What Lawyer Do Ä° Need To Sue My Landlord

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1. Legitimate Reasons You Can Sue Your Landlord (And Win)


Jun 3, 2022 If problems do arise with your landlord, it's essential to understand what you can do and when legal action could be necessary. Knowing your … read more

2. Can I Sue My Landlord? 7 Times Tenants Can Fight Back


Nov 4, 2022 Since landlord-tenant laws vary by area, your first move when considering suing your landlord should be to speak with a real estate attorney … read more

3. How to File a Case Against Your Landlord | Morgan & Morgan Law …


Dec 5, 2022 If you want to file a lawsuit against a landlord, consider seeking legal advice to determine whether you have a case and what you should do … read more

4. Can I Sue My Landlord for Refusing to Make Repairs? | Nolo


If you are confident about successfully suing your landlord for a habitability problem, and your lease or rental agreement entitles you to attorney fees if you … read more

5. Reasons to Sue Your Landlord for Negligence | SFVBA Referral


Jun 26, 2018 These problems are often called landlord-tenant disputes and you may want to consider talking to an attorney about your legal options. Today, we … read more

6. Guide to Suing a Landlord in California Small Claims


Apr 14, 2023 If you think your case against your landlord may be worth more than $10,000, you may want to reach out to a landlord-tenant lawyer in your area … read more

7. Can I Sue My Landlord? – FindLaw


Your landlord fails to make the necessary repairs; You get injured at the rental property (due to your landlord's negligence); Your landlord wrongfully evicts … read more

8. Georgia Landlord & Tenant Lawyers: GA Lawyer, Attorney, Attorneys …


Whether you are a renter who is leasing a house or apartment or a landlord who rents out real estate, there are a variety of reasons that you may need legal … read more

9. How to Sue Your Landlord in Small Claims Court


Mar 31, 2023 When looking for a lawyer, make sure to choose one with expertise in landlord/tenant matters. For example, if you want to sue a landlord … read more

10. Renter’s Rights | Office of the Attorney General


If the landlord won't make repairs needed to protect your health, safety, or security, and you follow the procedures required by law, you may be entitled to:. read more

11. Preparing to Sue Your Landlord | San Francisco Tenant Rights Lawyer


Before you can bring a lawsuit or move out you will need to document the … This will also make it easier to find a lawyer willing to take your case. read more

12. When Can You Sue Your Landlord in a Premises Liability Claim …


Dec 27, 2021 Make someone relinquish their Power of Attorney to the landlord. What About the Tenant's Responsibility? Tenants generally have the following … read more

13. Can I sue my landlord for renting an illegal apartment | Curbelo Law

https://curbelolaw.com/can-i-sue-my-landlord-for-renting-an-illegal- apartment/

Jan 25, 2023 The rental of a house requires that the lease be free of all … Do I Need A Lawyer To Sue My Landlord For Renting An illegal Apartment? read more

14. Can I Sue My Landlord in Massachusetts? –


Oct 27, 2020 You do not need to simply sit back and accept mistreatment from your landlord. When you enlist the help of a qualified attorney, … read more

15. 12 Issues You Can Sue Your Landlord For in Indiana

https://www.oflaherty-law.com/…/12-issues-you-can-sue-your-landlord-for- in-indiana

Oct 21, 2021 Can I Sue My Landlord For Trying To Evict Me? A landlord needs grounds to evict you. A landlord can lawfully evict a tenant for failure to … read more

16. Atlanta Landlord/Property Owner Negligence Lawyer

https://www.shiverhamilton.com/…lawyer/landlord-property-owner- negligence/

I would definitely recommend this firm. Personable attorney's. Great service. Would recommend if you need representation. His team is on point and takes great … read more

17. How do I sue my landlord? – Philly Tenant


Feb 17, 2023 If your landlord owes you money, you can sue them in Small Claims court. … What steps do I need to take before filing in court? read more

18. Filing a Lawsuit – getting_started_selfhelp


If you do not have a clear connection to the lawsuit you want to file, talk to a lawyer to make sure you have the legal right (standing) to sue in that case … read more

19. Small Claims Court – Illinois Attorney General


Does someone owe you money? Has your landlord failed to return your security deposit even though you did not damage the rental property? Did you pay for … read more

20. How to Sue an Apartment Complex – Reasons, Steps, & Laws


This isn't a comprehensive list, but it does cover some of the most common renter's rights violations that can lead to a lawsuit. What are some reasons an … read more

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