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1. We Finally Know Who Bit Beyoncé | Vogue


Jun 13, 2018 As rumored, actress Sanaa Lathan is the alleged culprit, Haddish confirmed today, ending at least one national nightmare in which a Beyoncé … read more

2. Why Tiffany Haddish’s “who bit Beyoncé” story is so enthralling – Vox


Mar 26, 2018 In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Haddish heavily implied that the Beyoncé biter was none other than Sanaa Lathan. On one level, … read more

3. Who bit Beyoncé? Swarm’s Ni’Jah and Dre scene is based on a true …


Mar 21, 2023 Did Sanaa Lathan bite Beyoncé? … Back in 2018, Tiffany Haddish broke the internet after claiming that someone bit Beyoncé at a party. Speaking … read more

4. Sanaa Lathan confirmed as star who bit Beyoncé | Page Six


Mar 30, 2018 The case is closed involving the mystery actress who bit Beyoncé. Multiple sources confirm to Page Six that the face-chomping culprit was … read more

5. Regina Hall Talks Who Bit Beyoncé in New Interview


Mar 11, 2019 Regina Hall Has a Who-BitBeyoncé Update … The internet already declared that Sanaa Lathan was the actress guilty of biting Beyoncé's face, but … read more

6. Swarm recreates ‘who bit Beyoncé’ viral moment | EW.com


Mar 17, 2023 "There was this actress there that's just, like, doing the mostest. She bit Beyoncé in the face," Haddish revealed to the magazine. "So Beyoncé … read more

7. Beyoncé was bitten by Sanaa Lathan, claims Tiffany Haddish


Jun 13, 2018 Tiffany Haddish names Sanaa Lathan as the one who bit Beyoncé … Tiffany Haddish is once again talking about #WhoBitBeyonce. She ready to reveal … read more

8. Who bit Beyoncé? A guide to the most bizarre celebrity mystery of …


Mar 26, 2018 The footage obtained by TMZ — of Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z with Beyoncé nearby — provided a rare, uncontrolled glimpse into the Carter- … read more

9. Who bit Beyoncé? Mystery sparks social media hunt | Beyoncé | The …


Mar 28, 2018 Actor Tiffany Haddish's claim that she once witnessed another actor biting Beyoncé on the face has sparked a social media hunt for the … read more

10. Chrissy Teigen Dishes on Who Bit Beyonce: ‘It’s Not Who I Thought …


Mar 27, 2018 In Haddish's GQ interview, she recalls the alleged incident. “Beyonce's at the bar, so I said to Beyonce, 'Did she really bite you?'" Haddish … read more

11. Tiffany Haddish Says Sanaa Lathan Bit Beyoncé

https://www.insider.com/tiffany-haddish-says-sanaa-lathan-bit-beyonce-2018 -6

Jun 13, 2018 Who bit Beyoncé? Tiffany Haddish says it was Sanaa Lathan, who bit her at a December 2017 party, according to The Hollywood Reporter. read more

12. Chrissy Teigen Definitely Knows Who Bit Beyoncé — Who Bit …


Mar 26, 2018 Who Bit Beyoncé? An In-Depth Investigation … Multiple sources have confirmed to TMZ that Sanaa Lathan is indeed The Biter. However, one sources … read more

13. Who Bit Beyoncé? 7 Top Actresses Suspected of Doing the Deed

https://www.insider.com/who-bit-beyonce-tiffany-haddish-actress-suspects- 2018-3

Mar 28, 2018 RANKED: The 7 actresses who are suspected of biting Beyoncé … who bit beyonce lena dunham scarlett johansson suspects. read more

14. #WhoBitBeyonce: What you need to know | CNN


Mar 28, 2018 Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would've been a love bite.” One person who has apparently been cleared is “Empire” … read more

15. Who bit Beyonce? Tiffany Haddish finally confirms attacker’s identity …

https://www.syracuse.com/…/who_bit_beyonce_sanaa_lathan_tiffany_ haddish.html

Jun 13, 2018 In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she smiled when asked about Lathan allegedly biting Beyonce's face. "I'm super good friends with … read more

16. James Corden creates a who bit Beyonce task force | CNN


Mar 30, 2018 James Corden takes on the #WhoBitBeyonce mystery with Helen Hunt … James Corden is on a mission to help solve Hollywood's most pressing mystery: … read more

17. Who bit Beyoncé? Here’s a list of all the suspects and their responses

https://www.nme.com/…/who-bit-beyonce-heres-a-list-of-all-the-suspects-and -their-responses-2275856

Mar 29, 2018 Fans have been trying to figure out the identity of Beyoncé's mystery biter ever since Tiffany Haddish claimed earlier this week that an actress … read more

18. Who Bit Beyoncé? A List of Possible Suspects (and Denials) – E …

https://www.eonline.com/…/who-bit-beyonce-a-list-of-possible-suspects-and- a-running-list-of-denials

Mar 27, 2018 The Beyoncé bite mystery has taken over the world. Tiffany Haddish sparked a social media frenzy on Monday when her interview with April's … read more

19. Sanaa Lathan Breaks Silence on ‘Crazy’ Beyonce Biting Rumors


May 8, 2018 The actress denied the claims on Twitter after the story blew up, writing, “Y'all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I … read more

20. Swarm recreates viral moment where Tiffany Haddish said someone …

https://www.yahoo.com/…/swarm-recreates-viral-moment-where-212141979. html

Mar 17, 2023 She bit Beyoncé in the face," Haddish revealed to the magazine. "So Beyoncé stormed away, went up to JAY-Z, and was like, 'Jay! Come here! read more

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