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1. Say in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation – SpanishDict


say · 1. (to express). decir. a. decir. Can you say that again? I didn't hear you the first time. · 2. (to suppose). a. suponer. Say we were to get married. read more

2. 101 Common Spanish Phrases to Start Speaking Spanish Right Now


15 Must-Know Basic Spanish Phrases · Hola – “Hello” · Me llamo… – “My name is…” · ¿Y tú? – “And you?” · Mucho gusto – “Nice to meet you” · ¿Qué tal? – “How are you?” … read more

3. What do you say? in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation …


Translate What do you say?. See 6 authoritative translations of What do you say? in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. read more

4. HOW DO YOU SAY…? – Translation in Spanish – bab.la


Translation for 'how do you say…?' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations. read more

5. Translate “say” from English to Spanish – Interglot Mobile


Wiktionary · to pronounce. say → decir; · to communicate verbally or in writing. say → decir; · to indicate in a written form. say → decir; · to have a common … read more

6. Decir – to say, to tell – Lawless Spanish Verb


Decir is one of the most common and useful Spanish verbs and has irregular conjugations. Decir literally means "to say" or "to tell," and is also found in … read more

7. Learning Spanish: What NOT to say


Sep 12, 2012 Learning Spanish is hard. Learn from my mistakes about what NOT to say in Spain! read more

8. How to say WHAT in Spanish… There’s more to QUÉ | Spring …


This is especially useful if you already speak enough Spanish that you're daring to strike up conversations with Spanish speakers. Once people see that you … read more

9. How to Say Good Morning in Spanish in 33 Fitting Ways


Oct 4, 2022 Saying good morning is one of the sacred parts of daily interactions. If you want to function in a Spanish-speaking society, … read more

10. How to Say ‘What’ in Spanish


Nov 12, 2019 Qué as 'What' · ¿Qué hora es? (What time is it?) · ¡Qué mujer! (What a woman!) · ¿Qué es la verdad? (What is the truth?) · ¿Qué es la ONU? (What is … read more

11. How to Say Hello in Spanish in 77 Different Ways


Dec 13, 2021 Spanish comes in many different flavors. Learn formal, informal, email, phone and casual greetings in Spanish that will have you speaking … read more

12. How to say “What does this say?” in Spanish (¿Qué dice esto?)


How to say "What does this say?" in Spanish (¿Qué dice esto?) We have audio examples from both a male and female professional voice actor. Spanish (Latin … read more

13. How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases


Mar 10, 2022 Your quest for Spanish fluency won't be complete until you've mastered the art of saying I love you in Spanish. read more

14. See it and Say it: Whole Family Spanish – Flip Flop Spanish

https://www.flipflopspanish.com/…/see-it-and-say-it-flip-flop-spanish-whole- family-spanish

Our Spanish language curriculum bundle is a two-year homeschool curriculum designed for every age. Used interactively with the whole family, or with another … read more

15. How to Say Happy New Year in Spanish in 12 Classic Ways


May 22, 2022 Here's all the festive ways how to say Happy New Year in Spanish, plus unique NYE traditions from Mexico to Spain. read more

16. How To Say Cheers In Spanish: Famous Toasts in Spanish


Discover the best Spanish cheers. Funny and traditional Spanish toasts for drinking. … People saying Spanish cheers when toasting … read more

17. Condolences in Spanish: 10 Phrases To Know


Lo siento is probably the most common way to express condolences in Spanish, as it's the English equivalent of “I'm sorry”. For more emphasis, you could say lo … read more

18. 20 Animal Sounds in Spanish: Can You Bray, Squawk and Meow en …


Aug 31, 2022 Speak Spanish like a total beast—learn these 20 awesome animal sounds and other related animal sounds. Talk to Spanish-speaking animals like … read more

19. It’s Bedtime! Say ‘Goodnight’ in Spanish and 40+ Sleepy Phrases

https://www.spanish.academy/…/its-bedtime-say-goodnight-in-spanish-and- 40-sleepy-phrases/

Nov 5, 2022 Learn how to say goodnight in Spanish, why it's important, goodnight alternatives in Spanish, and other sleep-related phrases! read more

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