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1. Retainer Fee Meaning, Uses, Example, and How It Works


What Is a Retainer Fee? A retainer fee is an amount of money paid upfront to secure the services of a consultant, freelancer, lawyer, or other professional. read more

2. What to Expect Regarding Fees and Billing


A retainer fee also can mean that the lawyer is “on call” to handle the client's legal problems over a period of time. Certain kinds of legal work might be … read more

3. What Is a Retainer Fee? – HG.org


It may be as low as $500 or as high as $5,000 or more. Some attorneys base retainer fees on their hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours that they … read more

4. What to Expect When You Hire an Attorney on Retainer


Dec 30, 2022 A retaining fee is a deposit or lump-sum you pay in advance. The attorney must (by law) deposit that money in a trust account to draw from as … read more

5. retainer | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute


A more popular type of retainer is a security retainer (also known as a retaining fee) where the client makes a payment for future services, but the money does … read more

6. What Is a Legal Retainer and How Does It Work? | Fenza Legal …


Oct 1, 2019 The retainer is an important way that the attorney and client establish a trusting relationship. By funding a retainer, the client is indicating … read more

7. Whose Fee is it Anyway? | North Carolina State Bar


True General Retainer – This is a fee that is paid merely to reserve the attorney's services. In return for this payment, the attorney has foregone the … read more

8. Fees and Hiring a Lawyer | Texas Law Help


Jan 23, 2023 What is a retainer? A retainer is a fee paid up front by the client. A lawyer can use this fee as a down payment on expenses and fees. read more

9. Consumer Pamphlet: Attorneys’ Fees – The Florida Bar


A retainer is a special fee that is payment for the lawyer's availability to a client for legal matters. You must give written consent that you agree to be … read more

10. Retainer Fee – Overview, How Retainer Agreements Work, Importance


Dec 5, 2022 A retainer fee compensates the attorney for his expertise and reputation. When hiring an attorney, clients choose an attorney with a good … read more

11. What is a Retainer for a Lawyer? – Learn more


Jan 17, 2022 A retainer for a lawyer is a payment based on a fee agreement between an attorney and a client. The retainer amount is paid upfront and is … read more

12. Retainer Fee: Definition and Examples | Indeed.com


Jul 21, 2022 A retainer fee is the upfront cost of a service before the service has been performed. In other words, it's a form of advance payment often … read more

13. Virginia Law FAQ » Law Office of Arquilla & Poe, PLC


What is a retainer fee? … This is the amount of money that the law firm requires a client to pay to the law firm as a deposit (a down payment) toward the cost … read more

14. What is a Retainer Fee & How Does It Work? – Minc Law


Mar 23, 2022 A retainer fee is typically refundable if all of the money is not used. For example, if an attorney estimated that the matter would cost $5,000 … read more

15. What is the Average Retainer for a Divorce Lawyer in Illinois?

https://www.allengabelaw.com/what-is-average-retainer-divorce-lawyer- illinois/

Feb 17, 2021 Depending on the Illinois divorce attorney, average retainer fess can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. Retainer fees factor in anticipated … read more

16. What Is The Average Retainer Fee For A Divorce Lawyer? – High …


Nov 30, 2022 Retainers typically cost between $2,000-$5,000. Sharing Divorce Costs. In most states, a family law judge can insist one spouse pay attorney … read more

17. That Retainer, it’s Almost Certainly Refundable – The Bar …


Feb 22, 2018 The second type is a “security retainer” whereby the client maintains ownership of the funds until the attorney works and earns the fee. read more


https://courses.lumenlearning.com/…law101/…/part-iii-how-attorneys-get- paid-and-attorney-fees/

What is a retainer agreement? A retainer agreement is a signed written document between the client and the attorney on how the attorney is going to be paid. Not … read more

19. The Colorado Bar > For Members > Opinions Rules Statutes > Rules …


(g) Nonrefundable fees and nonrefundable retainers are prohibited. … (iii) If any portion of the flat fee is to be earned by the lawyer before conclusion … read more

20. RPC 1.5 FEES (a) A lawyer shall not make an agreement for, charge …


(2) A contingent fee agreement shall state the method by which the fee is to … (1) A lawyer may charge a retainer, which is a fee that a client pays to a … read more

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