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1. Nicola Gobbo – Wikipedia


During media coverage of the scandal in 2018 and 2019, Gobbo's identity was subject to a suppression order, and she was referred to as EF, Lawyer X or Informer … read more

2. The Nicola Gobbo, Lawyer X scandal explained


Nov 30, 2020 The revelation in March 2019 that a former gangland barrister called Nicola Gobbo was also a police informer was a legal scandal like no other – … read more

3. Investigation into ‘reprehensible’ failure of police ends quietly with …


Jun 29, 2023 For over 15 years, the Victoria police used criminal barrister Nicola Gobbo as an informant against her own clients in what has become known … read more

4. Lawyer X scandal: special investigator’s office closes with chances …


Jun 27, 2023 The office of the special investigator was created after a recommendation by the Lawyer X royal commission to investigate laying criminal … read more

5. Lawyer X inquiry calls for sweeping change to Victoria Police, but is …


Nov 30, 2020 Few stories have rocked Victoria as much as the so-called “lawyer Xscandal, which revealed that high-profile criminal barrister Nicola … read more

6. Lawyer X | Australia-news | The Guardian


Lawyer X · Should Victoria's DPP have laid charges over Lawyer X scandal? Richard Ackland · Australian politics live with Amy Remeikis. Greens and Coalition unite … read more

7. Lawyer X scandal has rocked the justice system. What did the top …


Oct 20, 2019 Lawyer X scandal has rocked the justice system. What did the top cops know? · Infamous mobsters Tony Mokbel and Carl Williams were represented by … read more

8. Lawyer X: the extraordinary story laid out before royal commission …


Mar 29, 2019 The lawyer at the centre of a police informant scandal in Victoria was repeatedly courted and rejected by police before she began her … read more

9. Special investigative office probing Lawyer X scandal to be shut …


Jun 26, 2023 The special investigative office set up to build a criminal case against those involved in the Lawyer X scandal will now be shut down without … read more

10. Victoria’s secrets: What we know about Lawyer X


Dec 23, 2020 A Victorian Police Royal Commission has revealed that use of gangland lawyer Nicola Gobbo as an informant may have contaminated numerous … read more

11. The Mysterious Lawyer X — The California Sunday Magazine


Jan 16, 2020 In a clever legal maneuver, Gobbo convinced the judge that an ongoing corruption scandal in the police drug squad meant that Mokbel's … read more

12. Faruk Orman: Murder conviction quashed in Australia ‘Lawyer X …


Jul 26, 2019 What is the 'Lawyer X' scandal? … Last year, court documents revealed that an unidentified barrister – dubbed Lawyer X – had worked as an … read more

13. Opinion Piece: Breach of duties from Lawyer X, police an attack on …

https://lawcouncil.au/…/opinion-piece-breach-of-duties-from-lawyer-x-police -an-attack-on-democracy-and-justice

Feb 22, 2019 The Lawyer X scandal has shocked the legal community across Australia. Unfortunately, within all professions there is a small minority that … read more

14. Lawyer X scandal to cost Victoria at least $88 million to fix | Daily …

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Lawyer-X-scandal-cost-Victoria-88-million- fix.html

May 7, 2021 Lawyer X scandal to cost Victoria at least $88 million to fix · Most watched News videos 1 / 3 · DMG Media and its partners use cookies and other … read more

15. Lawyer X | Herald Sun


The explosive Lawyer X scandal has triggered a tough new law that aims to end police's ability to hide “relevant'' information. Police & Courts · Mafia boss' … read more

16. Integrity of Criminal Justice System in Tatters: The ‘Lawyer X’ Scandal

https://www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au/…/integrity-of-criminal-justice- system-in-tatters-the-lawyer-x-saga/

Mar 5, 2019 It's been revealed that former criminal defence barrister Nicola Gobbo is Lawyer X: a police informant who divulged her clients' … read more

17. The Lawyer X scandal is a massive blow to the criminal justice …

https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/…/2726-the-lawyer-x-scandal-is-a- massive-blow-to-the-criminal-justice-system–here’s-why

Feb 6, 2019 Royal Commissioner Malcolm Hyde's time in Victoria Police overlapped with the time of Lawyer X's first time as an informant, which has the … read more

18. Lessons in Lawyer X: What students should take away from the legal …

https://www.lawyersweekly.com.au/…/27543-lessons-in-lawyer-x-what- students-should-take-away-from-the-legal-scandal

Feb 24, 2020 … working on the relationship between police informants and law enforcement. Here is what not to do to avoid a Lawyer X-style legal scandal. read more

19. Derision over ‘cowardly’ Lawyer X investigator decision – Australian …


Jun 28, 2023 Lawyers and former judges have condemned a decision to disband the office of a special investigator into Victoria's Lawyer X scandal, … read more

20. Investigation into ‘reprehensible’ failure of police ends quietly with …

https://au.news.yahoo.com/investigation-reprehensible-failure-police-ends- 021352051.html

Jun 29, 2023 … against her own clients in what has become known as the Lawyer X scandal. The scandal has been accurately described as a massive blow to … read more

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