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1. Can someone explain what a lawyer does? : r/explainlikeimfive

Can someone explain what a lawyer does?
by u/xueye in explainlikeimfive

Simply put, a lawyer's main job is to practice law. Some practice it in applications like lawsuits, others focus on things like patent law, copyright law, and … read more

2. Guidelines for Law Enforcement – Reddit


Jan 30, 2023 In accordance with applicable law, Reddit will temporarily preserve account information (“records”) pending issuance of legal process for … read more

3. Discussion by lawyers, for lawyers


r/Lawyertalk: NOT FOR LEGAL ADVICE A place for lawyers to talk about lawyer things. Firm culture, amusing anecdotes, and the legal world. NOT FOR … read more

4. Step 1: Cheat On The Bar Exam, Step 2: Announce On Reddit That …


Oct 6, 2022 And me with no flashcards to help answer it. Headshot Joe Patrice is a senior editor at Above the Law and co-host of Thinking Like A Lawyer. read more

5. Lawyers: Do you guys like your job? Should I do it? : r/careerguidance

Lawyers: Do you guys like your job? Should I do it?
by u/Snapsorry1234 in careerguidance

Feb 23, 2019 "stopped socializing, stopped exercising, and only ate food from the gas station." so youre saying most of reddit is already on the right track? read more

6. How the Supreme Court ruling on Section 230 could end Reddit as …


Feb 1, 2023 In an amicus brief filed in January, lawyers for Reddit argued that its signature upvote/downvote feature is at risk in Gonzalez v. Google, the … read more

7. Law: Covering current developments in law


r/law: A place to discuss developments in the law and the legal profession. … Trump lawyers rail against DOJ in letter, reveal foreign leader briefings … read more

8. Transparency Report 2020 – Reddit


While law enforcement or other government entities submit most of the requests for user information that Reddit receives, private parties also issue legal … read more

9. Law School Subreddit


r/LawSchool: For current and former Law School Redditors. Ask questions, seek advice, post outlines, etc. This is NOT a forum for legal advice. read more

10. Reddit deletes surveillance ‘warrant canary’ in transparency report …


Apr 1, 2016 Social networking forum reddit on Thursday removed a section from its site … now being asked to hand over customer data under a secretive law. read more

11. Law School Admissions


r/lawschooladmissions: The subreddit for law school admissions discussion. How to get into American and Canadian law schools. Help with law school … read more

12. Founder of WallStreetBets, which helped ignite meme stock frenzy …

https://www.reuters.com/…/founder-wallstreetbets-which-helped-ignite-meme -stock-frenzy-sues-reddit-2023-02-16/

Feb 16, 2023 The founder of WallStreetBets, which has been credited with helping ignite investors' frenzy into "meme" stocks, sued Reddit Inc on … read more

13. r/Ask_Lawyers


Anyone may post questions; only lawyers may post answers in comment sections. Questions may relate… More. Law. 52.0K members • 121 online. read more

14. Reddit AITA: The Worst Mother-in-Law Stories – SheKnows


Feb 1, 2023 Struggling with your mother-in-law and want to feel a lot less alone? These MIL horror stories from the Reddit AITA forum are for you. read more

15. A Reddit poster claimed to be a juror in the Darrell Brooks trial. It …


Oct 26, 2022 A troll faked being a juror on Reddit and became a part of the Darrell Brooks trial. Credit: Law & Crime Channel … read more

16. ‘I’m free’: A former police officer on leaving law enforcement …


May 6, 2022 After 15 years on the job, a former police officer wrote about his reasons for resigning in the r/OffMyChest community on Reddit. read more

17. Does v. Reddit: Ninth Circuit’s Narrow Reading of the Sex Trafficking …

https://jolt.law.harvard.edu/…/does-v-reddit-ninth-circuits-narrow-reading-of- the-sex-trafficking-exception-further-complicates-debate-over-section-230- …

Nov 16, 2022 Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, passed in 1996 and regarded by some as “the law that gives us the modern internet,” shields … read more

18. Reddit edits – Sexual Assault, Stalking, Blackmail, Online …


Jun 12, 2015 Breaking news: Reddit bans a couple hateful harassing Subreddits. … C. Sophia Zoubul talks post-Dobbs data privacy on Law.com podcast. read more

19. WallStreetBets Founder Sues Reddit – WSJ


Feb 15, 2023 Jaime Rogozinski says site ousted him without claim; Reddit calls suit … lawyers for Reddit wrote in their filing to the U.S. Patent and … read more

20. Top 10 Law School Admissions Tips From Reddit Everyone Should …

https://joinjuno.com/…/top-10-law-school-admissions-tips-from-reddit- everyone-should-read

Reddit can be a great place to find honest, unfiltered advice. This article lists the top tips for law school admissions. read more

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