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1. Tattoos and law : r/LawSchool

Tattoos and law
by u/zoefit in LawSchool

Sep 25, 2015 Nothing below the elbows or above the collarbones! This rule should apply for every formal profession. read more

2. Do Tattoos Have A Place In The Modern Legal Profession?


Jul 22, 2022 There is, unquestionably, a demographic that still believes there is no place for tattoos in the legal profession, and anyone with visible … read more

3. Can Lawyers Have Tattoos? – An In-Depth Look – eLawTalk.com


Lawyers should have tattoos anywhere that can easily be covered up by clothing. Meaning, they should avoid getting tattoos on their face, neck, … read more

4. Can I still be a lawyer even if I have tattoos? | Lawyers.com


Jun 14, 2013 There is absolutely no prohibition against lawyers having tattoos. In fact, I personally know of a number of lawyers who have tattoos. However, … read more

5. Should lawyers get inked? – Nationaljurist


Lawyers are not, say, lifeguards. They don't expose a lot of skin. And just about all of the advice we saw on the internet said lawyers can definitely rock a … read more

6. Can Lawyers & Attorneys Have Tattoos in 2023? (It Depends)


Mar 24, 2023 Can Lawyers Have Tattoos? … Most importantly, there's no law prohibiting lawyers from having tattoos. In fact, there are no laws regulating … read more

7. Is a lawyer allowed to have tattoos? – Quora


Yes. Though they should probably listen to Brian Setzer (who knows a thing or two about getting drawn on), and not get them where a judge can see … read more

8. Can Lawyers Have Tattoos? – AmazeLaw


2 days ago Lawyers can have tattoos in various locations on their bodies, but discretion is often key, especially in professional settings. As mentioned … read more

9. Fitting in without selling out – Canadian Bar Association


Jan 30, 2017 Distinctive clothing and piercings/tattoos are just the visual elements that can make young lawyers stand out. Their attitudes to interpersonal … read more

10. “Can Lawyers Have Tattoos?” And Other Conduct Conundrums …


Aug 2, 2022 Can a lawyer have a tattoo or body piercings? Once again: A firm “maybe”. Certainly there is no “law” or even a Rule of Professional Conduct … read more

11. Can Lawyers Have Tattoos On Their Hands? – Simply Law Zone


Mar 3, 2022 Lawyers should put tattoos anywhere that are easily covered by clothes. Therefore, you need to avoid having tattoos on your hands, neck, or face … read more

12. Is It OK for Lawyers to Have Tattoos, Piercings? – FindLaw


Mar 11, 2015 Most tattoos, unlike facial piercings, are in places that can be covered up if necessary. As a result, in the BigLaw world, where everyone wears … read more

13. Lawyers, law schools, and tattoos – 7Sage Forum


Is that standard practice? Do any of you guys have any that are not in places where they are perfectly hidden? Also, you guys can get the … read more

14. Can lawyers have a tattoo? XD – The Student Room


The view of your employer (or Chambers, if you're a barrister) is important as well, because you are representing their brand in the work that you do. You might … read more

15. Careers and No Visible Tattoos | Jobs that Restrict Tattoos


Apr 5, 2018 Like doctors and surgeons, lawyers and attorneys may have tattoos but cannot show them while at the firm or in a court room. You will … read more

16. Can My Employer Fire Me For My Tattoos or Hairstyle?

https://wilshirelawfirm.com/…/can-my-employer-fire-me-for-tattoos-piercings -or-hairstyle-in-california/

Our experienced lawyers have received numerous prestigious awards and accolades for their legal excellence and dedicated client service. We even have attorneys … read more

17. Can I Be Fired Because of My Tattoos? | Nashville Personal Injury …


Ask Your Lawyer. If I cover my tattoos, can my employer still fire me? Is there any legal implication for my employer allowing employees to have small … read more

18. Professional Women and Tattoos: What’s Acceptable, What’s Not


Professional Women and Tattoos: Can Women Lawyers Ever Have Visible Tattoos? · 43% of you said a professional woman could never have a visible tattoo · 30% of you … read more

19. Is Firing an Employee for Tattoos Discrimination? – Employment …


Mar 11, 2022 Whether you can fire an employee because of their tattoos will depend on … and whether the employee's tattoos have religious significance. read more

20. Tattoos in the Workplace Are an Evolving Issue in Hawai’i – Hawaii …

https://www.hawaiibusiness.com/tattoos-workplace-evolving-policies-human- resources-hawaii/

Oct 18, 2021 The latest edition of the booklet says: “Visible tattoos are permitted, with the exception of placement on the face, head or neck. Tattoos must … read more

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