Our homes are our sacred space. A private space where we unwind after the day and get intimate with our feelings. After a long day at work to coming home after a month-long vacation, the first step you take inside your home feels like the most welcoming feeling in the world. Designing homes aren’t expensive. It just takes a tad amount of patience and just a single Sunday afternoon when you could just sit down and make some essential changes, and there you have it. Your ultimate relaxing cocoon. Read on for 10 simple home decor ideas to jazz up your room in a jiffy.

10 clever and simple home decor ideas to make your turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary

Before I start on with the list let me give you a brief idea of all of it. Home decoration isn’t just about expensive items and artifacts. To enliven a room you need to get its theme right. You need to play with the mood of the room. From organising homes for various seasons to different festivals, these simple home decoration ideas, are suitable for every occasion. Play with your imagination and incorporate these easy home decoration ideas in your decorating endeavors.

#1. Clutter-free your room:

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A simple home decor idea for starters would be to clean up the clutter. A room that’s clean and clutter free allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed in it. Clutter crowds your mind of negative emotions and thoughts. To get the energy of the room corrected, first of all, clean your room. Get rid of all the unwanted items.

#2 Glue the broken things:

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Don’t throw away all the broken things in your home. It’s said in Japanese cultures that you should throw away the broken items in your home. Well, I strongly disagree with this philosophy. Why not glue the broken pieces and even highlight the broken part to carve out a design that no one can think of. Just imagine. If you don’t throw a broken cup, you rather glue the broken pieces together and highlight the broken part, how pretty it’s going to look as a showpiece. This is a famous pottery art called- Kintsukuroi. Glue together your broken showpieces and toys to your lamp handle and to the lampshades and make your own version of a table lamp. You might want to check out these DIY Lampshades ideas.

#3. Go for vibrant colored lights:

 simple home decor ideas

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Avoid getting stuck in the monotony of tube lights. Try to bring in a fresh vibe with carefully crafted lamps or Chandeliers. These Lamps not only make your room look different but also promote and inspire newness and creativity. Go for some of the offbeat lighting ideas.

#4. Wall should contrast with your furnishing:

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When you want to redo your walls, you always want to make sure that you are painting it in a color that contrasts with your furniture. This interesting color play will ensure and go a long way in creating happy vibes in the room. Further, it tones down a bright palette and completes the room. So, if you have a colorful wall decor go for simple white colored furniture which lend a smooth and simple shine to your room. And, on the contrary, if you have a muted pastel or earthy colored wall, bring in some magic with vibrant colored furniture.

#5. Colored Doors:

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This is one of the latest trends and one of the most simple home decor ideas, that you can try out. It’s one of those cheap home decor ideas that goes a long way in standing out and make your home look special on any regular occasion. Spruce up your doors in colors of your choice. The monotone or dual tone colors are most common of all home decoration ideas you can easily use for your home.

#6. Plan the layout of the room:

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The Prime reason for having a proper layout for your living room or home ensures that you create an ample amount of space in your home besides keeping it organised and clean. If you are looking for simple home decor ideas for small homes, then layout plays an indispensable role in it. Among all of the simple home decor ideas, the layout is the key to retain the simple and relaxing charm of your room.

#7. Add an Indoor fountain:

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Fountains have it in them that magically takes away all your stress and relieves you of your anxiety and worries. The Qi energy released when we hear that the relaxing sound of the fountain does the trick. If you are looking for a quick renovation of your home’s vibe with some easy and effective home decoration ideas, then try adding an indoor fountain to your room. You’ll love the changes it’ll bring in your life!

#8. Add Some Indoor plants:

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Indoor plants are one of those simple home decor ideas that makes your home extremely calming and relaxing with unbelievable ease and effort. They add in a sunny disposition to your home and automatically brings in a fresh and happy vibe to your room. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used Feng Shui hacks used by designers to incorporate positivity in rooms.

#9. Play with Dramatic Heights:

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Your room will appear more complete and wholesome if you play with some dramatic heights. Like simple decor ideas such as hanging the curtains higher than the length of the window, or following the rule of the right angle triangle, which is to make a decor resembling a right angle triangle especially on table tops. Play with heights of different elements in your room. From your curtains to your lamps. This easy and effective home decoration idea will prove insanely worthful at the end.

#10. Ceiling wallpapers:

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Ceiling wallpapers add in a wonderful drama and sophistication to your room. They are one of the latest trends and perfect home decor ideas for small homes. This simple and cheap home decor idea will just transform your room in a jiffy and help you create a room that stands out from the rest.

So, these were some simple home decor ideas, which you can use to achieve a brilliant makeover to your room. Be it your living room or bedroom or kitchen or Kitchenette, these cheap home decorating ideas will make you fall in love with your home.If you liked this article please share it on other social media handles and also follow my page on all the social media handles.

Happy Decorating!! 🙂

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