Art · October 21, 2021 0

Unparallel Way by Emily Weiskopf

Artist Emily Weiskopf has designed Unparallel Way, an aluminum sculpture that can be found in Brooklyn, New York.



In Brooklyn, in New York City it is often all about creating our own road and figuring out how to get there the quickest. We often walk, ride, drive, bike solo traveling side by side unconsciously leading parallel lives, in part by default of transportation. We are constantly in transit(ion) riding up and down on our paths between trains, apts, jobs, relationships, events, etc which itself is a cooperation of complex systems of infrastructure.

Unparallel Way interprets our state of mind and both humorously twists the yellow line that is suppose to “take you there” into a comment on itself and seriously holds open the nature of the path which we are all compelled to follow through life.

With the invention of Google Glasses, the promise of cars which drive themselves, the use of GPS, GoogleEarth, and Smartphones to pinpoint where we are and guide where we are going, the notion of that 2 plain yellow stripe down the middle of the highway as being a “smart backbone” of transit and able to direct vehicles becomes rational and possible. That line could just about buckle up and laugh back before straightening out to take us to our destination.

This work “Unparallel Way” was installed on the Fourth Ave Medians at 3rd St in Brooklyn NY in October 2013. The work in aluminum is 140 feet in length with varying heights at 12″ in width.

The sculpture was commissioned by the D.O.T Urban Art program and part of show Brooklyn Utopias curated by Katherine Gressel.