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1. Who Gets the Dog? (2016 film) – Wikipedia


Who Gets the Dog? is a 2016 American romantic comedy film directed by Huck Botko, from a screenplay by Matt Wheeler and Rick Rapoza. The film stars Alicia … read more

2. Who Gets the Dog? (2016) – IMDb


Who Gets the Dog?: Directed by Huck Botko. With Ryan Kwanten, Alicia Silverstone, Randall Batinkoff, Matty Ryan. A couple going through a divorce squabble … read more

3. Who Gets the Dog? – Rotten Tomatoes


A divorcing couple (Alicia Silverstone, Ryan Kwanten) battle over who gets custody of their beloved dog. read more

4. Who Gets the Dog? : Alicia Silverstone, Ryan … – Amazon.com

Amazon.com: Who Gets the Dog? : Alicia Silverstone, Ryan Kwanten, Randall Batinkoff: Movies & TV. read more

5. Who Gets the Dog in Divorce? – FindLaw


How does a court determine who gets custody of the dog in divorce cases? In this article, we'll address the following issues about pet ownership in a divorce:. read more

6. Who Gets the Dog in a North Carolina Divorce?


Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce? Understanding North Carolina Pet Custody Laws · Pets and Property Division · Marital and Separate Property: When Was the Pet … read more

7. Opinion | After a Divorce, Who Gets the Dog? – The New York Times


Oct 3, 2019 When we started couples therapy, our dogs were Topic A. And it wasn't long before we took both dogs to a canine โ€œshrinkโ€ with a doctorate who โ€” … read more

8. Who gets the dog in a Wisconsin divorce? | Karp & Iancu


Feb 15, 2021 But is there such a thing as โ€œpet custody?โ€ Who gets the dog in a divorce? Read on to find out! Pets are a huge part of many families. They … read more

9. Who Gets the Dog/Pets in a Divorce? | Moshtael Family Law Orange …


Before this law was passed, dogs, cats, and other pets were divided just like any other piece of property in a California divorce. However, under the new law, … read more

10. Who Gets the Dog? How North Carolina Family Courts Decide Pet …


Apr 20, 2022 Aside from child custody issues, perhaps one of the most emotionally charged questions in North Carolina divorce cases is "who gets the dog? read more

11. In a Florida divorce, who gets the dog? – Feher Law


However, if your dog is the family pet, it is more difficult to value the dog and determine whether you or your spouse should get the dog. You can make the same … read more

12. Divorce Law in Minnesota: Who Gets the Dog or Cat? โ€“ Gilbert …


Feb 18, 2017 This means that if the pet is one spouse's โ€œnon-marital property,โ€ divorce laws dictate that spouse will be given custody of the pet. Divorces … read more

13. Pet Custody During Divorce: Who Gets the Dog? | Law Offices of …

https://www.mollybkenny.com/…/pet-custody-during-divorce-who-gets-dog- custody-.cfm

Pet Custody During Divorce: Who Gets the Dog? Family yellow lab dog Division of property is always difficult during a divorce, but this can be especially true … read more


https://www.nyc-divorces.com/…/who-gets-the-dog-determining-pet-custody- in-a-new-york-divorce/

Apr 22, 2015 For many people, pets are like family members. For New Yorkers who are separating from a partner or are getting divorced, … read more

15. Who Gets the Dog? The Law in Minnesota | Heimerl & Lammers …


Jun 22, 2021 In married couples with children who are seeking a divorce, the pet will often follow the same schedule as the children, as they are often most … read more

16. Pet custody: Who should get the dog after a breakup? – ABC Everyday


Jul 15, 2018 Your relationship has gone to hell in a handbasket and the only thing you have left in common is the dog. Is shared custody a good idea? read more

17. “Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?” featured in ColoradoBiz

https://bamfamlaw.com/who-gets-the-dog-in-a-colorado-divorce-featured-in- coloradobiz/

Apr 16, 2023 "Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?" featured in ColoradoBiz explains that pets are considered personal property under Colorado law. read more

18. In a Breakup, Who Gets Custody of the Dog? – HG.org


In the event of a simple breakup, the person who bought the dog usually gets to keep possession. The exception is when the dog was bought as a clear gift to the … read more

19. When Couples Split โ€“ Who Gets the Dog? โ€“ Beyer & Simonson


Jun 6, 2019 When Couples Split โ€“ Who Gets the Dog? … A court case from the State of Maine recently made the news. A young, unmarried couple broke up. They … read more

20. Who gets the dog in a divorce? – Tibbott and Richardson Attorneys …


Mar 5, 2021 How Do PA Courts Handle Pet Issues? Under Pennsylvania law, pets are considered property. During divorce proceedings, the Courts will give pets … read more

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