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1. How Did the Term “Open a Can of Worms” Originate? | Mental Floss


Jun 27, 2012 Metaphorically speaking, to open a can of worms is to examine or attempt to solve some problem, only to inadvertently complicate it and … read more

2. can of worms – Wiktionary


(idiomatic) Any difficult or disgusting task, activity, topic of discussion or subject matter, which would be ideally avoided if at all possible. Used other … read more

3. A can of worms definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


If you say that someone is opening a can of worms, you are warning them that they are planning to do or talk about something which is much more complicated, … read more

4. A Can of Worms: Fearless Conversations with Toddlers (ROW …


A Can of Worms: Fearless Conversations with Toddlers (ROW) · 1) Stopped in My Tracks · 2) Thinking about Teaching and Learning · 3) Building the Foundations for … read more

5. Can of Worms (film) – Wikipedia


Can of Worms is a science fiction comedy film and is part of the Disney Channel Original Movie lineup. It premiered on Disney Channel on April 10, 1999, … read more

6. “Opening a can of worms”: GP and practice nurse barriers to talking …


GPs and practice nurses do not address sexual health issues proactively with patients, and this area warrants further attention if policy recommendations to … read more

7. Can of Worms (TV Movie 1999) – IMDb


Can of Worms … A teen is visited by aliens after he broadcasts a message into space.A teen is visited by aliens after he broadcasts a message into space.A teen … read more

8. Opening a “Can of Worms” to Explore the Public’s Hopes and Fears …


Opening a “Can of Worms” to Explore the Public's Hopes and Fears About Health Care Data Sharing: Qualitative Study. Monitoring Editor: Gunther Eysenbach. read more

9. CAN OF WORMS | English meaning – Cambridge Dictionary


Apr 12, 2023 can of worms definition: 1. a situation that causes a lot of problems for you when you start to deal with it: 2. a…. Learn more. read more

10. A genomic can of worms for schistosome host-specificity


May 1, 2022 Understanding the genetic underpinnings of schistosome host preferences is critical. Luo et al. recently identified genes associated with … read more

11. Open a can of worms Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster


The meaning of OPEN A CAN OF WORMS is to create a complicated situation in which doing something to correct a problem leads to many more problems. read more

12. Can of Worms | Watchdog | Label Pince-Oreilles


Can of Worms by Watchdog, released 13 October 2017 1. BEERMAN IN BREMEN 2. ASHES 3. INTRO 4. DAMAGE 5. PILE OF SCRAP 6. TRUE ANOMALY 7. CAN OF WORMS 8. read more

13. Ghana default puts domestic debt ‘can of worms’ in the spotlight …


7 days ago “This has opened a can of worms, in Ghana and elsewhere,” said Thys Louw, emerging market debt portfolio manager at investment company Ninety … read more

14. Opening a Can of Worm(‐like Micelle)s: The Effect of Temperature of …


Jun 27, 2017 Abstract A simple heat/cool cycle can be used to significantly affect the properties of a solution of a low-molecular-weight gelator at high … read more

15. Opening up a large can of worms | Nature Genetics


Dec 4, 2018 The genomes for essentially all worm parasites of humans are in hand thanks to a new study. Now we have to use them. read more

16. Books | canofworms


BOOK PUBLISHING. Can of Worms has a number of book imprints, including TSB, Can of Worms Press, Can of Worms Kids Press, Civic Books and Word of Mouth. read more

17. Opening the “Can of Worms”: Preparing Teachers to … – Frontiers


Nov 24, 2020 Opening the “Can of Worms”: Preparing Teachers to Address Issues Relating to “Race”. Jane Davies*. Social Work, Education, and Community … read more

18. Can of Worms | The Bombpops


Can of Worms. by The Bombpops · Includes unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp app, plus download in mp3, FLAC and more · Your money reaches the artist quickly and … read more

19. ‘It’s a can of worms’: understanding primary care practitioners …


Aug 3, 2012 The relationship between infection with high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer is transforming cervical cancer prevention. read more

20. Can-O-Worms From The Worm Farm


The Can-O-Worms is the largest worm bin offered by The Worm Farm, and is an odorless, user-friendly worm composting system that allows anyone to participate … read more

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