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1. Active vs. Passive Voice: What’s the Difference? | Grammarly


Apr 25, 2023 In the passive voice, the action's target is the focus, and the verb acts upon the subject. Or, to put it in the passive voice, the subject is … read more

2. Passive Voice – The Writing Center • University of North Carolina at …


Defining the passive voice … A passive construction occurs when you make the object of an action into the subject of a sentence. That is, whoever or whatever is … read more

3. Passive Voice: What Passive Voice Is and When to Use It | Grammarly


Apr 25, 2023 With the passive voice, the subject is acted upon by some other performer of the verb. (In case you weren't paying attention, the previous two … read more

4. The passive voice: What is it and how to avoid it? • Yoast


Dec 1, 2019 In the passive voice, the actor and receiver are switched around. The receiver then becomes the grammatical subject. Note that the meaning of … read more

5. Passive Voice – Definition, Examples & Exercises | Ginger


The passive voice is used when we want to emphasize the action (the verb) and the object of a sentence rather than subject. This means that the subject is … read more

6. Passive voice Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com


One of the two “voices” of verbs (see also active voice). A verb is in the passive voice when the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb. read more

7. Passive voice | EF | Global Site


"To be born" is a passive form and is most commonly used in the past tense. However, in some cases, the present or future tense is appropriate. Examples. I was … read more

8. What is the Passive Voice? – Microsoft 365


Aug 6, 2021 Passive voice is when the object of an action is the subject of the sentence. A simple concept that is a favorite professorial nit to pick. read more

9. More about Passive Voice – Purdue OWL® – Purdue University


In a sentence using passive voice, the subject is acted upon; he or she receives the action expressed by the verb. The agent performing the action may … read more

10. Passive Voice – Seven Sins of Writing


The Writing Center has a list of 7 Sins. The 1st sin is the use of a Passive Voice. The verb should be in the active voice rather than the passive voice. read more

11. What is passive voice? – Walden University


Aug 13, 2015 Passive voice is a verb form that creates a sense of indirect action in a sentence and often conceals the subject of a sentence. Thus, the … read more

12. Passive Voice: When to Use It and When to Avoid It | Writing Advice


In a passive sentence, the person or thing acted on comes first, and the actor is added at the end, introduced with the preposition “by.” The passive form of … read more

13. What is Passive Voice Misuse? (Examples and Fixes)


Aug 26, 2021 What is passive voice misuse? Learn how to fix problems with passive voice in your writing here. read more

14. Active and passive voice | LearnEnglish


The first one is already in the passive voice (subject + be + past participle). The second one does not have "be" in it, so it's just a noun phrase (noun + … read more

15. Passive Voice—What It Is and When To Use It | LanguageTool Insights


Passive voice is when a sentence puts the direct object before the verb, and the subject after the verb. In other words, a passive sentence emphasizes the … read more

16. [Resume Tips] What Is Passive Voice & How You Can Avoid It


Dec 31, 2019 Typically, passive voice can muddy the clarity of your writing and add unnecessary words. Improve your resume by learning how to avoid using … read more

17. Passive voice – Wikipedia


This contrasts with active voice, in which the subject has the agent role. For example, in the passive sentence "The tree was pulled down", the subject (the … read more

18. Voice: Active and Passive


Because the subject is being "acted upon" (or is passive), such sentences are said to be in the passive voice. NOTE: Colorful parrots live in the rainforests … read more

19. What Is Passive Voice (And Why Should You Avoid It)?

https://www.visiblethread.com/…/the-answers-to-your-questions-about- passive-voice-and-how-it-impacts-your-plain-language/

Nov 17, 2020 In contrast, when you use passive voice, the subject is no longer performing an action. Instead, the subject is being acted upon. Here's the … read more

20. Plain Writing Tips – Passive Voice and Zombies | National Archives


Jul 2, 2019 Plain Writing Tips – Passive Voice and Zombies. This week's Plain Language writing tip comes from Zombie Defy-er Hilary Parkinson. read more

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