare Social …


Mar 21, 2019 Virmire then Ilos and the finale. Question – do you guys think its better from a story perspective to do Bring Down the Sky before or … read more

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