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1. How to unlock your iPhone for use with a different carrier – Apple …


Oct 10, 2022 Only your carrier can unlock your iPhone. Contact them and request an unlock. After you submit the request, it might take a few days to complete … read more

2. How to Unlock an iPhone: Step-by-Step Instructions


The only way to unlock a locked phone is to contact your carrier who can unlock it for you. All major wireless providers, like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, all … read more

3. How to unlock your iPhone for use with a different network provider …


Oct 19, 2022 Apple can't unlock your iPhone for use with a different network provider. Only your current network provider can unlock your iPhone. Contact … read more

4. My brother can unlock my Iphone X with hi… – Apple Community


Aug 13, 2018 Hi,. I have bought a new Iphone X with 256 GB 4 weeks back. On the same day I have configured my faceid but my brother can unlock the phone … read more

5. How Can A Thief Unlock A Stolen iPhone? – iMobie


Oct 26, 2022 Also, it is possible to unlock a found iPhone with the same methods. If you turned on Find my iPhone earlier, iCloud Activation Lock can protect … read more

6. My friend can unlock my Face ID – Apple Community


Dec 4, 2021 I recently discovered that my friend can unlock FaceID on my iPhone, his face is not logged in. Provided that we are completely different, … read more

7. How To Unlock An iPhone: Use Any Network’s SIM Card | Macworld


Nov 30, 2021 It's completely legal to unlock your iPhone if you've finished paying for your contract or you purchased it outright, unsubsidised. However, if … read more

8. My twin sister can unlock my iPhone with … – Apple Community


Jun 12, 2019 Apple has even stated that a twin can be able to unlock your phone with Face ID. I suggest you disable Face ID and use a passcode or get an … read more

9. Learn How to Unlock Your Phone or Device – AT&T Wireless …


Jul 25, 2023 Find out if you can unlock your AT&T phone, Android tablet, or mobile hotspot, … Can I find out if my iPhone is already unlocked? read more

10. Why can my twin unlock my iPhone XR and I… – Apple Community


Nov 22, 2018 Twin Brother can unlock Iphone 11 My twin brother can unlock my Iphone 11 by face recognition. Are there any other twins who tried this, … read more

11. How to Unlock an iPhone Without a Passcode in 2023


6 days ago Go to icloud.com on your Mac and sign in. · Open the Find My app. · Click “All devices” on the top bar; select the phone you're going to unlock. read more

12. I can unlock my iPhone via FaceID but i f… – Apple Community


Sep 7, 2020 If you attempt to unlock multiple times with incorrect Lock Screen passcode your iPhone will get disabled., or if a message says that your … read more

13. iPhone Disabled? Unlock and Prevent it with These Simple Steps …


Q: How can I unlock my disabled iPhone without iTunes? A: Unfortunately, unlocking a disabled iPhone without iTunes is not possible. Connecting your iPhone … read more

14. Unlock iPhone When Someone Dies (5 Things To Try) – Trustworthy …


Feb 1, 2023 If the iPhone is locked, it is nearly impossible to unlock iPhone since Apple doesn't even have the password. Apple takes account holder privacy … read more

15. How to unlock your iPhone to switch carriers – CNET


Nov 10, 2021 As long as you are running iOS 14 or iOS 15, you can go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to Carrier Lock. If you see No SIM … read more

16. How to unlock iPhone for use with any carrier – Setapp


Nov 26, 2020 What is an iPhone Unlocking? · Why might I need to unlock my iPhone? · Is it legal? · How to check if my iPhone Is Locked or not? · What you need to … read more

17. Device locked and can not unlock w… | Apple Developer Forums


Device locked and can not unlock with iPhoneMy watch was displaying something unusual numbers on watch face instead of clock. read more

18. T-Mobile device unlock | T-Mobile Support


Apple iPhone · If you have a locked iPhone that's eligible, Contact us so we can submit the unlock. · Once it shows unlocked in your T-Mobile account, either … read more

19. How to Unlock an iPhone Without the Passcode : HelloTech How


If you forgot your passcode, you might have to reset your iPhone to factory settings. This means you would lose your data, including your phone numbers, … read more

20. My two year old daughter can unlock my iPhone with FaceID : r …

https://www.reddit.com/…/my_two_year_old_daughter_can_unlock_my_ iphone/

Dec 31, 2021 Although I trust my family members if they could unlock my phone, I wouldn't care, my son has my passcode and can unlock it that way and I would … read more

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