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1. Marie Curie – Biographical – NobelPrize.org


Marie Curie, née Maria Sklodowska, was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867, the daughter of a secondary-school teacher. She received a general education in local … read more

2. Marie Curie – Wikipedia


Marie won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of the elements polonium and radium, using techniques she invented for isolating radioactive … read more

3. Marie Curie the scientist | Biog, facts & quotes


Marie Curie is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium, and her huge contribution to the fight against cancer. This work continues to inspire … read more

4. Marie Curie | Biography, Nobel Prize, Accomplishments, & Facts …


Jun 30, 2023 Marie Curie, Polish-born French physicist, famous for her work on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, … read more

5. Who Was Marie Curie?: Stine, Megan, Who HQ, Hammond, Ted …

Born in Warsaw, Poland, on November 7, 1867, Marie Curie was forbidden to attend the male-only University of Warsaw, so she enrolled at the Sorbonne in … read more

6. Marie Curie


Then in 1911, she won a Nobel Prize in chemistry. She's still the only person—man or woman—to win the Nobel Prize in two different sciences. Curie soon started … read more

7. Madame Curie’s Passion | History| Smithsonian Magazine


In 1903, Curie became the first woman in France to earn a PhD in physics. Professors who reviewed her doctoral thesis, which was about radiation, declared that … read more

8. Marie Curie Playground : NYC Parks


must be attained.” –Marie Curie. This playground honors Marie Curie (1867-1934), the noted scientist and first person to win two Nobel Prizes. read more

9. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Home


The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions are the European Union's reference programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training. read more

10. The day Marie Curie got snubbed by the French science world | PBS …


Jan 23, 2021 One hundred and ten years ago, Marie Sklodowska Curie was formally rejected for membership by the French Academy of Sciences. read more

11. Postdoctoral Fellowships | Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

https://marie-sklodowska-curie-actions.ec.europa.eu/…/postdoctoral- fellowships

PFs support researchers' careers and foster excellence in research. Researchers gain experience in other countries, disciplines and non-academic sectors. read more

12. Obsessive genius: The inner world of Marie Curie – PMC


The scientific questions that Marie and Pierre Curie investigated are explained in a way that makes them easy to understand, even for lay readers. Goldsmith … read more

13. Rover, Marie Curie, Mars Pathfinder, Engineering Test Vehicle …


For a time, NASA planned to send Marie Curie on a 2001 Mars mission, but this did not occur. Today, these two rovers–one still on Mars and its twin here– … read more

14. Famous Couples: Marie and Pierre Curie | Headlines and Heroes


Feb 16, 2022 Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowska in Warsaw of Congress, Poland, in the Russian Empire on November 7, 1867. Her father, Wladyslaw Sklodowski … read more

15. Marie Curie – Nuclear Museum


Marie Sklodowska Curie (1867-1934) was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist. Curie was a pioneer in researching radioactivity, winning the … read more

16. Marie Curie – Movie, Children & Death


Apr 3, 2014 Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, in Physics, and with her later win, in Chemistry, she became the first person to claim … read more

17. Marie Curie | Biographies


Marie Curie died on July 4, 1934 of leukemia, believed to have been brought on by her extensive exposure to the high levels of radiation involved in her studies … read more

18. Marie Curie High School (10X237)


… or document on our current site, please call in English (718) 432-6491 or Para asistencia en Español (718) 432-6491 or email <mariecurie@mchsbronx.org>. read more

19. Marie Curie – Scandal and Recovery (1910-1913)


After they won the Nobel Prize, reporters redoubled their attentions. But until late 1910 most press coverage of Marie Curie focused on the heroic labors of the … read more

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