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1. How much does the Queen’s coffin weigh and why is it lead-lined?


Sep 19, 2022 According to reports, the Queen's coffin is made from English oak and lined with lead, which is a traditional choice for members of the … read more

2. Queen Elizabeth: All About Flowers Decorating Coffin


Sep 12, 2022 How the Flower Wreath on Queen Elizabeth's Coffin Includes Nods to Her Beloved Balmoral Castle … As Queen Elizabeth's coffin made its journey … read more

3. ‘Not Something You Can Just Make In A Day’: The Queen’s Coffin …


Sep 12, 2022 The queen's coffin was made at least 32 years ago of English oak, which is increasingly rare these days with most wooden caskets now made … read more

4. Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was made 30 years ago with lead, English …


Sep 13, 2022 Andrew Leverton, a funeral director at Leverton & Sons, previously told British outlet the Times "It is made from English oak, which is very … read more

5. The curious reason why Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is made of lead …


Sep 15, 2022 The truth is that the monarch's coffin is made of oak and that the lead is only a lining, which is still strange. This is a custom in the … read more

6. Queen Elizabeth II’s procession: Here’s what the royal symbols …


Sep 14, 2022 The state hearse that will carry the queen's coffin to Windsor is finished in royal claret, the deep wine color used by members of the royal … read more

7. Queen Elizabeth’s Burial Casket (coffin) – Titan Casket


Mar 15, 2023 As a royal tradition, a lead-lined casket is used to help preserve the body for extended periods of time. For example, the body can be … read more

8. Queen Elizabeth II’s casket: What is it made of and when was it …


Sep 16, 2022 The United Kingdoms longest-reigning monarch will be entombed in a coffin made of English oak with brass fitments and lined with lead. According … read more

9. Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022): Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Arrives in …


Sep 11, 2022 A huge crowd lined central Edinburgh's Royal Mile to catch a glimpse of the hearse as it made its way slowly to its first destination, the … read more

10. The dazzling crown which sat on the Queen’s coffin – BBC News


Sep 19, 2022 Made in 1937 for the coronation of the Queen's father, … But nevertheless, the Imperial Crown still weighs in at a hefty 2.3lbs (1.06kg). read more

11. Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was wrapped in “splendor of the nation’s …

https://www.cbsnews.com/…/queen-elizabeth-funeral-coffin-royal-standard- imperial-state-crown-orb-sceptre-symbolism/

Sep 19, 2022 The crown, made of gold, holds 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and 4 rubies. Its gems include the St. Edward's Sapphire, … read more

12. Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Is Moved From Balmoral Castle – The New …


Sep 11, 2022 Queen Elizabeth's coffin made a six-hour journey through the Scottish countryside. read more

13. What Is the Meaning Behind Queen Elizabeth II’s Coffin Flowers?

https://www.harpersbazaar.com/…/flowers-queen-elizabeth-coffin-funeral- meaning/

Sep 19, 2022 September 19: Westminster Abbey. For Her Majesty's funeral, the coffin of the queen was adorned with a floral wreath that was made sustainably, … read more

14. Here’s What the Card Atop Queen Elizabeth II’s Coffin Said – E! Online

https://www.eonline.com/…/heres-what-the-card-atop-queen-elizabeth-iis- coffin-said

Sep 19, 2022 Charles R." The King played a hand in coordinating the Queen's sendoff, requesting that the funeral wreath atop his late mother's casket be made … read more

15. Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin takes long road through Scotland | AP News

https://apnews.com/…/queen-elizabeth-ii-king-charles-iii-london-meghan- markle-ap-top-news-67125b0707d9e628e835dd3421607bbe

Sep 11, 2022 The late queen's coffin was draped in the Royal Standard for Scotland and topped with a wreath made of flowers from the estate, including sweet … read more

16. A small note on top of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin caught viewers’ eyes …


Sep 19, 2022 The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was a spectacle that seemed made for high-definition television, but even owners of the highest-quality TV … read more

17. Mourners queue for miles to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin lying in …


Sep 14, 2022 Senior royals walked behind the coffin as it made its way along the procession route, carried on a gun carriage. Prince William and Prince Harry … read more

18. Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrives in Edinburgh as mourners line …

https://www.reuters.com/…/queen-elizabeths-coffin-make-slow-journey- edinburgh-2022-09-11/

Sep 11, 2022 Her coffin was draped in the Royal Standard of Scotland with a wreath on top made of flowers taken from the Balmoral estate including sweet … read more

19. What flowers are on the Queen’s coffin and what do they mean …


Sep 19, 2022 Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral started on Monday, September 19 … King Charles II requested that the wreath be made sustainably made … read more

20. Queen Elizabeth procession live updates: Coffin arrives at …

https://www.nbcnews.com/…/live-updates-king-charles-william-harry-queen- coffin-westminster-hall-rcna47624

Sep 14, 2022 Princes William and Harry joined their father, King Charles III, in a procession taking the queen's coffina political association made up … read more

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