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1. What is a Victim Advocate? – Victim Support Services


What Does A Victim Advocate Do? Victim advocates are trained to support victims of crime. They offer emotional support, victims' rights information, … read more

2. Do crime victims need lawyers? — Firm News and Legal Information …


May 21, 2020 Strictly speaking, the criminal justice system does not require that victims of crime have lawyers. Prosecutors are responsible for pursuing … read more

3. Victim Lawyers Near You | Find the Right Victim Attorney


A victim's rights attorney, or victim attorney, is an attorney who represents victims of crime and their interests. Individuals who are permitted to … read more

4. Law Victim Advocate


A Victim Advocate is a person who assists victims throughout the criminal process, providing information, support, and resources, help with protective … read more

5. Finding an Attorney – The National Crime Victim Bar Association


Lawyers are professionals, and it is good consumer practice to obtain a second opinion in selecting professional legal counsel. Victims should cooperate as … read more

6. What Is a Victim Advocate and What Do They Do?


Aug 11, 2022 A victim advocate is a person who provides support and assistance to victims of crime. Advocates may be employed by a government agency or a … read more

7. Victims’ Services Unit | State of California – Department of Justice …


The Victims' Services Unit (VSU) was created in 1999 to better serve crime victims and their families. Victims have rights and Attorney General Bonta is … read more



Jun 13, 2014 When a person is a victim of a crime, the state through the district attorney or prosecuting attorney's office, will provide an attorney to … read more

9. Crime Victims | Office of the Attorney General


… the statutes that guide this compensation program."~Letter from Attorney General Ken Paxton. … A victim of violent crime is requesting my services. read more

10. Services for Victims – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost


Victims of crime face many setbacks as a result of their tragic and unexpected circumstances. The Attorney General's Crime Victim Services Section provides … read more

11. Victim’s Rights Attorney in Michigan (Your voice should be heard!)


What is a Victim's Advocate? · help a witness prepare to testify in court, · speak up for the victim at a sentencing hearing, · persuasively communicate the … read more

12. Victim Services | Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office


The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is committed to helping all victims of crime. The Bureau of Victim Services provides essential services to … read more

13. Connecticut Office of the Victim Advocate


The Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA) is charged with the promotion and protection of the constitutional and statutory rights of crime victims in … read more

14. Victim Advocacy Division – South Carolina Attorney General


An advocate is assigned to keep victims apprised of case status, offer court accompaniment and provide referrals for appropriate services. The Role of an … read more

15. Crime Victim Rights


The Department of Attorney General is excited to be part of this important new program. Now that the bill has been signed into law, we are beginning to meet … read more

16. Victim Services – San Diego County District Attorney


If you have been a victim of a crime and need assistance, you can call 619-531-4041. A Victim Advocate will speak with you and determine how we can assist … read more

17. Bureau of Victim Assistance – Attorney General Lynn Fitch


Assistance obtaining victims' rights · Assistance with the Crime Victim Compensation Application · Criminal justice and court related services · Crisis … read more

18. Victim Services | Oklahoma Attorney General


The Victim Services Unit supports crime victims and their families by providing … Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond is committed to ensuring … read more

19. Office of Victims Advocacy – Kentucky Attorney General


With a victim-centered approach, OVA seeks to minimize traumatization associated with the criminal justice process by providing the support of skilled victim … read more

20. Your Rights as a Victim


A victim advocate is responsible for providing them to you and to also explain the services that are available for you. To locate an advocate in your county, … read more

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