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1. Fused Zamasu | Dragon Ball Wiki | Fandom


Fused Zamasu ( 合 がっ 体 たい ザマス, Gattai Zamasu), (known as Merged Zamasu in the anime and God Zamas in the Viz manga) usually just referred to as … read more

2. Does Merged Zamasu have a base form? : r/dbz

Does Merged Zamasu have a base form?
by u/TooAmasian in dbz

Mar 18, 2017 Base Black and Zamasu always had a purple aura, but Merged Zamasu has the Rose aura. Also, his hair is styled after Goku's Super Saiyan … read more

3. How strong is Fused Zamasu? – Quora


Simple. A fusion of Future Zamasu (the Immortal Zamasu from Trunks's Timeline), and Goku Black (Present Zamasu after swapping bodies with Goku). The fusion didn … read more

4. Why was Merged Zamasu losing his immortality? • Kanzenshuu


If Merged Zamasu was losing his immortality due to fusing with a mortal body, why wasn't Future Zamasu's immortality clashing with his mortality … read more

5. So when Merged Zamasu became half purple, was Goku Black …

So when Merged Zamasu became half purple, was Goku Black already dead?
by in dbz

Jan 7, 2017 Like it messed up his immortality, and obviously they are the same person but at which point did the Zamasu who resided in Goku Black die? This … read more

6. Zamasu – Wikipedia


After Goku Black merges with his alternate future self via the use of a pair of matching Potara earrings, the result is the even more powerful Fused Zamasu, … read more

7. Was Fused Zamasu getting weaker after getting his Corrupted form …


We know Fused Zamasu is immortal but it seems even immortals can get weaker since this is what Goku Black says in episode 64 after Zamasu … read more

8. Anyone know how to beat Fused Zamasu in the Storymode? EDIT …


Jun 28, 2017 The corrupted version of Zamasu does too much damage to me… Any effiecient ways to beat him without grinding all the way up to Lvl 90? read more

9. Why is Fused Zamasu such a weak Potara Fusion? | VS Battles Wiki …


Nov 29, 2019 He is a Potara Fusion of Super Saiyan Rose Black and Future Zamasu who are perspective rivals to Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue … read more

10. Fusion Zamasu (DBS Anime) | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom


Fusion Zamasu (合体 ザマス, Gattai Zamasu) is a fusion born of the union between Goku Black (Present Zamasu in Goku's body) and Future Zamasu through the … read more

11. is fused zamasu stronger than beerus? | VS Battles Wiki Forum


Nov 6, 2016 so is fused zamasu stronger than beerus or is he still weaker than beerus since fusion zamsu was destroying three universe busters with … read more

12. Fused Zamasu – Amazon.com


Filters. Results. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Funko POP! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Fused Zamasu [Enlargment] #714. read more

13. Fusion Zamasu Voice – Dragon Ball Super (TV Show) – Behind The …


Fusion Zamasu. James Marsters is the English dub voice of Fusion Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super, and Shinichiro Miki is the Japanese voice. read more

14. Fused Zamasu // Absolute God Fused Zamasu – Union Force …

https://www.tcgplayer.com/…/dragon-ball-super-ccg-union-force-fused- zamasu-absolute-god-fused-zamasu

52 listings on TCGplayer for Fused Zamasu // Absolute God Fused Zamasu – Dragon Ball Super CCG – [Activate: Main] [Once per turn] Choose 1 card in your life … read more

15. God Black Fusion (Alternative) – Fused Zamasu (Core Area Warrior …


God Black Fusion (Alternative) is a 6-star unit based on the Core Area Warrior Fused Zamasu from Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universal Conflict Mission … read more

16. Fused Zamasu is galaxy level? – Dragon Ball Universe – Comic Vine


Jun 18, 2017 Similar to how Cell said he would destroy the solar system, fused Zamasu said he would destroy the entire Galaxy. read more

17. Buy DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Zamasu (Fused) | Xbox


Zamasu (Fused), the calm & collected Supreme Kai apprentice is bringing his share of methodic deadliness to DRAGON BALL FighterZ! read more

18. M-Zamasu | Dragon Ball Z Team Training Wiki | Fandom


This is the only evolution of Zamasu. Mutated Merged Zamasu is not included in the game. Moves Zamasu only learns in Merged Form: God Blades (65) Lightning … read more

19. Arby’s on Twitter: “Come and get your whoopin’, Fused Zamasu https …

Come and get your whoopin', Fused Zamasu. Image. 4:00 PM · May 21, 2018 · 4,491. Reposts · 583. Quotes · 19.1K. Likes. 35. Bookmarks. read more

20. DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Zamasu (Fused) on Steam

https://store.steampowered.com/…/DRAGON_BALL_FIGHTERZ__Zamasu_ Fused/

May 31, 2018 Zamasu (Fused), the calm & collected Supreme Kai apprentice is bringing his brand of methodic deadliness. This content includes: • Zamasu as … read more

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