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1. Vincent van Gogh | Biography, Art, & Facts | Britannica


3 days ago Read a brief summary of this topic … Vincent van Gogh (born March 30, 1853, Zundert, Netherlands—died July 29, 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris … read more

2. Vincent van Gogh – Van Gogh Museum


Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) is world-famous. Learn about Van Gogh's life, read his letters, explore his paintings and drawings, and other masterpieces. read more

3. Vincent van Gogh – Wikipedia


Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Groot-Zundert, in the predominantly Catholic province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. … He was the … read more

4. Who is Vincent van Gogh? | Tate Kids


Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands, but travelled across Europe. He went to France, Belgium and England. When he was in London, he was inspired by all the art … read more

5. Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) | Essay | The Metropolitan Museum …


For Van Gogh, her image transcended portraiture, symbolically resonating as a modern Madonna; of its palette, which ranges from ocher to vermilion and malachite … read more

6. Vincent van Gogh – Paintings, Quotes & Death


Apr 3, 2014 Who Was Vincent van Gogh? Vincent van Gogh was a post-Impressionist painter whose work — notable for its beauty, emotion and color — highly … read more

7. Vincent van Gogh


Working feverishly, Van Gogh pushed his style to greater expression with intense, energetic brushwork and saturated, complementary colors. Yet his densely … read more

8. Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) | National Gallery, London


Van Gogh is today one of the most popular of the Post-Impressionist painters, although he was not widely appreciated during his lifetime. read more

9. Vincent van Gogh — Google Arts & Culture


Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art … read more

10. Van Gogh in America | Detroit Institute of Arts Museum


See Van Gogh in Detroit with the exhibition Van Gogh in America, which … Vincent van Gogh, his Self-Portrait (1887). On the 100th anniversary of its … read more

11. Biography of Vincent van Gogh


In April 1881, Van Gogh went to live with his parents in Etten in North Brabant, where he set himself the task of learning how to draw. He experimented … read more

12. Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889 | MoMA


Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. Saint Rémy, June 1889. Oil on canvas. 29 x 36 1/4" (73.7 x 92.1 cm). Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest (by … read more

13. The illness of Vincent van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) had an eccentric personality and unstable moods, suffered from recurrent psychotic episodes during the last 2 years of his … read more

14. Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul Gauguin | Harvard Art Museums


Kristian Romare, "Japan: van Gogh's Utopia", Sydsvenska Dagbladet (Malmo, Sweden), repr. Elisabeth Duquesne-Van Gogh, Persönliche Erinnerungen an Vincent Van … read more

15. The neuropsychiatric ailment of Vincent Van Gogh – PMC


There is no unanimous agreement on Van Gogh's incapacitating illness. Historians and researchers have variously felt that he might have had suffered from … read more

16. Portrait de l’artiste – Vincent Van Gogh | Musée d’Orsay


In this head-and-shoulders view, the artist is wearing a suit and not the pea jacket he usually worked in. Attention is focused on the face. His features are … read more

17. Vincent van Gogh Paintings, Bio, Ideas | TheArtStory


Jan 21, 2012 Van Gogh used an impulsive, gestural application of paint and symbolic colors to express subjective emotions. These methods and practice came to … read more

18. Meet Vincent van Gogh


Meet Vincent van Gogh was created as an extension of the Van Gogh Museum, to be able to reach people from all over the world, outside of the museum walls. read more

19. Diagnosing Vincent Van Gogh | PBS NewsHour


Mar 30, 2017 Moreover, Van Gogh was a frequent customer at both the Parisian brothels and similar houses of ill repute in Arles, where he might have easily … read more

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