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1. Radiation Therapy for Cancer – NCI


Jan 8, 2019 Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. read more

2. Radiation therapy – Mayo Clinic


4 days ago Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, is a type of cancer treatment. This treatment uses beams of intense energy to kill cancer cells … read more

3. What to Expect When Having Radiation Therapy | Cancer.Net


This type of doctor specializes in giving radiation therapy to treat cancer. A radiation oncologist oversees radiation therapy treatments. They work closely … read more

4. How Radiation Therapy Is Used to Treat Cancer


Dec 27, 2019 Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves, such as x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, or protons, to destroy or damage cancer cells … read more

5. Radiation Therapists : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. …


Sep 8, 2022 Radiation therapists are part of the oncology teams that treat patients with cancer. Radiation therapists administer doses of radiation to … read more

6. New WHO/IAEA publication provides guidance on radiotherapy …


Mar 5, 2021 New guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the procurement of radiotherapy … read more

7. Radiation Therapy for Cancer: How Does It Work?


Sep 7, 2022 Radiation therapy — or radiotherapy — is a common cancer treatment that uses radiation (usually high-powered X-rays) to kill cancer cells. read more

8. Radiation Therapist – Explore Health Care Careers – Mayo Clinic …


They work with doctors who specialize in radiation therapy (radiation oncologists) and oncology nurses who specialize in caring for cancer patients. Radiation … read more

9. Cancer and Radiation Therapy: Current Advances and Future …


Feb 27, 2012 Along with surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy or radiotherapy remains an important modality used in cancer treatment being a highly … read more

10. Home – American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)


A new slide deck is available as a resource when presenting to gastroenterologists on the role of radiation therapy in the treatment of GI cancers. read more

11. Radiation Therapy: MedlinePlus


Aug 29, 2014 Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment. It uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and stop them from spreading. read more

12. Radiation Therapy | MD Anderson Cancer Center


Radiation therapy uses focused, high-energy photon beams to destroy cancer cells. More than half of cancer patients will undergo some sort radiation therapy … read more

13. How to Become a Radiation Therapist – Steps, Skills & Requirements


A radiation therapist is a medical professional who administers radiation to patients who have cancer. Radiation therapists are part of an interdisciplinary … read more

14. CDC Radiation Emergencies | Treatments for Radiation Exposure …


Potassium Iodide (KI) · Prussian Blue · DTPA (Diethylenetriamine pentaacetate). Medical professionals will determine if treatments are needed. Medical … read more

15. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy, proton therapy, or conformal …


Apr 18, 2012 Among patients with nonmetastatic prostate cancer, the use of IMRT compared with conformal radiation therapy was associated with less … read more

16. Radiation therapy | Canadian Cancer Society


Radiation oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy. They will order your radiation treatment, develop a treatment plan … read more

17. Types of radiation therapy: How they work and what to expect


Apr 7, 2021 Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high energy beams to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. The American Cancer … read more

18. Radiation Oncology Model | CMS Innovation Center


The Radiation Oncology (RO) Model aims to improve the quality of care for cancer patients receiving radiotherapy (RT) and move toward a simplified and … read more

19. Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer | Johns Hopkins Medicine


Radiation therapy is an effective treatment that kills prostate cancer cells by using high energy rays or particles. The radiation can be delivered in … read more

20. School of Radiation Therapy | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer …


This two-year, full-time program in radiation oncology technology has helped hundreds of people begin careers as radiation therapists. read more

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