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1. How to Sue a Company | Suing a Company | LegalMatch


Jan 7, 2021 Therefore, if you decide you want to sue a company, it may be in your best interest to consult a local business lawyer for further legal advice. read more

2. Lawyer to Sue a Company: All You Need to Know


Feb 2, 2023 However, the lawsuit laws in the US are complicated, and you need a professional lawyer to help you with the case. If you are searching for a … read more

3. How to Sue a Company in Texas – The Hunnicutt Law Group


Jan 17, 2022 At this point, you need to know in what court to file your petition. This is called the proper jurisdiction for suing a business. In general, … read more

4. Filing a Lawsuit – getting_started_selfhelp


If you do not have a clear connection to the lawsuit you want to file, talk to a lawyer to make sure you have the legal right (standing) to sue in that case … read more

5. Ten Things to Think About Before You Sue – FindLaw


If your lawsuit is bigger than what your state's small claims court handles, then you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer. Remember that most companies … read more

6. Types of lawyers | LegalZoom


Suing someone, or responding to someone's lawsuit against you? An attorney who specializes in civil litigation will be your best legal option. You may also find … read more

7. What type of lawyer do I need to sue a company? – Quora


You need a lawyer who is a civil litigator. If you are suing over any kind of business dispute, find a lawyer with experience in contracts and company law. If … read more

8. Small Claims | Maryland Courts


Even if you do not have a lawyer, you must follow all the court rules. … When you are suing a company, naming the defendant can be complicated. read more

9. How to Sue a Company in California | SFVBA Referral


Oct 6, 2020 Speak to an attorney to get a clear definition of the law and your … Suing a partnership differs only in the fact that you would need to … read more

10. Small Claims Court – Illinois Attorney General


You may not need a lawyer and the rules are simpler than in most court proceedings. … doing business in Illinois can sue or be sued in small claims court. read more

11. What kind of attorney do I need to sue a big company or corporation …

https://www.lawyers.com/…lawyer/…/what-kind-of-attorney-do-i-need-to-sue -a-big-company-or-corporation-1594077.html

Oct 3, 2012 Products liability lawyer is the type of lawyer that you want. Report Abuse … read more

12. How to Sue a Company? | Detailed Guide 2021 | Zegal


Nov 20, 2021 Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue a Company? … If the legal system of the country gives you a right to represent yourself in court then you don't need a … read more

13. Illinois Commercial Litigation Lawsuits – Illinois Lawyer


The person or company being sued is called the defendant. The defendant will receive a document called a summons, informing them that they are being sued. The … read more

14. Workers’ right to sue | Mass.gov


You have the right to sue privately whether or not the Attorney General's Office … If you want to sue your employer in court, you should fill out the … read more

15. How To Sue A Company


It is advisable to hire an attorney from the beginning because there are a lot of moving parts when you choose to sue someone at an organization, or the … read more

16. Sue a business over a consumer complaint | Mass.gov


You may want to get legal advice if you're going to court. Learn more about how to find an attorney. Everyone who files a civil complaint must follow the … read more

17. How to Sue Your California Employer While You Are Still Employed

https://www.employmentattorneyla.com/…/how-to-sue-your-california- employer-while-you-ar/

Jun 22, 2017 5 Steps for Suing Your Employer While Still Employed in California. 1) Hire an Employment Attorney. The first thing that you need to do is … read more

18. How to Sue a Company – Law Zebra Consumer Rights Attorneys …


May 4, 2021 Courts like to see that you have made an effort to get along with the company and do what is ethically correct in the eyes of the law. They want … read more

19. BEFORE YOU SUE: 10 questions every employee should ask …

https://www.constangy.com/…/before-you-sue-10-questions-every-employee- should-ask

Nov 20, 2015 Do you want to vindicate not only yourself, but all of your co-workers? Do you want blood, and you don't care what you have to do to get it? read more

20. How to Sue a Company for Negligence – The Law Offices of Jacob …


Mar 10, 2022 Do you want to know how to sue a company? Read the steps to pursuing and filing your lawsuit, and Call Jacob at 800-952-2952 for a free … read more

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