Valentine’s day is right around the corner. It’s just the right time to get busy doing some DIY Projects for Valentines Day. Getting your hands on Valentine’s Day homemade Craft is the ideal way to soak in the fun and excitement of this special day. I clearly remember, how I had to prepare homemade crafts for Valentine’s day when I was a kid. How I made a mess of colors and papers in my home, and then my mom used to scold me! These days when I have to make Valentine’s day crafts for Preschoolers, I get all nostalgic.

There are so many ideas about homemade Valentine’s day crafts, that more than often we find ourselves confused and overwhelmed with a neverending list of Ideas and Inspirations. From Pinterest to Instagram, the list of Ideas, for DIY Valentine’s day crafts are endless. However, here, I have compiled a fresh collection of Interesting and easy DIY Projects for Valentine’s day, which you can make within no time. So, let’s dive right in!


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Valentines Day Homemade Crafts

I am a big fan of Martha Stewart Valentines day craft, and after taking some help from her and many other plethora of website, I have collected this unique list of Valentine’s day homemade craft ideas for Y’all. Check it out!

#1. Valentines day Sun Catcher craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
Valentines Day Sun Catcher Craft | Learn the Tutorial

Valentine’s day Sun Catcher Craft is really easy and one of those, which you can make with your kids. All you’ll need is just some glitter, cardboard and cardstock paper. The most important part is that your Kids are definitely gonna love this easy Valentines day craft.

#2. XOXO Cards

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
XOXO Cards | Download printables here

You can easily print these XOXO Printables and decorate it with glitter and some attractive colors. Use your Creativity, and decorate it the way you want. This could be that just right craft, you’ve prepared for Valentines day

#3. Valentines Day Heart Man Craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
Heart Man Craft for Valentine’s Day | Learn the Tutorial Here

Making this Valentines Day Heart Man craft is really easy. You can use some card stock papers, googly eyes and some heart templates. Just follow the instructions and within no time you will have this cute heart man craft ready.

#4. Felt Heart Wreath

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
The Adorable and Attractive Felt Heart Wreath Valentine’s Day Craft | Learn the steps here

If you are a hopeless romantic and are looking to make some attractive Valentine’s Day craft for adults then there can be nothing better than this adorable felt heart wreath.

#5. DIY Candle Holder

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
DIY Candle Holder Valentine’s Day Craft | Learn the Steps here

When I think about votive then there can be nothing better than candles. This attractive DIY Candleholder square heart votive is the just the perfect craft to get your room decked up for Valentine’s Day.

#6. Cute Valentine’s Day Couple Craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
Cute Valentine’s Day couple craft | Learn the Steps Here

This cute Valentine’s Day couple craft represents true love? Isn’t it? The wooden candles standing together resemble a couple deeply in love. Try making this for the V-Day and I’m sure it will turn out to be great.

#7. Bee Mine Valentines Day Craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
bee mine valentines day craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls | Get the Tutorial here

Bee Mine Valentine’s Day craft using toilet paper rolls. Isn’t this the perfect way to make use of your scraps? I think it is.

#8. Valentines Day Paper Plate Craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
Paper Plate Pizza Craft for Valentines Day | Learn the Steps here

Who doesn’t love Pizza and what can me more innovative than this Paper Plate Pizza craft for Valentine’s Day. I am both hungry to have a pizza and excited to try my hands on this craft.

#10. Valentine’s Day Friendship Necklace Craft

DIY Projects for Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day Friendship Necklace | Learn the Steps here

A craft that gets ready in no-time and serves as the aptest Valentine’s Day crafts to indulge in is this easy peasy Valentine’s Day Friendship necklace which you can also use as a key chain.

Hence this was my list of attractive DIY Projects for Valentine’s Day which you can indulge in. If you like these Valentine’s Day homemade crafts then share it with your friends. Until Next Time…

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