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1. Medicaid Eligibility | Medicaid


Medicaid beneficiaries generally must be residents of the state in which they are receiving Medicaid. They must be either citizens of the United States or … read more

2. Who Qualifies | Medicaid


Who Qualifies · Be a United States citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements. Your local county Job and Family Services office can help to explain these … read more

3. Benefits | Medicaid


Eligibility & Administration SPA Implementation Guides · MACPro Training & Help · Medicaid Data … Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility & Enrollment Webinars read more

4. Who’s eligible for Medicaid? | HHS.gov


In all states, Medicaid gives health coverage to some individuals and families, including children, parents, people who are pregnant, elderly people with … read more

5. Qualifying for Medicaid in Alabama


Some programs also have age requirements or are limited to certain groups such as pregnant women or people who also have Medicare. Eligibility Information. read more

6. Basic Eligibility | Georgia Medicaid


Basic Eligibility · You think you are pregnant. · You are a child or teenager. · You are age 65 or older. · You are legally blind. · You have a disability. · You need … read more

7. Who Qualifies for Coverage? – Mississippi Division of Medicaid


Qualifications: Parents or caretakers must have children under age 18 living in the home, who are deprived of the support of one or both parents due to the … read more

8. Who Is Eligible? – Medicaid: Utah Department of Health and Human …


Medicaid is a medical program for people who have low-income and limited resources. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must meet a program type and meet the … read more

9. Who can get Medicaid? Find out if you’re eligible | HealthCare.gov


Aug 31, 2017 Medicaid provides free or low-cost health coverage to some low-income people, families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, … read more

10. Department of Human Services | NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid


People determined blind or disabled by the Social Security Administration or by the State of NJ. Who qualifies for NJ FamilyCare? To qualify for NJ FamilyCare, … read more

11. Medicaid


In addition, persons with medical bills may be eligible for Medicaid even if their income and resources are above the allowable Medicaid income levels. read more

12. Indiana Medicaid: Members: Eligibility Guide


Eligibility Guide. Please select the category that best describes you or the person who needs medical coverage. This is only a guide and is intended to show … read more

13. Medical Assistance General Eligibility Requirements


​Medical Assistance General Eligibility Requirements · Children aged 18 and under · Pregnant women · Parents and caretakers of children under 21 · Adults ages 19-64 … read more

14. Medicaid Eligibility


Am I eligible for Medicaid? · 65 years of age or older · An individual under 65 years of age who has a disability, or is visually impaired according to Social … read more

15. Pages – Am I Eligible for Medicaid?


Children and pregnant women, for example, may be eligible at higher household income limits. For more information about Medicaid eligibility, click on the links … read more

16. About Medicaid | La Dept. of Health


Are disabled according to the Social Security Administration's definition · Have corrected vision no better than 20/200 · Are a low-income parent of children … read more

17. Am I eligible? | Cover Virginia


Below are tools to learn if you or your children may qualify for Medicaid, FAMIS, Plan First or for health coverage through the Federal Marketplace. read more

18. Do You Qualify? | Medi-Cal Eligibility


Feb 21, 2023 You can also get Medi-Cal if you are: · 65 or older · Blind · Disabled · Under 21 · Pregnant · In a skilled nursing or intermediate care home · On … read more

19. How to Qualify


Connecticut residents who are 65 years of age or older, and/or who are blind or disabled, may qualify for Medicaid coverage under HUSKY C. Income and asset … read more

20. Eligibility overview | Washington State Health Care Authority


Am I eligible? · Individual adults ages 19 up to 65 · Parents/Caretakers · Pregnant individuals · Children · Noncitizens · Aged, blind or disabled · Aged 65 and older … read more

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