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1. Who Let the Dogs Out? The Meaning Behind the Baha Men’s Song …


Jun 13, 2022 The lyric of the song says, The party was nice, the party was pumpin'. When I said the word party I was being metaphorical. It really means … read more

2. The Real Meaning For the Song ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Isn’t What …


Jun 9, 2016 It's actually about men who catcall women and call them names and are disrespectful and the women respond by calling them dogs… Mind = blown. read more

3. The Meaning of Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” – Extra Chill


May 6, 2022 Looking at the lyrics today, we can see that they are actually quite feminist. They depict a bumping party where everybody is dancing and having … read more

4. The true meaning behind Who Let The Dogs Out has left people …


Sep 27, 2022 And it was also the year the classic party anthem 'Who Let The Dogs Out' came blasting out of the speakers and into our lives. Though we may not … read more

5. Who Let the Dogs Out – Wikipedia


Dogs escape from the kennel as the emergency alarm sounds. The guard responds by yelling the title song into his walkie-talkie. Throughout the video, the dogs … read more

6. What The Lyrics Of Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Really Mean


Aug 22, 2019 The song's writer Anslem Douglas revealed in a HuffPost interview the song is a feminist anthem, with the lyrics referring to women having a … read more

7. who let the dogs out – Urban Dictionary


A phrase used by women in reply to guys who catcall them at the party or club. The 2000 Baha Men song "Who Let the Dogs Out" made this phrase famous … read more

8. 15 Years Later: Revisiting The Stadium Staple ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’


Jul 18, 2015 BR: Right, well if you listen closely to the lyrics, it's really about women in a club looking at men and saying, "Who let the dogs out? These … read more

9. What does ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ song by Baha Men mean …


Feb 24, 2016 Sorry, meme and misogynists, the song is about guys who can't control themselves when they see women and harass them. 2000s babies, we can all … read more

10. What does the ‘who let the dogs out?’ phrase mean? – Quora


The song is actually about men when they start to call women names and be really disrespectful, so the girls respond by calling the men 'dogs'. The writer of … read more

11. Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Lyrics Meaning – Song …

https://www.songmeaningsandfacts.com/baha-mens-who-let-the-dogs-out- lyrics-meaning/

Dec 23, 2019 Ultimately the writer of this track, Anslem Douglas, has called it “a man-bashing song”, in addition to insinuating that it's actually about a … read more

12. The true meaning behind Who Let The Dogs Out has finally been …

https://virginradio.co.uk/…/the-true-meaning-behind-who-let-the-dogs-out- has-finally-been-revealed

Sep 28, 2022 It really means things were going great. "The men started the name-calling and then the girls respond to the call. And then a woman shouts out, … read more

13. ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Documentary Sheds Light on Baha Men’s …

https://observer.com/2019/…/who-let-the-dogs-out-brent-hodge-documentary /

Mar 18, 2019 Brent Hodge's latest documentary, 'Who Let The Dogs Out?,' dares to … called “skettels” (loosely meaning sluts) and all the derogatory … read more

14. What is the song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ about? – Quora


It's their way of saying they don't want you playing or buying their games so they harrass you with incompetent players who will just die. read more

15. Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


A doggy is nutting if he don't have a bone! (Oh, doggy hold ya' bone, oh doggy hold it) [Chorus] Who let the dogs out? (Who … read more

16. Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men – Songfacts


Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof." The song does have verses and even a hint of meaning – the lyrics are about disrespectful men who hit on women at a party. In … read more

17. ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’: The Wild Untold Story Behind Music’s Most …

https://www.thedailybeast.com/who-let-the-dogs-out-the-wild-untold-story- behind-musics-most-annoying-song

Mar 10, 2019 Sisto interviews Douglas about the origins of the song, which he actually wrote as a female empowerment anthem. Who knew?! He was tired of … read more

18. TIL: The pop song “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men (2000) was …

https://www.reddit.com/…/til_the_pop_song_who_let_the_dogs_out_by_ baha_men/

Apr 29, 2021 The song is about how men can be shitty on the dance floor acting like dogs. read more

19. who let the dogs out | WordReference Forums


So, in saying who let the dogs out they're probably commenting on the attractiveness of the women around. And yes, its a really annoying song… read more

20. Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out Lyrics | SongMeanings


In this song "dog" is taken to mean a sexually active male, presumably the singers themselves. The use of onomatopoeia ("woof") skillfully disguises this in a … read more

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