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1. Can a company be a ‘who’? – The Grammarphobia Blog


Oct 15, 2018 Q: I listen to NPR a lot and hear people say things like “a company who is hiring more workers” or “a school who is putting on a festival. read more

2. word choice – ‘Who’ or ‘which’ in reference to companies – English …


Nov 18, 2013 Both are correct. Companies are "corporate bodies," after all. Also, many a time the reference is to the people behind the company and not the … read more

3. Is it “a company who…” or “a company that…”? – Quick and Dirty Tips


Jan 11, 2013 Yet, although we use shorthand to treat companies as though they can take action, we don't treat them as people when we have to choose a pronoun … read more

4. Should it be “who” or “which” when referring to a corporation …


Mar 7, 2017 A company can be understood to be a legal entity (which) or a personified organization or group of individuals (who). You will find it both ways … read more

5. company who/which ….. | WordReference Forums


It's correct to use "which" or "that" for companies. You have to have a good reason if you want to say "who", although you might meet it in … read more

6. Generation Z characteristics and its implications for companies …


Nov 12, 2018 Such behaviors influence the way Gen Zers view consumption and their relationships with brands. Companies should be attuned to three … read more

7. Memorandum for Assistant Attorney General


Sep 9, 2015 Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing … consistently focus on individuals as well as the company and evaluate whether to … read more

8. 10 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates]


Dec 16, 2022 People who find you online want to know about your company's mission, vision, and, of course, how you can help them solve their problems. read more

9. Why diversity matters | McKinsey


Jan 1, 2015 Our latest research finds that companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns … read more

10. Corporate Matching Gift Programs: The Definitive Guide for Growing …


Matching gifts are an important part of the modern philanthropic landscape. Companies will make donations to match those made by employees. read more

11. Create a LinkedIn Company Page | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions


Drive brand awareness & quality engagement with professional audiences by creating a LinkedIn Company Page. Explore how you can join conversations, … read more

12. S Corporations | Internal Revenue Service


Feb 7, 2023 Not be an ineligible corporation (i.e. certain financial institutions, insurance companies, and domestic international sales corporations). In … read more

13. Consumer Review Fairness Act: What Businesses Need to Know …

https://www.ftc.gov/…/consumer-review-fairness-act-what-businesses-need- know

Is your company complying? Contracts that prohibit honest reviews, or threaten legal action over them, harm people who rely on reviews when making their … read more

14. Filings & Forms – SEC.gov


Jan 9, 2017 All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through … read more

15. Corporate sustainability reporting

https://finance.ec.europa.eu/…/company…/company…/corporate-sustainability -reporting_en

EU rules require large companies and listed companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental risks they face, and on how their … read more

16. Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company | State of …


Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company. If you prefer to contact us by regular mail or have copies of documents to submit in support of your comments … read more

17. VMware – Delivering a Digital Foundation For Businesses


Run any app on any cloud on any device with a digital foundation built on VMware solutions for modern apps, multi-cloud, digital workspace, … read more

18. Business – Enterprise – IT – Apple


Apple Business Manager makes it easy for IT teams to deploy devices, manage configurations, distribute apps and content, and secure corporate data. read more

19. Consumer Complaint Database | Consumer Financial Protection …


Only complaints sent to companies for response are eligible to be published and are only published after the company responds, confirming a commercial … read more

20. ChargePoint: EVSE | Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations


Businesses. Premium EV charging for customers and employees. Explore Your Options. Fleets. Intelligent, flexible charging solutions to meet all … read more

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