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1. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending Explained – Who Killed Leo?


Jan 9, 2023 So, it seems that Brad is the one who kills Leo in the end. Bet you didn't see that coming. read more

2. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Leo?


Jan 9, 2023 Thus, the series hints that Brad kills Leo. Garcia all but confirmed it too. He told Newsweek, “I would say go back and look at what he's … read more

3. Who Killed Leo at the End of Kaleidoscope?


Jan 7, 2023 Then there's the fact that Katsuki shows up in the credits for the Pink episode despite not appearing at any point prior to the final scene, all … read more

4. What Really Happened To Leo In Kaleidoscope


Jan 10, 2023 Brad, Roger Salas' Son, Killed Leo In Kaleidoscope: When It's Revealed … In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Brad (Nate Katsuki) Salas, … read more

5. Who killed Leo in Kaleidoscope?


Jan 27, 2023 Brad, son of Roger Salas, was the mystery gunman who killed Leo Pap in the final scene of the pink episode in Kaleidoscope. read more

6. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending Explained: Who Killed Leo/Ray?


Jan 6, 2023 The rule in TV and movies is, of course, if you don't see a body, they're not actually dead. Most likely, Kaleidoscope intended for this to … read more

7. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Chronological Order and Ending Explained – Netflix …


Jan 10, 2023 Is Leo actually dead? As Garcia explains, “The intention here is not whether Leo lived or died, but that Leo is going to forever be caught in a … read more

8. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending Explained: Who Killed [Spoiler]?


Jan 3, 2023 At this point, Leo's Parkinson's has worsened and a botched revenge plan from Bob (Jai Courtney) leaves him and Ava (Paz Vega) dead. Sensing … read more

9. Kaleidoscope ending explained | What happened to Leo? | Radio …


Jan 24, 2023 He finds some closure with Hannah, who acted out of love, but is later shot by the son of his nemesis Roger, who he set up as the thief of a … read more

10. Kaleidoscope ending explained: who killed Leo / Ray? – Auralcrave


Jan 4, 2023 With this fascinating detail, Kaleidoscope ending has explained two things to us: Roger Salas' son killed Ray / Leo because he sent his … read more

11. Is Leo dead? Kaleidoscope fans are convinced this character killed …

https://thetab.com/…/kaleidoscope-fans-are-convinced-this-minor-character- killed-leo-pap-288355

Jan 5, 2023 No one knows if Leo is dead or alive at the end of Kaleidoscope, but Giancarlo Esposito had his own hopes for his character. Speaking with … read more

12. Kaleidoscope Ending Explained: Who Got Away With the Heist?


Jan 8, 2023 He ultimately is hunted down by Judy's jealous husband Bob, who is determined to kill him for stealing Judy away from him. He narrowly avoids … read more

13. Kaleidoscope Ending Explained: Who Killed [Spoiler]?


Jan 5, 2023 Finding Leo, Ava and her nanny Teresa in Ohio, he steals the remaining money from them and goes on a quest to find Stan and his wife Judy in … read more

14. Who killed Leo Pap/Ray Vernon in Netflix show Kaleidoscope? | The …


Jan 20, 2023 Bob Goodwin – someone known for pushing people's buttons – visits Roger Salas in prison asking him for money. Roger Salas is a former thief … read more

15. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending Explained: Who Killed [Spoiler]?

https://www.yahoo.com/…/kaleidoscope-ending-explained-killed-spoiler- 223957682.html

Jan 3, 2023 As he goes against corporate security titan and friend-turned-foe Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell, whose character's real name is Graham Davies), Leo … read more

16. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Ending Explained: Who Dies? Who Survives? Who …


Jan 1, 2023 Bob, Ava, Teresa, Bob's buddies, Agent Nazan Abassi, and Leo all die. Agents Abassi and Toby in Kaleidoscope Photo: Netflix. Who Kills Leo Pap … read more

17. Who killed Leo in Kaleidoscope? Ray’s fate explained


Jan 4, 2023 Who killed Leo (aka Ray) in Kaleidoscope? Roger Salas's son, Brad, was the mysterious shooter who killed Leo Pap in the Pink episode's final … read more

18. Kaleidoscope: Did Giancarlo Esposito’s Leo Really Die?

https://www.cbr.com/kaleidoscope-giancarlo-esposito-leo-pap-ray-vernon- death/

Jan 10, 2023 While her interception worked out well for her, someone sneaks up behind Leo in a tunnel and pulls a gun on him, seemingly shooting him dead in … read more

19. Kaleidoscope ending explained — what happens at the end of …

https://www.gqindia.com/…/kaleidoscope-ending-explained-what-happens-at- the-end-of-netflix-twisty-heist-series

Jan 12, 2023 The final episode of Kaleidoscope, no matter the order you watch it in, is certainly 'Pink' because it … Who is the person who killed Leo? read more

20. Kaleidoscope Ending Explained: What Happens in The White …

https://www.denofgeek.com/…/kaleidoscope-ending-explained-what-happens -in-the-white-episode/

Jan 2, 2023 If you pay attention to his attire, you'll remember the shooter is actually the son of Roger Salas. So it looks like Roger got the vicarious … read more

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