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1. Who Do You Play As in Sons of the Forest? – The Escapist


Feb 24, 2023 Sons of the Forest makes you a mercenary or, at the very least, a well-trained security operative who's been tasked with rescuing a mission … read more

2. Who do you play as in Sons of the Forest? – How To Game


Feb 27, 2023 The main character of Sons of the Forest, however, is an unnamed soldier protagonist. The game does not provide a backstory for the player but … read more

3. Timmy LeBlanc – Sons of the Forest Wiki


Timmy, or Tim, LeBlanc is not a Main character seen in Sons of the Forest. He wears an all green outfit and has a scar similar to that found in The Forest. read more

4. Sons Of The Forest – What We Know So Far


Jan 21, 2022 Endnight has yet to confirm the identity of the lead character, but fans of franchise are pretty sure that the game will follow Timmy, a … read more

5. Sons Of The Forest on Steam


If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see … “We set out to make the ultimate survival horror simulator, … read more

6. 6 Questions Sons Of The Forest Should Answer


Jul 19, 2021 The story of The Forest follows the protagonist Eric LeBlanc in the search for his lost son Timmy. It is a long and perilous search but … read more

7. Who Is the Protagonist in Sons of the Forest? Explained


Feb 26, 2023 We do not really know for sure but there are a few hints that point to him being Timmy, a man who is now grown and going through an experience … read more

8. 10 Things To Know Before Playing Sons Of The Forest


Feb 24, 2023 Sons of the Forest not only enhances their AI system with enemies around the island, but the animals have a complete AI overhaul as well. read more

9. Is Timmy in Sons of the Forest? Answered


Feb 27, 2023 Who Do You Play as in Sons of the Forest? … In Sons of the Forest, you play as a special agent operative sent to a remote island to discover the … read more

10. Sons of the Forest guide: everything you need to know | GamesRadar+


You'll be able to play solo or in coop multiplayer sessions. … Building will still be a core focus in Sons of the Forest, and you should expect a more … read more

11. Sons of the Forest tips you need to know before playing – Video …


Mar 1, 2023 There are item caches everywhere, and you'll need much of it to survive in the wilderness, so make sure to collect everything. Survival basics. read more

12. Is Sons of the Forest multiplayer? How to play with friends – Charlie …

https://www.charlieintel.com/…sons-of-the-forest-multiplayer…play…/226490 /

Feb 23, 2023 Sons of the Forest is definitely an experience you do not want to experience alone, so how can you play with friends, and is there even … read more

13. Characters – Sons of the Forest Wiki


Mar 13, 2023 Eric LeBlanc – Wilderness survival expert, protagonist of The Forest. Fisheye – Part of the mercenary crew sent to investigate the disappearance … read more

14. Sons of the Forest: Release Date and All We Know

https://whatifgaming.com/sons-of-the-forest-2021-release-everything-you- need-to-know/

Feb 24, 2023 Instead, the player will have to figure out what they need to do next and immerse themselves into their own survival. It has the basics of every … read more

15. Sons of the Forest: How to get good ending, secret ending, bad …

https://www.polygon.com/…/sons-forest-how-to-get-secret-good-bad-endings -best-ending

Mar 2, 2023 Make sure to save before proceeding through since you might not be able to continue your playthrough (depending on which ending you get). Follow … read more

16. Should you play The Forest before Sons of the Forest? – Pro Game …

https://progameguides.com/sons-of-the-forest/should-you-play-the-forest- before-sons-of-the-forest/

Mar 16, 2023 This means the question becomes, "Should you play The Forest before playing Sons of the Forest?" We recommend playing The Forest first, as it … read more

17. Sons Of The Forest tips: How to survive your first day and night …


Mar 1, 2023 The player uses their axe to chop a tree down in Sons Of The Forest. In most survival and crafting games, all you need to do to chop down a tree … read more

18. Sons of the Forest ending explained: Good, bad and ‘secret’ endings …


Mar 2, 2023 A helicopter will then appear to rescue you, at which point you'll have a big decision to make… Can you keep playing after Sons of the Forest … read more

19. Sons of the Forest ending explained: What happened to the Pufftons …

https://www.polygon.com/…/sons-forest-ending-theories-explained-cube- timmy-eric

Mar 7, 2023 Fans generally believe these two are indeed Timmy and Eric LeBlanc, the son and father duo from The Forest. One of the main reasons people … read more

20. Sons of the Forest co-op: How many players does multiplayer …

https://www.dexerto.com/…/sons-of-the-forest-co-op-how-many-players-does -multiplayer-support-2050312/

Feb 23, 2023 Yes, you can play Sons of the Forest in co-op mode, meaning you'll be able to call on friends to help you survive the deadly forest in front of … read more

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