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1. Common Courtroom Phrases | Administrative Office of the Courts


I'll enter a not guilty plea on your behalf. I'll show you what has already been received in evidence as People's exhibit (one, etc.) handing you exhibit (one, … read more



Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult your lawyer and insure his presence at your interrogation. If. read more

3. The Legal Defense For Fox’s Tucker Carlson: He Can’t Be Literally …


Sep 29, 2020 So Say Fox's Lawyers … Vyskocil, an appointee of President Trump's, added, "Whether the Court frames Mr. Carlson's statements as … read more

4. Who Are the People in Court?


Court reporters type very fast, and everyone in court has to speak slowly and clearly so the court reporter can hear what they say. All courts have clerks as … read more

5. Middle District of Pennsylvania | Tips For Testifying In Court


Apr 22, 2015 Speak In Your Own Words. Don't try to memorize what you are going to say. Doing so will make your testimony sound “pat” and unconvincing. read more

6. 50 Courtroom Terms You Hear in Your Favorite Legal Dramas …


Jun 15, 2018 For example, if the wrong person is served a summons to appear in court, an attorney may make a motion to quash. Redirect: When a lawyer … read more

7. At the Hearing: What are some common objections? | WomensLaw.org


After an objection, the question could be rephrased to say “Can you tell the court where you went this morning right before you came to court?” In addition, a … read more

8. The Family Court & You! | NYCOURTS.GOV


At the hearing, let your lawyer do all the talking. If you want to speak, first talk over what you want to say with your lawyer. As much as you may want to … read more

9. Supreme Court: Lawyer helps Biden student loan forgiveness plan …


Mar 1, 2023 Biden administration lawyer may have saved student loan forgiveness plan at Supreme Court, experts say. Published Wed, Mar 1 20232:06 PM EST … read more

10. Your arraignment or first appearance in court | Mass.gov


Regardless of your financial status, the "duty lawyer" for the day will speak to you privately about what will happen at the bail hearing and represent you at … read more

11. The Steps in a Court Case: 4 – 6


Can I find out what the other party is going to say and bring to the hearing? Both you and the respondent have the right to get information about witnesses and … read more

12. Juvenile justice court process | California Courts | Self Help Guide


The Probation Department or the District Attorney can file the petition. A petition asks the court to get involved. It says what the state thinks the youth did. read more

13. Trump 2020 lawyer indicated he may be target of Fulton County …

https://www.politico.com/…/trump-lawyer-target-fulton-county-probe- 00097582

May 17, 2023 … indicated he may be target of Fulton County probe, court docs say … Ray Smith III, a lawyer who represented President Donald Trump in … read more

14. Trump Claims He Declassified Documents, but His Lawyers Don’t …


Sep 22, 2022 Why Don't His Lawyers Say So in Court? Judges this week highlighted the gap between Mr. Trump's public claims that he declassified … read more

15. Going to court as the accused :: Justice


If you are arrested and have to go to court to face charges, the police will … It is a good idea to think seriously about everything your lawyer says so … read more

16. In Court, Derek Chauvin’s Lawyers Say Officials Have Biased the …


Jul 22, 2020 The Minneapolis police chief recently described George Floyd's death as murder. Lawyers for the four officers charged in the case say that … read more

17. How to Prepare for a Protection Order Hearing – Frequently Asked …


Contact an attorney for legal advice and more complete information. … If you do not speak English, ask for a court interpreter before any hearing. read more

18. Free Lawyers for Tenants | Right to Counsel | NYC Housing Court


Feb 21, 2023 Tenants with Holdover cases and Nonpayment cases get a free lawyer. Your court papers say the type of case. A nonpayment case is what an … read more

19. Going to court as a witness or victim in a criminal matter :: Justice


The Crown prosecutor or defense lawyer will probably talk to you to find out what you know about the … It is hard to say how long you will be in court. read more

20. When is it okay for a lawyer to lie?


Everyone knows that lawyers are not allowed to lie — to clients, courts or … “But I also think the lawyer could say, 'I have no idea where my client is,' … read more

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