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1. Who is Viktor Bout, the Russian prisoner the U.S. traded for Brittney …


Jul 28, 2022 Bout is a Russian who was the world's most notorious arms dealer in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was serving a 25-year prison sentence in … read more

2. Viktor Bout: Who is the Merchant of Death? – BBC News


Dec 8, 2022 "[Bout is a] businessman, dealer and transporter of weapons and minerals [who] supported former President Taylor's regime in [an] effort to … read more

3. Viktor Bout: The Russian arms dealer touted for US prisoner swap …


Jul 27, 2022 Viktor Bout, a former Soviet military officer, is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States on charges of conspiring to … read more

4. Viktor Bout – Wikipedia


Viktor Anatolyevich Bout is a Russian arms dealer. A weapons manufacturer and former Soviet military translator, he used his multiple companies to smuggle … read more

5. Who is Viktor Bout? Russian arms dealer known as the “Merchant of …


Dec 8, 2022 Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer nicknamed the "Merchant of Death," has been released by the U.S. in a one-for-one prisoner swap that … read more

6. Office of Public Affairs | International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout …


International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout Convicted in New York of Terrorism Crimes. Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Share right caret. read more

7. Who is the ‘Merchant of Death?’ – CNN.com


Nov 17, 2010 Bout is accused of supplying weapons to war zones around the world, from Sierra Leone to Afghanistan. Before his 2008 arrest, U.S. Drug … read more

8. Who Is Viktor Bout, Arms Dealer in Swap for Brittney Griner? – The …


Dec 8, 2022 Viktor Bout has been accused of supplying arms to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and rebels in Rwanda. His exploits helped inspire a 2005 film, … read more

9. Who is Viktor Bout, the convicted Russian arms dealer swapped for …


Dec 8, 2022 He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Bout was serving his sentence in Illinois following a conspiracy conviction in New York. From the moment … read more

10. Who is Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer swapped for Griner …


Dec 8, 2022 For almost two decades, Bout became the world's most notorious arms dealer, selling weaponry to rogue states, rebel groups and murderous … read more

11. Who is Viktor Bout, Russian man at centre of US prisoner ‘swap …

https://www.aljazeera.com/…/who-is-viktor-bout-man-at-centre-of-us-russia- prisoner-swap

Jul 28, 2022 Bout is believed to have been born in then-Soviet ruled Dushanbe, Tajikstan, in 1967. He was a former Soviet military translator who began his … read more

12. ‘The Merchant of Death Is Back in Action’ – POLITICO


Dec 12, 2022 The inside story of how U.S. agents took down Viktor Bout, the world's most notorious arms trader, and why they're worried about what comes … read more

13. Treasury Designates Viktor Bout’s International Arms Trafficking …


Apr 26, 2005 The U.S. Department of the Treasury today identified 30 companies and four individuals linked to Viktor Bout, an international arms dealer … read more

14. ‘Merchant of Death’ Viktor Bout now part of a deal himself | AP News

https://apnews.com/…/viktor-bout-russian-arms-dealer-brittney-griner- 2afb6b2096e40e5c6b6b1fd26b4fbba0

Dec 8, 2022 Bout was convicted in 2011 on terrorism charges. Prosecutors said he was ready to sell up to $20 million in weapons, including surface-to-air … read more

15. The Dark Truth About Viktor Bout | Time


Dec 9, 2022 The blizzard of commentary on Viktor Bout, the Russian arms trafficker dubbed the Merchant of Death who was released to Russia as part of a … read more

16. Who is Viktor Bout, Russia’s ‘Merchant of Death’ freed in prisoner …

https://www.foxnews.com/…/who-viktor-bout-russias-merchant-death-who- could-be-freed-prisoner-swap-brittney-griner

Dec 8, 2022 US, Russia agree to swap Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout, arms dealer who was portrayed in 2005 film 'Lord of War'. Paul Best. read more

17. Who is Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer exchanged for Brittney …

https://www.nbcnews.com/…/us-exchange-brittney-griner-russian-arms-dealer -known-merchant-death-rcna36990

Dec 8, 2022 The U.S. government set up an elaborate operation in 2008 to capture and prosecute Viktor Bout, dubbed “the Merchant of Death.” read more

18. Viktor Bout, Arms Dealer in Prisoner Swap, Remembered as ‘Monster’


Dec 8, 2022 Bout, nicknamed the “Merchant of Death,” started an air freight business in the years after the fall of the Soviet Union, which prosecutors … read more

19. Who is Viktor Bout, the U.S. prisoner swapped for Brittney Griner?


Dec 8, 2022 What to know about Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer swapped for Brittney Griner · A CBS News “60 Minutes” segment covering Bout's extradition … read more

20. Who is Viktor Bout, Russia’s ‘Merchant of Death’ freed in prisoner …

https://www.fox10phoenix.com/…/who-is-viktor-bout-russia-freed-prisoner- swap-brittney-griner

Dec 8, 2022 The U.S. and Russia agreed to swap WNBA star Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout, an arms dealer who was portrayed in the 2005 film "Lord of War … read more

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