What To Do When Your Reproductive System İs Not Functioning Properly

What to Do When Your Reproductive System is Not Functioning Properly #2023 updated information

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1. Ovaries | You and Your Hormones from the Society for Endocrinology


The ovaries are a key part of the female reproductive system. … that stop the ovaries from functioning properly can decrease a woman's fertility. read more

2. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome | Penn Medicine


Individuals who had the uterus surgically removed or have a uterus that does not function properly also have UFI. UFI is a previously irreversible form of … read more

3. Lymphatic system – Better Health Channel


Jul 19, 2017 When it's not functioning well the lymphatic system may have a role in … Lymph vessels take the lymph back to the lymph nodes (there are … read more

4. How Cancer and Cancer Treatment Can Affect Fertility in Females


Feb 6, 2020 Problems with fertility can also be called reproductive problems or … to work properly; Damage to other parts of the reproductive system … read more

5. Immune System: Parts & Common Problems


Feb 23, 2020 What does the immune system do and how does it work? … When your immune system is not working properly: When your immune system can't … read more

6. Primary ciliary dyskinesia: MedlinePlus Genetics


Apr 1, 2014 Without properly functioning cilia in the airway, bacteria remain in … Situs inversus totalis does not cause any apparent health problems. read more

7. Pituitary Gland: What It Is, Function & Anatomy


Apr 4, 2022 Your pituitary gland also tells other endocrine system glands to release … These signals tell your body what to do and when to do it. read more

8. How Reproductive Hazards Can Affect Your Health | NIOSH | CDC


Female health problems that may be caused by workplace reproductive hazards · Disruption of the menstrual cycle and hormone production · Infertility and … read more

9. Cystic fibrosis: MedlinePlus Genetics


Jul 6, 2021 Adults with cystic fibrosis experience health problems affecting the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. Most men with cystic … read more

10. Low birthweight | March of Dimes


But having a low weight at birth can cause serious health problems for some … infections of the internal reproductive organs during pregnancy, can slow a … read more

11. Vitamin A and Carotenoids – Consumer


Aug 12, 2022 Preformed vitamin A is found in fish, organ meats (such as liver), … High intakes of beta-carotene do not cause the same problems as … read more

12. Stress effects on the body


Nov 1, 2018 Stress affects all systems of the body including the … but psychological stressors can exacerbate breathing problems for people with … read more

13. Signs of Septic System Failure | Washington State Department of …


What are some common reasons a septic system doesn't work properly? Pipe from the house … Be mindful not to damage any of the septic systems components. read more

14. Male hypogonadism – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic


Sep 29, 2021 See your health care provider if you have symptoms of male hypogonadism. … the testicles are normal but don't function properly due to a … read more

15. What Does Not Work in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health …


Aug 31, 2015 For an intervention to have the desired effect on an adolescent's knowledge, attitudes, practices, and behaviors (KAPB), it must be delivered … read more

16. The Reproductive System | Loma Linda University Fertility


Both male & female reproductive systems must be functioning properly for a … If implantation does not occur, the thickened endometrium will break down and … read more

17. Differences in sex development – NHS


Sometimes the testicles might not work properly. … Their internal and external sex organs can be either male or female, but they may not go through a full … read more

18. Hormones and Endocrine Function | Endocrine Society


Jan 24, 2022 Although these organs are not glands themselves, they do produce, store, and send out hormones that help the body to function properly and … read more

19. Common digestive disorders: Symptoms and treatments


In functional GI disorders, the GI tract appears to be structurally normal but still … problems relating to the nervous system; problems with reproduction. read more

20. Spleen disorders: Care after the removal of the spleen (splenectomy …


May 12, 2022 What conditions can lead to my spleen not working properly (also called “functional hyposplenism”)?. Conditions that affect the immune system ( … read more

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