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1. Drinking-water quality guidelines


WHO produces international norms on water quality and human health in the form of guidelines that are used as the basis for regulation and standard setting … read more

2. Water Quality Data | US EPA


Jun 15, 2023 Water quality monitoring is a crucial aspect to protecting water resources. Under the Clean Water Act, state, tribal and federal agencies … read more

3. Guidelines for drinking-water quality, 4th edition, incorporating the …


Apr 24, 2017 The fourth edition of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Guidelines for drinking-water quality (GDWQ) builds on over 50 years of guidance … read more

4. Importance of Water Quality and Testing | Public Water Systems …


Oct 28, 2020 Drinking water quality varies from place to place, depending on the condition of the source water from which it is drawn and the treatment … read more

5. Drinking-water


Mar 21, 2022 As the international authority on public health and water quality, WHO leads global efforts to prevent water-related disease, … read more

6. Recreational Water Quality Criteria and Methods | US EPA


Documents pertaining to Recreational Human Health Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Microbial Organisms (Pathogens). These documents include safe levels … read more

7. Water safety and quality


As the international authority on public health and water quality, WHO leads global efforts to prevent transmission of waterborne disease. read more

8. Water Quality | Department of Public Health & Environment


The Water Quality Control Division monitors and reports on the quality of state waters to prevent water pollution, protect, restore and enhance the quality … read more

9. National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) | U.S. Geological Survey


Our surface water, groundwater, and aquatic ecosystems are priceless resources, used by people across the Nation for drinking, irrigation, industry, … read more

10. Home | San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board


Water is a precious resource in California, and maintaining its quality is of utmost importance to safeguard the health of the public and the environment. read more

11. Water Quality Association: Home


WQA is the leading voice of the residential, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry, representing more than 2500 manufacturers, … read more

12. Home Page Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board


Water is a precious resource in California, and maintaining its quality is of utmost importance to safeguard the health of the public and the environment. read more

13. Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (GIT 3)


Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (GIT 3). Researcher holds a device that he's about to lower into the water from a bridge. David Brower from the U.S. … read more

14. Wisconsin’s Water Quality Trading | | Wisconsin DNR


Water quality trading (WQT) may be used by Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit holders to demonstrate compliance with water … read more

15. Water Quality Data Home


The Water Quality Portal (WQP) is the premiere source of discrete waterquality data in the United States and beyond. This cooperative service integrates … read more

16. Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) Program – NYS Dept. of …


The Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) program is a competitive, reimbursement grant program that funds projects that directly improve water quality … read more

17. What is Water Quality Trading (WQT)?


WATER QUALITY TRADING IS… • A compliance option that provides point sources with the flexibility to acquire pollutant reductions from other. read more

18. Water quality – Washington State Department of Ecology


Water Quality. Our mission is to keep Washington waters clean. Use this site to find out if a lake, stream, or marine beach near you is healthy or polluted. read more

19. Division of Water Quality – Utah Department of Environmental Quality


Potential Impacts from Flooding to Programs and Permits Administered by the Utah Division of Water Quality. During the winter of 2022-23 the State of Utah … read more

20. What is water quality?


Water quality is measured by several factors, such as the concentration of dissolved oxygen, bacteria levels, the amount of salt (or salinity), … read more

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